America the Suicidal; Put the values back in society

We are such wimps compared to our grandparents and our great grandparents.  You can sell this generation on any outrageous proposition and intimidate them with unjust laws and corrupt political games. Whatever sprit our forbears had that allowed them to build what we are busy throwing away is entirely absent in us. Deep down in our collective unconscious we know that the bill is adding up, big time, and its coming due any day now..  It’s hard to admit that those who came before us were not only better people then we are they were MUCH BETTER than we are.  Think about it.  They had common sense and we have political correctness.  They had Teddy Roosevelt and Eisenhower and we have Wild Bill Clinton and Nancy Pelosi.  They built the entire infrastructure that we neglect, they found oil and built refineries and we watch the bridges fall and save the whale while our civilization quietly comes apart at the seams. They could tell good from evil and we won’t admit that evil exists if it might inconvenience us or offend someone.  They had liberty and we have license to rationalize any behavior imaginable based on political correctness and the perverse notion that liberty means being free from any rules at all. They fought, the Nazis and the Communists and we fight for the spotted owl and the right to legalize pot, porn, and homosexual marriage.

How did we become a culture that can’t be bothered to have babies anymore, cant properly educate the babies we have, wont repair the infrastructure because it’s not as politically expedient as legions of social programs that don’t work, that thinks we should be embarrassed for living on the earth as such big polluters, but not as big as cows whose flatulence is a greater source of greenhouse gasses then mankind? What do we do when we wake up one morning and simply can’t ignore the fact that we are the most worthless and full of ourselves generation in history and that we are tap-dancing in a minefield? When will we recapture a sense that we are Americans and have the right to use logic, reason, biblical ethics and persistence in attacking our problems? When will we rediscover our courage and gratitude, assuming they still exist in us? When will the art of rational compromise be rediscovered and allow for the best of both environmentalism and capitalism?

In Canada they are using the law to criminalize elements of Christianity that goes against the state religion of “Secular Baby Boom Fundamentalism” with greater and greater freedom.  This will happen here too.  It’s just a matter of time. Already in this country a very hip brand of Anti Christian and even anti Jewish rhetoric is popularized among the “cultural elites”. Given the declining birth rates of Western Civilization it’s abundantly clear that we as a culture have become suicidal and lack the will to sustain ourselves. In many ways the West has given up.  Europe’s native population is being reduced by half every thirty years while the Islamic populations thrive and immigrate to Europe.  France with be majority Muslim by 2030.  Why does a culture run by war lords, dictators, kings and fanatical jihadists deserve to inherit the earth while our culture of democracy, separation of church and state, opportunity, and freedom should slip into despondency, apathy, decay and death?  What would Darwin say?  The Muslims had the stronger culture after all?  Is repressing women more evolved then setting them free?

This is a call to arms for all rational citizens and people of faith to a new crusade in our nation to right the wrongs that are so self evident.  The courts imposed abortion on demand on the USA and the result has been a moral, social, and demographic disaster.  Now the same court wants to impose homosexual marriage on us.  We have got to do something. All the current presidential candidates want to spend trillions of dollars on “global warming” when the scientific data to support these expenditures is simply not able to justify such a crazy course of action. It might be fun and very flattering to imagine that we are the “savior” of the planet but thank God that’s not true. We need to step back and rescue our schools from indoctrinating instead of educating; we need the courts to cease legislating, and the congress to stop prostituting itself by buying votes with our tax dollars.  We need to put the nation’s interests ahead of our own and we need to disempowered politicians from spending us out of existence. We need a return to the idea that there is a power and a cause greater then ourselves to whom we owe ultimate allegiance and we need to attack the bad stuff that goes on around us no matter how uncomfortable we may feel about it. 

We are the cavalry.  We are the answer.  We need to fight the liberal and socialist addenda and sharply curb the power and size of government.  We need to insist that our Christian history and heritage be respected and not written out of the text books.  We need to rise up against the idea that the state is our “parent” and we are the child:  We the people are in charge and the state is a necessary evil that should be kicked out of social engineering and experimentation with our kids.  We need to go to school board meetings; we need to elect conservatives that champion smaller government and traditional values.  Each of us who is able to understand this message and catalog the distortions in the media and what it’s doing to us must take actions to stop our culture from further decay and reverse this trend.  It will take all of us to overcome the many of us who have fallen to craven self interest voting and identity politics.  We can only pray that we are not too late. We have got to try.

Values are essential to the human experience and our development.  To say that it is wrong to project or impose our values on another is not only impossible but it is itself the imposition of people who value valuelessness on the rest of us. Every law in the book is an expression of values.  The Texas law against sodomy was a statement of values just as the law that overturned that law was every bit as much a statement of values. Today people are using government to demand that their “group” has the right to gorge on tax dollars, rewrite history if it “offends” them, to commit rampant infanticide, to subvert parental rights in favor of the secular state, and to demand an end to anyone or any group that confronts their non-value values with traditional values. What if its good and right and just to have values?  What if they serve a purpose after all?  What if a society that rejects any kind of values succumbs to despondency and social suicide? What if some values are superior to other values? What if it’s better to love your neighbor rather than eat your neighbor?  Is it better to tell the truth rather than lie?  Is murder against the law because it’s wrong…. Or is murder wrong because it’s against the law?

We are the cavalry.  Either we step up and battle the wrongs in our culture or we face the end times knowing that we just sat there and let it happen.  We have to tell the truth to ourselves about ourselves before it’s too late.

Rom 1:28-32


28 Furthermore, since they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, he gave them over to a depraved mind, to do what ought not to be done. 29 They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, 30 slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; 31 they are senseless, faithless, heartless, ruthless. 32 Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.



4 responses to “America the Suicidal; Put the values back in society

  1. The argument that things/people were better back in the old days is tired and falls flat pretty quickly. It reeks of “this is what I was taught as good, so I accept the nostalgia of my predecessors.” The real argument should be that government should be small because people deserve to be free. Period.

  2. I’ll take your word that the argument is “tired” and it “falls flat” however I must point out that its true nevertheless. I would also point out that not everyone deserves the liberty and freedom of a small government. Our grandparents deserved what they got and we deserve what we have. You can’t abandon ethics and values and expect a free society. Even Freedom has a cost, some of it is paid in blood and some of it comes from opposing the guy making an argument based entirely on politically correct values. People have been silent too long and the real crazy’s are running the show. If we will take action where we can to confront the baby boom politics of today we may indeed “deserve” a free society.

  3. theWorldidnotChange

    what i hate is the “teenagers will have sex anyway” rhetoric, drilled into our ears.

    the even saddest part is that people want to do the weirdest things ,engage in the riskiest behaviour, and you are actually chastized if you don’t join in the risky behoaviour too.

    what’s up with that??

  4. Steve Sanderson

    Idle hands …. is the source of the problem.

    Our parents and grandparents (assuming you are at least 40) were much more focused on making a living and building a family. Most were devout or semi-devout church goers. It was actually a goal to have children and provide for your future.

    Today youth have – for the most part, lost these goals. They do not appreciate what freedom really is, they do not understand the concept of personal responsibility. Pretty much anything goes. It is all about me me me me.

    Countries cannot grow and move forward with this way of thinking. That is why the “defenders of that way of life” (White People – of European Decent) are going to be replaced in America. Replace by hispanics and people of other races that are prepared to start from the bottom and really work hard for several generations to rebuild the country. The MTV gravy train is going to end. We had our time and we are blowing it. To bad because we built such a great society.

    Nice to know however, that the wealthy will go on. It is just the regular joes that are in for a big surprise.

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