Israel or the Palestinians: Who really owns the Holy Land?


What if I were to tell you that there never was, in the history of man, a country known as “Palestine”?  What if I were to tell you that the closest we can come is what the Ancient Romans used to call the Holy Lands which was Caesarea Palestinia?

What if I were to tell you that Yasir Arafat was in fact an Egyptian who invented modern notions of “Palestine”because he needed to invent a country that had been wronged by the Jews?  What if I were to tell you that Yasir became President of a country he made up as a propaganda stunt who we now accept as legitimate so that we can be seen to be “fair”.

What if I were to tell you that the land of modern Israel was a wasteland with a few nomadic Arabs before the Jews began to immigrate to their ancestral lands?  Israel is about 1% of the Middle East and it was indeed a wasteland before the Jews turned it into the prosperous thriving land it is today.

What if I were to remind you that the United Nations created the land of Israel after World War II when Europe was done killing some six million Jews?  After all, the conscience of the world was pretty raw in those days, so the nations of the world decided that the Jews could have their homeland back.

What if I were to tell you that a bunch of Jews settled the land, improved it, built farms and homes and industries on it and had to defend it time and time again from massive combined attacks by their Islamic Neighbors? What if the Jews were attacked by massive invasions not once but many times and prevailed each time against astronomical odds. 

What if I were to tell you that the Arabs became envious of what the Jews did with a worthless scrap of wilderness and suddenly flooded the area themselves to try and get a piece of the pie from the Jews?

What if I were to tell you that the Arabs want this land because the Koran teaches them that once a land has “belonged” to Islam that it can never be possessed by an infidel?  Any person who does not follow Islam is an unbeliever and essentially a waste of skin that is subject to being killed by a Muslim at his whim.  The land was a wilderness before the Jews migrated back but it was just the idea that Jews could make the land bloom that so infuriated the Arabs.

What if I were to tell you that “Tolerance” is a western, Jewish / Christian value and not, defiantly not, an Arab/ Islamic one?  It’s not just the Jews with whom the Moslems can’t get along .  They can’t get along with any of their neighbors from India to the Jews, to the Americans, to the Buddhists, to anyone who does not believe exactly as they do.  They can’t even get along with themselves. The Shiites hate the Sunni and everyone seems to hate the Kurds.

What if I was to tell you that “Palestinian” children were taught from earliest schooling that Jews and Christians were little more than crafty monkeys and were essentially sub human?  What if this “education” has been going on for decades?  Would it help you to comprehend how one human being can get in a giant bull dozer and deliberately drive over other human beings?  As a good, educated, sophisticated product of our politically correct school systems would you defend the “Palestinian” right to continue to teach kids that Jews and Christians are sub human or are you ready to disregard political correctness and call this indoctrination into hate and Child Abuse.  Have you the courage to impose your values onto another culture and proclaim what these schools are doing to be wrong?

Is it possible that we have a conflict where one side is right and the other wrong?  Can we be educated and sophisticated and conclude that one party to this conflict is so full of hate that their perspective on the conflict is not worth considering?  What kind of people wire their women and children to explode in the hope of killing some infidels? Is the price of diversity, tolerance, global citizenship the ability to celebrate blowing up autistic children in the marketplace, a cowardly craven disregard for our own humanity?

Is it possible that after all the “Aid to Palestine” that the money has largely been stolen by its “leaders” or spent on weapons; while it could have been spent on roads, houses, schools, nurses, I pods and lollypops?  After decades of aid can anyone understand why anyone gives them so much as a dime when the “Palestinian” population continue to live in a dung heap of their “leaders” making?  Why does the USA give any aid to a non country who acts this way?

Is it possible that Israel has given away more land than the present Israeli state by returning to its attackers the land that the invaders lost in there many failed sneak attacks on Israel?

If we had Mexicans exploding at shopping malls or running over people with bulldozers on Main Street what do you think the USA would do to the perpetrators of this mindless violence?  Do you think we would try to understand them, negotiate with them, and treat a gang of thugs with the respect due a legitimate nation or a and head of state?

How is it possible that a rational thinking person must believe that the “Palestinians” must have some valid point of view and a valid grievance in continuing this mindless violence all these decades in order to be “Progressive, Worldly, Educated, Sophisticated, Fair Minded,” and all the other attributes that we would like to think we are: instead of a sap, a chump, a babe in the woods, a mark, or simply a fool?

The Muslims blow up priceless Buddha statues, they have violent shoot outs in the Church of the Nativity, they destroy the artifacts of other religions, they desecrate Joseph’s tomb and now they claim that Jerusalem was never Jewish!  They claim the temple mount never had a Jewish presence on it!  What manor of adults are we if we are so morally degenerate that we can’t label the nonsense the Muslims spout as nonsense and hold them to account for it?  We are not obligated to believe any obvious falsehoods to be tolerant but we are obligated to act on the truth of the matter to be responsible and accountable human beings.

I don’t see a valid claim from the Muslims on the Holy Land.  The fact is that the map of Mideast counties was largely drawn up by colonial Europeans in general and the British Empire in particular.  The Jews have been dispersed from their ancestral home in the holy land three times and over thousands of years have held fast to the land of their origin and have created a state in 1948 against UNBELIEVABLE odds.  The Jews have earned the right to that land over and over again and the Muslims need to get a life, forswear violence, and make peace with their neighbors.  How anyone can champion the Palestinian cause is a mystery to me.


2 responses to “Israel or the Palestinians: Who really owns the Holy Land?

  1. The unfortunate part of this study and most others like it is that Palestinian Christians are completely ignored. They are attacked by militant Muslims within Gaza and they are attacked by Israel along with all Palestinians. Their only friends are either Amerian Organizations or Bible Societies or Messianic Jews. It is important to remember the people of God, but don’t forget the persecuted church, including Palestinian Christians, who have been adopted into God’s family along side of their Jewish brothers and sisters.

  2. Israel is God’s Holy Land and His people. What the Palestinians don’t seem to understand is that Israel was there first and the Jewish people have been thrown out many times only to return the latest being in 1948.
    Israel has the right to protect itself. It is the only peaceful country in the Middle East. If it goes down, so do we. What is so difficult to understand this? The Arabs, Christians and Jews get along there. Jerusalem is Israel. It holds all the stories of Jesus and where He led his life and died for us. What gives anyone the right to take it away?

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