Post Christian Europe: Their New God is Socialism

Some 21% of Europeans think religion is very important while in France the number is 10% and includes mostly old people.  The new religion of Europe is a mix of hedonism, nihilism, socialism, feminism, and new age; best summed up as a sort of sweltering, self loathing costumed as sophistication and worldliness.  If anyone can put lipstick and a dress on a pig and call it Marilyn Monroe surly the Europeans can.  Religion, and even manhood itself, has been feminized into non existence; and what has emerged is a society that is powerless, faithless, and being sold to Muslim immigrants at no charge. The symbols of Christianity are everywhere in Europe but the Gospel has largely been rejected by the sophisticated Europeans in favor of Spiritual prostitution and cultural suicide.  Europeans complain constantly about the Americans who protect them but continue to suckle the American taxpayer for its defense because they lack the will to defend themselves. To say that Europe is weak is an understatement of epic proportions: Europe is dying because it lacks the will to make babies and the courage to have faith in anything, especially its Christian heritage.  Europe’s Christian heritage has been replaced with a sullen, adolescent sniveling that has given rise to cultureless surfs who are too impotent to reproduce, and too worldly to reclaim faith and meaning in life.It seems that the Europe of today can imagine nothing bigger then itself as it sneers at the church going Americans, even while America succumbs to the same spiritual malaise that has nearly proved fatal in Europe. Mistaking liberty for license has been the vogue in Europe since the end of World War II as they adopted socialism and a hedonist, to create a multicultural utopia that only a demented feminist professor could concoct.  Individual freedoms and democracy is thought to include a right to legal clean hookers, drugs, euthanasia, abortion, free health care, decent housing, jobs, education, entertainment, and free porn on television, US Tax Dollars for defense, and a 4 day work week.  The Europe of Today has cast off all semblance of personal responsibility, and, like the American Baby-boomers who idolize them, will discover that they either change their act and shape up; or they prepare to embrace the dustbin of history.  Europe has so embraced the rejection of morality, the family, and personal responsibility in general, and Christianity in particular; that they can’t find the moral courage to protest their own extinction. A continent of insipid navel gazers whose concept of right and wrong comes from the whims of the moment can only find destruction and pain in the wholesale rejection of Christian Values and the adoption of hedonism and relativism. 



The European of today has rejected religion for humanism and God for socialism. They’ve become a sulking, suicidal culture that’s about to find itself the custodian of the world’s new reserve currency.  This influx of pure power and wealth will change  Europe overnight and what will emerge from the weak Europe of today is a humanism worshiping, pragmatic entity for which values are relative and truth elusive.  It is they who will deal with emerging nations like China and criminal nations like Russia, who will compete with them for global dominance.  Perhaps the real difference between Europeans and Americans is that, when I think of such a scenario, it tends to drive me to church and to prayer; while I suspect it drives the Europeans to very expensive long held fantasy of their role in the world.  Europe has something to prove, and the European wimps of today will be replaced by the humanist evangelists of Europeanism. Europe will again strive for power and control on the world stage and they will preach a new form of warm and fuzzy humanism and a social pragmatism that will enslave humanities soul. Talk about fertile ground for an Anti Christ! What kind of leaders will thrive in a God rejecting Europe who’s been thrust into world leadership by the economic destruction of the United States?  They will claim that the new Europe is much different and wiser than the old Europe?  For a time that may be so.  A leopard doesn’t change his spots and in the end, I don’t think Europe will either.

Perhaps the ascendance of the Euro in coming years, as the reserve currency of the world, will give the perpetually morose Europeans a shot in the arm.  Since World War II the Europeans have surrendered defense to the United States, rational, logic and critical thinking to socialist professors, manhood and the will to succeed to a toxic feminization of their culture; and perhaps all they really wanted was to matter again.  When the Euro becomes the supreme currency in the world the Europeans will matter again as they trade soulless socialism for regional fascism and start having babies again.  The world will mistake the fall of America as the triumph of Europe. Thebreath of fresh air that the world press has been pining forwill become the chill wind of reality as the Valueless, Pleasure loving Europeans of today assume the mantle of world leadership. The need to worship is inherent in human beings and the search for god is part of the human condition.  What will our European friends worship in the post American world?  What will Europe seek and substitute for religion and God in the Post American world ?  They ‘ll have to grow up  and come up with a European defense plan and of some kind of European armed forces if they want the opportunity for real influence on the problems of the 21st century. Unfettered by oppressive religions systems like Christianity they will be free to worship pragmatism and regional self interest as God.


4 responses to “Post Christian Europe: Their New God is Socialism

  1. Steve Sanderson

    America will be around for a while yet. It will likely end up with a hispanic majority in the next 60 years or so, but at least they are Christians. White people of European origin, unfortunately will continue to decline in numbers – in America and other parts of the world.

    Europe on the other hand, if it is does not snap out of its current tailspin, by mid century many countries in Europe may find themselves Islamic States. None of which will likely be economic powers. Europe may rise alright, but it might be as an Islamic military force – not necessarily an economic one. That new Europe may then seek to destroy America. That I think is a more likely outcome.

    But one this is clear. The left leaning lunatics in Europe are in self destruct mode – and are digging there own graves.

  2. This must be one of the most shocking articles I have ever read. Goodness Gracious Me! As a European suffering under the brutal socialist dictatorship, having no say over my life and future I am so happy that somewhere out the in the United States of America there is a group of people who truly care and pray for my well being and write such brilliant pieces of propaganda for their fundamentalist agenda. May peace be upon you all.

  3. As the son of a European immigrant, what this writer says is spot on. I dare any European to refute the facts, which of course speak for themselves.
    If this writer is not correct, then why is the hottest book in France titled, “Is France Finished?” Just read the December 2010 Economist for validation of this article. Hats off to whoever wrote it. Don’t change a thing.!

  4. Wow, another religous nut from the states who like the vast vast majority of your nation knows nothing of the world except what they see on tv, religion is not an important part of life to us in europe because it serves no practical purpose. Besides inciting war or pushing the stupid or the vulnerable into a frenzy against whatever the agenda is that day (which you do seem to love over there) what practical purpose does religion serve in the modern world. Its used equally by the US as it is by muslim extremists as in instrument of hate. Why should people conform to what some old book of which nothing has been proved as truth tell people what is right or wrong? And even if you think someone elses practices or ideals are not to your tastes why then make thier lives miserable by harassing them or campaigning. I mean i have plenty of gay friends and while i’m not gay i dont feel the need to preach to them about thier lifestyle. If you think they are going to hell, and they choose thier way of life to be happy, then why not just let them do it? It doesnt affect you. The people of europe have thier beliefs but they are private, subtle affairs of the heart rather than the vulgar ‘in your face’ preaching you seem to love in the states. Your politicians are always using religious undertones or messages in ties speeches, which to be honest over here would be seen as bizzare. Religion and politics are seperate entities and should not influence each other. Politicians here do not talk of religion or sexuality as we believe these are personal issues of choice and identity. Not for the state to decide in. As i said you come across alot like extremist islam in that because you see others not following your doctrines you want to force your beliefs upon them. This is just not our way, we will accept any belief, race, orientation or whatever into our society and i feel we are the better people for it

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