Shell Game! The United States Sold to the Global Banking Elite.




Keep your eye on the ball!

Keep your eye on the ball!







The solution the government came up with for Fannie Mae/ Freddie Mac financial meltdowns is this: the mega-wealth of the global super rich, in the guise of the mild mannered Federal Reserve, will make available all the money they could ever need so they aren’t really bankrupt anymore.   In addition the US Government Treasury Department will buy a bunch of Fannie and Freddie shares with our tax money, they’ll have to borrow the money from china, but that will solve the problem!  Genius!

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac hold about half of all US mortgages and they went bankrupt but they had an ace in the hole: Uncle Sam.  No one has more experience at being broke like Uncle Sam!  Uncle Sam’s national debt is already up to 9.5 trillion and now it’s inserted itself as the ultimate guarantor of half the mortgages in America.  What’s another 13 trillion?  Its only money!  If the money runs out they can always print more!

Let me try again to make this clear.  Two bankrupt, quasi government, lenders, Fannie and Freddie, who hold half the mortgages in the country, now have access to the wealth of the global banking elite so they aren’t really insolvent anymore. Meanwhile the bankrupt US government, with its currency going down the drain at warp speed, spends our tax dollars to buy shares in the bankrupt lenders with money borrowed from China and brokered by the Federal Reserve?  Does that sound right? 

Wait a minute!  The Federal Reserve is not the global banking elite!  It’s part of the US government!  Right?

Not so much…….

The Central Bank of the USA

The Central Bank of the USA

The Federal Reserve is not part of the United States Government but it is the Central Bank of the United States of America.  The Federal Reserve, the Fed, is owned by member banks who together own the shares of the Federal Reserve.  These member banks are all private, profit making banks, that in turn are owned by their share holders.  Now who really has the controlling interest in the member banks and thus the Federal Reserve?  You know the names from history!  The Rothschild Banking Empire, the Rockefellers, JP Morgan, the Warburg’s and so on.  I think of them as the five families in the famous novel by Mario Puzo, The Godfather. 

Wait a minute!  The Fed sets the interest rate!  They control the money supply!

Well…… The Fed does set the interest rate and they’ve managed to keep it so low that the housing industry essentially consumed itself by people buying houses they can’t afford while others used their houses as a piggy bank and drew on home equity to buy all the toys our society had to offer.  With such low interest rates, debt became a way of life and savings seemed silly if all you’re going to get is 2% on your money. Personal Debt skyrocketed, Government Debt skyrocketed and all that debt began to weaken the dollar until it got really anemic. Anyone who actually wanted a return on their money was driven into the Stock Market and all that investment money was further fuel on the fire to expand, seemingly forever, the growth of our economy. 





The money supply expanded because the Fed (The Five Families) were only too willing to offer very favorable terms on American Debt instruments to the Arabs or the Chinese or the Japanese who would buy American debt knowing that the USA was good for the money. As time went on, the occasional economic tempest would appear and the Fed, (The Five Families) would lower the interest rate and all would be well. This worked for years until the rest of the world said:  Are you people crazy?  Tempests would still arise and the Fed (The Five Families) continued to lower rate to ridiculous rates and a funny thing happened:  The Price of Oil and Gold and other things of value seemed a better investment than the US Dollar.  Oppps.

While the Five Families, (The Federal Reserve) were busy dropping rates, allowing economic reality to give way to an economic twilight zone, the President and the US Congress kept borrowing to buy votes from key groups critical to reelection.  The Five Families would occasionally offer a low key scolding to the government about all that spending but they would always write the loan and find a willing buyer of that paper overseas. Trillions of dollars of debt and then everyone looked around at all the dollars everywhere and wondered if they were actually worth anything.  People started buying gold and oil and other commodities because they have independent value not just the value a bunch of global banks say a currency has. Would you rather own a chunk of Exon or have a fist full of dollars at this moment?  Which is the safer investment these days?

