Israel Practicing Attack Runs on Iran: Wars and rumors of wars?

                I just wonder if an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities is actually in the offing this time.  As of January 20th 2009 George W. Bush will no longer be President, and if I were the Israelis and knew I had to do this: I would rather have the American response framed by President Bush rather than President Obama.  Consider the fact that Iran has dispersed their facilities all over the country unlike the Iraqis under Saddam who created just one big easy target.  The Iranians knew what happened to Saddam so a lot of their key assets for bomb making are deep underground, making them difficult to wipe out, unless Israel were to use a tactical nuke or two. I have seen reports on this eventuality in the past and it would seem certain to ratchet up the game in the Middle East. There has been any number of saber rattling stunts, by both sides in recent days ,but with the clock ticking on the end of the Bush administration and the prospect of a hostile Obama Administration ,I think the Israelis are getting ready to act soon.

On the front page of the Jerusalem Post they have a story about the practice bombing runs, in addition to a story about the Russians warning Israel not to attack Iran.  It never ceases to amaze me that the Bible predicted an alliance in the last days between Iran and Russia thousands of years ago.  This must be just a coincidence right? Maybe the prophet Ezekiel was having a bad day when he talked about a nation to the uttermost north (Russia) of Israel who would lead a confederation of Mideast Muslim nation in a terrible war against Israel. Not that the Russians or the Chinese would have any great concerns over all that Oil in the Mideast.  This must be just another coincidence right? 

It is becoming increasingly apparent in the last few months that if someone really wants to take on the US and the western democracies of Europe then threatening the Mid East Oil supply, to say nothing of attacking them, could destroy the free world’s economy over night.  Not that oil fields and facilities would be a tempting target or anything. 

Now we see just how vulnerable and utterly dependant we have become on Arab oil and we see just how totally an enemy could destroy us because of our utter stupidity in not having developed our own oil reserves.  What a way to learn this lesson, and are enemies are learning it right along with us.  What is the point of saving the spotted owl and the polar bear if our stupidity means we all end up glowing in the dark, dead as a post, anyway? 

Consider this very interesting story from the perspective of Fox News, The Jerusalem Post, and the Debka File and see if you detect a pattern emerging.,2933,369465,00.html

And don’t worry about the price of gas the day after the attack on Iran:  I’m sure Barak Obama and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed can handle it.  Maybe Obama will talk Iran out of those nasty nukes, after all Senator Obama is well known for his silver tongue and soaring rhetoric: so if anyone could talk the Muslims and the Israelis from fighting, surly Barak Obama would lead the pack.


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