Have You Seen My Mahdi? Ahmadinejad Searches For His Mahdi

Searching for the Madhi

Searching for the Madhi



And now for a little Islamic End Times prophesy: While Christians wait for the Rapture and the Second Coming and the Jews wait for the Messiah our Islamic neighbors wait for the Mahdi.  The Mahdi is the Islamic version of a savior who will become like a worldwide Pope for Islam and be a descendant of Muhammad.  Just when the earth enters some period of unrivaled chaos the Mahdi, who is also a sort of super general and political quiz kid will come and make war and concur all the unbelievers.  Then he will establish peace and justice for everyone and will usher in a time of plenty and be loved by all.  But first he has some infidel butt to kick and he needs to settle the score with the Jews in the last battle against the Jews.  Once everyone else is wiped out or converted then it’s one big peaceful Islamic world and everyone will love the Mahdi.

        Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, our little friend in the Members Only Jacket, who’s so intent on obtaining nuclear weapons, is said to be a true believer in the Mahdi to the point where he’s looking around at any and every way to create the necessary planetary chaos that will give rise to the Mahdi’s return. And who is his chief ally in this quest?  Who is giving him nuclear assistance and weapons systems to deter the best the US and Israel have to offer?  Who is warning the US and Israel about setting the world on fire if Israel attacks Iran? Monaco?  No.  Russia.


            Our Russian friends seem bent on affirming that Ahmadinejad wants to use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes and the west just misunderstands him and so is being unfair in denying Iran this peaceful energy technology. Why is Russia doing this?  What do they hope to accomplish by either allowing Iran to have nuclear weapons or by forcing Israel to attack and destroy the Iranian nuclear sites?  Does Vladimir Putin not realize just how crazy Ahmadinejad and his Fundamentalist Islamic buddies truly are?  What is it that has so captured the Russian leader’s attention that it would arm an obvious crazy like our friend Mahmoud? 




            If recent events have taught us anything, it’s that the entire world, as we know it, runs on oil, and that whoever controls the oil and its distribution controls the world.  Cut off the oil from the western democracies and the capitalists of America and the socialists of Europe would see their economies collapse overnight.  What does Iran and the Arab Middle East have that Russia could covet to this degree?  What has Russia looking agog at the Middle East?  If the Russians, who have considerable, amounts of oil themselves, were to control access to Middle East oil the Russians could squeeze the world economies at will and essentially have the wealth to maintain the stature it believes it should have. Oil is wealth beyond imagination as Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States have demonstrated.  Oil is power to control the western democracies because it’s their very life blood and oil is the opium of the new emerging nations especially China and India. Emerging nations must have oil to realize their dreams of development and modernity.  Oil is the key to unmatched power, influence and wealth. 



The World Runs on Oil

The World Runs on Oil











 Why do the Russian think it’s so in their interest to support the hapless Ahmadinejad to the point of giving the guy time and assistance to develop nuclear weapons?  If Mahmoud is successful he would destroy Israel and the thus the west’s best friend in the region.  If the Middle East catches fire the demand for Russian oil goes through the roof and Russia comes out the big winner. If the region maintains its craziness with Iran and Israel glaring at each other than the price of oil remains high and again Russia wins. Everybody wants oil and conflict in the Middle East keeps the prices high, the supply uncertain and keeps the money flowing into Russia.  Who cares enough to share this vital technology with Muslims?  Russia.  Who is on the side of the Muslims who have all that oil?  Russia.  Who helps them defy the US and Israel, the big and little Satan respectively? Russia.  If you’re a crazy Arab then you must think those Russians are just wonderful!   Makes you want to cooperate with oil rich Russia just to put the screws to the West again!  Why shouldn’t they pay through the nose for Middle East Oil?


            So Ahmadinejad needs chaos in the world to advance the coming of the Mahadi and the existence of the Jewish State has long proved a convenient excuse to keep the hatred at a fever pitch.  They are assisted in this quest for chaos by their good friends the Russians who worship only money and power and who would doubtless shoot the Mahadi if they saw him. The West is in the position of having to attack or have Israel attack Iran because the only thing worse then attacking Iran right now would be a Nuclear Iran terrorizing the region with atomic weapons.  The emerging nations of the world led by China keep a weather eye pealed and fixed on the Middle East lest their dreams of development and modern standards of living go up in smoke.  Chaos serves Iran, Islam and the Russians and everyone is looking for a way to control it and protect their national interests except for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: He just wants his Mahdi.


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