End-Times America

This is a blog of current events, prophesy and my personal struggle to walk as a Christian Man in Philadelphia during what I think are indeed the end times.  The authors intention is to point out how all the news of the day fits into Christian Prophesy and how to make sense of it given the realities of a Christian Walk in the early 21 century.  There will be a section of prayers, articles, a newsletter, a place to post questions and make requests for future articles, and special Bible Studies.  This is a place where the raw Christian Walk gets hashed out in print by someone who is not a preacher but a ordinary Christian Man trying to do the right thing.  I invite all of you to comment or post articles of your own on whatever subjects you have been working with in your Walk with God.  There is so much going on today and such fear of the future that a journal such as this can be a wake up call and a chance to be held accountable by another Christian who’s as confused and excited by it all as you are.  I would love to have contributors from all parts of the country.  We need to share our experience with one another if we are to have a chance at learning from it.    Have fun and enjoy watching us grow.  Peace be with you,

The Bear


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