Why the United States Will Never Leave Iraq: Babylon’s Big Comeback


               President Barak  Obama will change his tune about Iraq shortly after becoming the next President of the United States.  John McCain has hinted at it in his ill-timed, “we may be in Iraq for 100 years” faux pas.  McCain said that we are still in Germany and Japan after WWII and still in Korea all these years later and that the same may be said of Iraq.  We may become part of the Iraqi landscape long after the fighting has ended and long after Iraq becomes the next Saudi Arabia.  Not just any Saudi Arabia, filled with wild and crazy wasabi Jihadi’s, just chopping at the bit to blow up some Jews or Americans; but our own personal Saudi Arabia that becomes filthy rich to the point where capitalism supplants Islam as the new religion of choice.  In return for becoming the Mecca of mercantilism, with the USA guarding their borders, they will become the suppliers of oil that the west can count on during the transition period that we need to solve the oil crisis.

               I happened to be watching Rudy Giuliani on Glen Becks show and I was fascinated to see Glen get Rudy to talk some real turkey to the American People.  Glen was needling Rudy about all the politicians who want to talk about “patriotism” or “faith” while all we’re talking about is how we’re drowning in oil prices.  Glen asked Giuliani what he thought about the oil prices and Rudy admitted that we need to open every avenue of production and exploration available but he said “but we’re probably ten years too late.”  Ten years too late.  Now, he quickly backtracked from that statement and fudged it over but it was quite obvious that he believes that we are ten years too late, right now, to keep oil from continuing to disrupt our economy. It was a fascinating interview and very instructive.

               Obama represents the obstructions created by the democrat party in over identifying with militant environmentalists over the last thirty years.  I’m sure that Obama is well aware of the power of the environmentalists in the democrat party, led by Nobel Lauriat Al Gore, but if he becomes president he’s going to have to find more oil somewhere.  He won’t be allowed, by his own party, to develop American recourses or to drill offshore or in ANWAR so where is he going to get the oil to keep the economy from crashing? Neither Solar nor bio-fuel, nor conservation, nor hydrogen cars will take up the slack in the foreseeable future so where is he going to get the oil?

               I suspect that a President Obama would find that we needed to stay in Iraq because we had a moral obligation to “fix” their county after Bush so rudely invaded!  Part of fixing Iraq is to bring their oil production to warp speed, state of the art, American style, with western oil companies doing the heavy lifting.  It would be the compassionate thing for Obama and the Democrats to do because they would be willing to pay Iraq a fair, but stable, price which might encourage everyone, even the Saudis to keep the price stable lest Iraq become our new best buddy.  Obama would then be able to keep oil from destroying the American economy while crowing to his militant environmentalist buddies that he’s the best environmental president ever.  It puts the Saudis’ on notice that we can not only develop alternative energy choices in the long run that breaks the Saudi power over us but that we can get a guaranteed supplier, like Iraq, in the short run. 

               Obama is an extraordinary public speaker and an inspiring leader who commands an almost messianic appeal for his many followers.  If anyone could convince the American People and the American Baby Boomers that we had to stay in Iraq to clean up Bush’s mess than Senator Barak Obama would be that man.  Obama would thus secure a country with oil reserves that may rival if not surpass our good friends the Saudis while blaming our involvement in Iraq on Bush. Everyone could rationalize the situation as enunciated by the rounded, lyrical prose and touching sincerity that Obama can so effortlessly project. I suspect that this is actively being considered by John McCain who seems to see us in Iraq for a long time but who can’t rival Obama in speechmaking.  If a democrat exploits Iraq, until our recourses can cut us free of Middle East Oil, than its not really exploitation its leadership and high statesmanship.

               Perhaps our friends in Iraq will truly become very wealthy by being the west’s stable source of oil.   After all ,the Saudis’ have played us like a fiddle, all these years, to become the richest country in the world; and if it worked for them, imagine how it would work for Iraq. In fact, imagine a stable country ,with oil like Saudi Arabia, without all the crazy Wahhabi’s, who might be induced to abandon Islam for every western vice imaginable.  Imagine a “humanistic” instead of Islamic Iraq who guaranteed our oil needs for decades to come while our oil prices remain high enough to make us develop the renewable fuels we need to power our economy but not so high as to destroy our economy.  Would Bush and Cheney and Rove do such a thing?  Would John McCain?  Would Barak Obama?  You bet they would.

               Maybe Babylon the Great will rise again. Maybe the oil crisis is how Iraq goes from a war torn ex dictatorship to fabulous wealth and financial dominance like it says in the Bible.  I guess the rise of Babylon is pretty farfetched but so is the idea that even the democrats won’t make a deal with the devil himself to keep the oil flowing and buy time. Imagine all the baby boomers who think Obama will take us out of Iraq!  Somehow I just don’t see us leaving any time soon.


               Consider this report from the Brookings Institution and have a good Fourth of July!



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