The Coronation of Barak Obama: Americas Socialist Messiah Strokes Europe


              Most of the mainstream media has failed the American People given the entirely unprofessional job they’ve done covering the candidacy of Senator Obama. The Free Press has manifold privileges in order that they might get the relevant facts of the day and deliver them to us with as little distortion as possible. A free society depends on freedom of the press so that the people might be informed on the issues of the day and cast their votes in an intelligent manor.  Reporting the news is not just a perk it’s a privilege that too many of our TV news personalities have failed to earn in this tiresome love affair with Obama.  The fawning, sickeningly sweet coverage of this admittedly attractive, charismatic, but utterly inexperienced senator from Illinois has reached new lows with Obama’s European tour.  Where are the truth seekers?  Where are the cynical reporters analyzing his record and his positions so as to make the truth of this man available to the American People? What corruption has so infested the media with Obama-Mania that they’re no longer able to function as credible journalists?




               Lots of mainstream news outlets have lost viewers and circulation in recent years because the people have found the rejection of objectivity in the media distasteful.  Only reporting that tries for objectivity and fairness is entitled to call itself journalism while the distasteful adulation and praise that today’s media spouts can only be called propaganda.  People don’t want to be lied to, talked down to, manipulated, or otherwise conned into whatever the media wants them to believe or do.  Don’t forget that the same TV media who tries to influence our vote for Obama promoted the loans of the subprime debacle, 8 track tapes and trans-fat laden fast food.  I’m sure that no one gets up in the morning and wonders how they can use the media to screw up the country that day, they just push something on us that they feel will be good for them and us.  Barrels of chicken in trans fat, low interest loans so everyone can get in on the housing boom, and even technology forms that are destine to be archaic in months did not start out as terrible things.  As time went by we found that a barrel of Trans fat laden chicken, like loans you can’t afford, or like a Senator with no experience to be President, were not the best choices we could have made.




               The fact that Obama is black and about to be president is indeed newsworthy and historic but the fact of his being black has, in some perverse and twisted racist way, become the principle reason to elect him.  His blackness is all the media can see.  He is black with a winning personality, an infectious grin, soaring speeches that inspire but most importantly he’s black and voting for him somehow says something about the country and the media that shows how far we’ve come.  The Media has made Barak Obama the first Affirmative Action President in history! He’s not going to be in the White House because he earned the job or because we need him he’s going to be their because the media has transferred the worst of liberal racism on him and we want to see ourselves voting for the black guy. Barak Obama and his historic candidacy may largely win the White House because of the worst kind of stereotyping orchestrated by the media and composed by elitists who have planted the idea that it’s the black guys turn to be president now and qualifications don’t matter.  Political Correctness and the crazed notion of multiculturalism run amok may essentially steal the election for a first term senator in his forties to become the leader of the free world.  The election of Barak Obama is not about the United States of America, you, me, or even the media who invented this guy: its about proving how tolerant and open-minded we can be by rejecting the racist idea that he’s simply not ready yet.




               Only in the new dark ages of baby boom politics could the idea that not being a racist means voting for the unqualified black guy over the qualified white guy be possible let alone probable. The Baby Boom has invented the politics of malignant narcissism in which one votes for some image of oneself that one would like to project on a blank slate like Obama.  This election is not even about the issue of race in America its about how crazed baby boomers and the victims of identity politics want to feel about themselves after they vote.  Only Baby Boomers would ignore the energy crisis, the economic crisis, the currency crisis, Islamic terrorism, nuclear proliferation and activist’s judges to conclude its time to prove they aren’t a racist by electing a guy who hasn’t even learned how to be a United States Senator yet, as President of the United States.  In these new dark ages the only guide in voting is how cool it would be to vote for and elect a black guy!  For the typical Baby Boomer, Obama is all things bright and beautiful and in him they see the holy image of themselves.  I hope it’s because of too much LSD because some of us see Baby Boomers as the worst generation in history and Obama, as their chosen candidate, may turn out to represent the very personification of the Baby Boomers malignant narcissism and childlike stupidity. This is the Baby Boomers media who reports based on feeling and elitist views of fairness rather than facts and the faith that a free people armed with the fact don’t need elitists!  Only in a media “educated” in baby boom politics could the candidacy of Barak Obama be possible let alone successful.





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