China Becomes the King of the East: Military Buildup Continues Amid Olympics Games.



Chinese military build up continues
Chinese military build up continues

Adolph Hitler hosted the Olympics just before he became the belligerent little fellow who set the world on fire.  I can’t help but see parallels between the Hitler of yesteryear and the China of today.  Unfortunately the weapons of today make Hitler’s panzers and air force look like toys in comparison. A war weary world looked the other way as Hitler developed his military machine in contravention of the Treaty of Versailles. Today our childlike, overfed and utterly self involved baby-boomers pioneer ignoring China because they don’t want to acknowledge China’s obvious intentions:  They’re planning for a war we won’t admit is coming! Like Hitler China is going to put on a show about how much progress has been made during the Olympics and like Hitler, they’re going to make a play for world domination in the years to come.  To coin a phrase, they need “breathing room” rather desperately.

             They need Oil, Food, Land, Jobs, and losing a couple of hundred million people in a war to get these things might be an equitable trade.  China is a powder keg and neither Mutually Assured Destruction doctrines nor some new Ronald Reagan is going to peacefully defuse the dragon that is China. China is a sea of humanity that has been introduced to western materialism and has no intentions of going back to rickshaws instead of Chevys and an abacus instead of the Latest Dell Laptop. The people of China would like to join the west in the twenty-first century but the sheer number of the Chinese people makes that impossible. 

          Something has to give in order to resolve the myriad problems of employment, consumerism, health care, pollution, food production, oil supply, water supply, just to name a few.  The home of the largest population on Earth has become a planetary toxic waste dump as the air, water and land become more polluted and unlivable by the day. Their economy continues to boom but the money is being used to build a military, certainly a navy that can challenge the USA for control of the seas.  To support this economic expansion, and its military expansion, the Chinese need oil to fuel the factories and its fledgling middle class.  We all know the effect that’s having on the world economies as the Chinese develop an insatiable taste for oil. There is no going back because China would revolt it the government tried to take back its economic reforms. 



Suprise Suprise

Suprise Suprise




I read a report that U.S. Navy officials just about had a collective heart attack when a Chinese Sub surfaced in the middle of an American Aircraft Carrier Task Force having eluded detection by at least a dozen US Warships. They were in the Pacific Ocean engaged in exercises and out of nowhere a Chinese Sub surfaces in their midst that had been undetected. Since then the emerging consensus is that the Chinese subs are able to “shadow” our fleets in a not so subtle message that the Pacific is their lake and we should think twice about playing on their side of the lake. I expect it was quite a wakeup call for the American Navy but the American People, as usual, slept through this interesting development. 

          Remember the recent shooting down of an old satellite by the Chinese who wanted to both test its Anti satellite capabilities and advertise its seeming resolve to control access to space above China should it be deemed necessary. More people seem to be aware of this one and our own American Government sent the Chinese a nasty note over the incident.  The Chinese are serious about control of space because so many of our smart weapons and intelligence capabilities, to say nothing of communications and navigation are dependent on space based assets that without them we might be blind and impotent rather abruptly. The control of space is the high ground of today and the foreseeable future and the nation who controls the high ground may well find itself in position to dictate terms to those who do not.  The Chinese are ever active and very aggressive in this new undeclared space race that they are running and we are ignoring. 

          Perhaps the most intriguing element of the new Chinese War Fighting tactics, and certainly the most belligerent, is the aggressive gains made by China in Cyber-Warfare. The Chinese have been going crazy hacking into every western nations computers.  They don’t just hack the western military but all the infrastructure as well; banks, power grids, transportation grids, railways, you name it: the Chinese have hacked it.  And denied it, of course.  The Chinese are hacking into the pentagon, congress, the white house, the military all the time and it’s clear that cyber-warfare is going to be a big component of the Chinese version of “Blitzkrieg”.  Its not just the USA but virtually every western and developed nation including India and Japan.  Its becoming a world joke how the Chinese are into everyone’s computers and the damage they cause.  This is a branch of the Chinese Military who has the greatest computer hacking warriors in the world.

          Look at the manufacturing base the world has willingly outsourced to China!  They deal with the pollution and sell us the products cheap to keep the outsourcing coming their way!  Look at the money they have!  China holds enough US Dollars to create a currency crisis for the dollar all on its own and we clearly have to add economic warfare capabilities to Chinas impressive resume. Thanks to the Clinton Administrations idiotic policies the Chinese have made tremendous strides in nuclear weapons, missile technology, computer technology whose new capabilities close the gap with the west in general and the USA in particular.

          The fascinating part is that no one seems to have noticed.  China keeps feeding the world manufacturing things and growing its economy and its military capabilities while the world ignores the import of what’s going on in China.  I guess the best analogy I can make is too a recent situation in which the USA woke up one day and found that Oil prices were so high and supplies in the hands of such anti Americans that overnight the American economy found a gun to its head that it couldn’t do anything about.  Don’t you hate it when that happens?  Like our surprise at an oil crisis we have manufactured for ourselves with our own arrogance, shortsightedness and uncompromising environmental ideology.  Even as we struggle with Energy Policy we’re busy pretending China is not up to something very unsavory.  How many times do we have to learn this lesson?  Who was it who said that the price of liberty was eternal vigilance?

          Enjoy the Olympic Games!  We in the west love our games and we play them constantly and give them a prominence in our world they don’t merit.  We like to win these games and we polish the shiny medals we’re awarded whereas the Chinese don’t play as many games but when they do they tend to be very single minded and they play for keeps.  Most Americans are concerned how we will compete at the poll vault, gymnastics, swimming races and winning a bunch of footraces: While the Chinese host the spectacle of athletic completion the game of military completion goes on beneath the surface.  The Chinese are playing this game with a single-mindedness and determination far beyond what we in the west are capable of, amid our many luxuries, and they’re playing with some intention in mind.  This is the only game we should be concerned with but the world, as it did with Hitler, wants to enjoy the spectacle of the games while their Chinese host continues preparations for some future event for which only they will be prepared. 













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