Wait a minute!  The Congress or the President or the Treasury Secretary sets how much money is printed and in circulation right????

Not so much…..

Actually the Five Families, (The Federal Reserve) decides’ that by deciding the currency’s value on the open markets in concert with other countries central banks (Other countries five families or is it the same five families!)  and, via  control of the interest rates.  The idea of controlling the amount of currency in circulation to keep values stable became a game of what the market would bear. Dollars became like any other commodity and supply and demand dictated the value of the currency.  If everyone wants your currency, you have value in it because it’s in demand and if you increase the supply and the demand remains constant then bully for you!  It’s the market, the perception of the dollar’s value that sets its value.  It’s the world’s dependence on the dollar that helps sustain its value. (Not unlike how our dependence on oil has sent it through the roof since our dollar is less and less in demand with every interest cut and massive bailout of some entity that “too big to fail”.

The battle cry: To Big to Fail has been championed by the Five Families, (The Federal Reserve) and they have used it to give the global banking super elite more and more ownership and control of everything in our country and perhaps the world.  We’ve all known that the Five Families have more control over the economy than the President or the Congress but now it seems that whatever vestige of control the government retains is being handed, sheepishly, to the Five Families, (the Fed) with the hope that they’ll set the rules and save us from ourselves. Bear Sterns comes along and the Five Families tell the government:  Its too big to fail!  The Government in turn bails out Bear Sterns and gives the Five Families sweeping new powers over the American Banking and Finance Industry.  It’s too bad about the oil prices but the Fed, the Five Families tells the Government that Fannie and Freddie are too big to fail.  The government borrows unlimited money to keep Fannie and Freddie afloat and the role of the ( Fed ) Five Families, expands again.  More power, more control, but they need it to save our economy right?  Right?

          Some 150 banks are said to be troubled in this country. Lots of financial experts say that Indy Mac will not be the last American bank to fail in the next 18 months, we can expect more: Perhaps a lot more. The Airline Industry and the American Auto Industry are also headed for disaster.  (Indy Mac, which the Government seized last Friday, will be the largest or second largest bank failure in US history.)  Where will it end?  Will the Government buy all the bankrupt insolvent banks or sell them off to the global banking cartel we call the Fed?  We’re engaged in a default nationalization of key elements of our economy financed and perhaps engineered by the global banking elite who seem to be taking more and more control from our clueless and hopelessly gridlocked government. We may be witnessing a quiet, civilized, coupe de tat resulting in our government being foreclosed on by its global banking elite creditors. 

I think the new owners have a new socialist face for management while the real power is held by a few banking elites for the good of the people. After all, he who pays the piper calls the tune and let’s face it, our democracy and proud capitalism have proved to be our downfall.  We outsourced control of our economy and currency to the banking elite and now we all work for them.  From their point of view they have earned control of our county because we the people and our democratic government sold it to them by acting very foolishly with our money. They should run the show because they know how and we, capitalist America, have obviously failed at the task.

If I didn’t know better I would say that the USA is being wrung dry of its wealth and what  financial muscle remains while Europe and the Euro is being groomed to be the next center of financial power.  It’s almost as if the entire country is slowly being foreclosed on and the new owners, The Five Families will remake us in an image more to their liking. The Socialist Europeans become the new big kid on the block as the USA and its broken economy goes progressively more socialist as we learn to sell our liberty to a benign banking elite who gives us socialism as a child is given a beloved security blanket. 

It’s all a shell game orchestrated by the global banking elites who have their own addenda in mind.  Our congress couldn’t pass a bill that today is Monday even if you pulled off their socks and tickled their feet.  The money has become the government and the government is rapidly becoming a new sort of god, as it is in Europe.  We even have our own Messiah, coming out of nowhere, to likely become President when people are screaming at the government to do something: to fix this for us. Government of, by and for the people will become government by an enlightened new socialism largely controlled by the Global Banking Elite.  I guess it’s true: The more things change the more they stay the same.


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