Leadership for Energy Independence: Obama and McCain are out of gas.


            I made the mistake of reading through the web sites of McCain and Obama to see which of these leaders has the best policy on energy independence.  I have come to a conclusion, based on careful study, with various trips to the bathroom to throw up, that a Presidential Candidate has articulated a correct policy.  I am now going to announce the winner of the End-Times America survey for best Energy Independence Policy for a Presidential year!  The Winner is, the man who said this:

“I want to initiate a bold, far-reaching research initiative an Energy Revolution, if you will. It will be our generation’s equivalent of the Manhattan Project or the mission to the Moon. This will be a mission to create new, economic sources of energy, clean energy. We will license our technology to other nations and of course we will employ it here at home. It will be good for our national defense, it will be good for our foreign policy, it will be good for our economy.” (Remarks At The George Bush Presidential Library Center, 4/10/07)

“This kind of energy independence will also mean pursuing ample domestic sources of energy: more drilling offshore and in ANWR, nuclear power, renewable sources, ethanol, biodiesel, solar, wind, and full exploitation of coal both solid and liquid.” (Remarks At The George Bush Presidential Library Center, 4/10/07)

Who said this?  What leader has finally figured out what to do and the spirit and intensity with which we need to do it?

Barak Obama?  No.  He wants to tax emissions with the cap and trade thing and prattles on about solar and wind and bio fuels like all the democrats of the last several decades. He wants to tax energy users and use some of the money for R&D into solar and such.  No drilling in an Obama Nation.  No way.

John McCain? No.  He wants to tax emissions with the cap and trade thing and drill just a little bit so that he can be the first green president.  He wants to build nuclear power plants and give away $300 million tax dollars to whoever can invent a really good alternative car that runs on something like battery power.  The energizer bunny would power your Chevy if McCain has his way.  

So who called for this energy revolution and the development of all energy sources available to us?  Mitt Romney.  Here is some more of the kind of leadership we desperately need but will not receive from either the inexperienced socialist Obama or the Very Liberal Maveric, War Hero and Feisty John McCain.

·                            For too long, America has been entangled with and dependent on foreign suppliers of oil. Since the 1970s, Americans have endured and been vulnerable to economic shocks caused by our reliance on foreign oil. In recent years, the price of oil has tripled, putting pressure on the American economy. As long as America imports much of our oil from unstable regions and countries around the world, our national security and economic prosperity is threatened.

·        “We use about 25 percent of the world’s oil supply to power our economy, but according to the Department of Energy, we possess only 1.7 percent of the world’s crude oil reserves. Our military and economic strength depend on our becoming energy independent moving past symbolic measures to actually produce as much energy as we use.” (Rising To A New Generation Of Global Challenges, Foreign Affairs, July/August 2007)

·        “The United States must become energy independent. This does not mean no longer importing or using oil. It means making sure that our nation’s future will always be in our hands. Our decisions and destiny cannot be bound to the whims of oil-producing states.” (Rising To A New Generation Of Global Challenges, Foreign Affairs, July/August 2007)

We live in a time when our economy is likely to come unglued within the next six months because of decades of neglect in energy policy leadership.  We allowed every energy solution to die on the vine because it wasn’t perfect, and because it didn’t fit our ever expanding self image as saviors of the planet. We had this pathetic need to prance around as self styled environmentalists until it was too late.  Now the question is are we going to go with a “conservation only” approach with massive government interference (Obama) or are we going to go green R&D, cap and trade, with slightly less government interference (McCain), or are we going to just crumble like Rome because we can’t summon the will to elect a real leader?

      America faces huge challenges like Energy Independence, The Coming War between Iran and Israel, Global Terrorism, Food Shortages, Massive Illegal Immigration,  Infrastructure Repairs, the Loss of our Manufacturing Base, Out of Control Food Prices, the Bankrupted Social Security and Medicare Mess, the Crash of the US Dollar, Completion from China and India, The Russian Criminal Empire and Czar Putin, Crumbling Cities, Crumbling Education, and Stratospheric Health Care Costs to say nothing of a likely Great Depression II.  Just to name a few. 

The next president is going to be knee deep in this stuff come inauguration day and we have a choice between Barak Obama who’s main experience seems to be in listening to Hate America theology and the championing of socialism from the colleges he’s gone too; or the aging, out of touch, maverick republican, liberal democrat and anger management champion John McCain. Neither a young socialist with a chip on his shoulder nor an aging POW with a chip on his shoulder is the right man for the job.  In this election, there is no such thing as the lesser of two evils.  I hate to be the one to break it to you, America, but when it comes to our leadership, when we needed a great leader the most,  we’re just out of gas.


One response to “Leadership for Energy Independence: Obama and McCain are out of gas.

  1. I can’t understand why more people can’t see it. McCain is the Frog Boiler!

    What do I mean? There is an old allegory about how to boil a frog. It is said that if you drop a frog into a pot of boiling water it will immediately jump out.

    But if you drop a frog in water that is slightly warm and turn up the heat gradually then the frog just sits there and lets itself be boiled alive, without attempting to jump out of the pot, without even knowing that it is indeed being boiled alive.

    This allegory has been applied again, and again regarding the American people’s reaction to liberalism/socialism. And it is pretty clear who is who if you apply this allegory to this year’s election.

    So let’s vote for the candidate who will make the frog jump out of the pot so we can have a true conservative in 2012. Otherwise we will all get gradually boiled alive.

    After all it took Carter to get us Reagan.

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