Sacrificing Humanity on the Alter of Political Correctness: The Fruits of Anything Goes in Media


              I decided to record a show called Saving Grace recently because the ads for the show looked interesting.  Over the weekend my wife and I decided to give it a try and we were surprised to say the least, at what we discovered. We were treated to the image of a strangely hairless male butt that actress Holly Hunter was spanking, groping and ultimately stabbed with a fork. The show continues with a Topless Holly Hunter putting on her shirt as she lets the dog out and then shuffles to the kitchen where she is joined by her stark naked bedmate, who announces that he’s left his wife.  It’s difficult to tell if Hunters character, Grace, is upset or happy by this news.  She seems torn by indecision while the naked man explains how he moved out of his wife’s place and how noting needs to change between them. Grace neither cries nor rejoices but instead decides to empty a squirt bottle of catsup, (and I think one of mustard), on the naked man. This turns into a passionate tussle as the pair wrestle like a couple of day old weenies in a bucket of mixed ball park condiments.  This scene was supposed to show the passion and adventurousness of the main character, Grace, and the Zest with which she attacks life and freedom.





              For some unexplained reason, Earl, her “Last Chance Angel”, shows up with some chickens in her living room before she goes off to solve an incoherent mystery about a kid who came through the Oklahoma city bombing in lest then pristine shape.  In the middle of all this Grace seems to lose her dog, “Gus”, who runs off when being walked by the child of the man she was sleeping with who had recently left his wife. Grace, a cop, proceeds to assault her Last Change Angle for suggesting that she ask God about the Dog rather than him.  This painful morass of unconnected scenes and incoherent plotting continues, with agonizing slowness, to the climactic scene of Grace at home throwing what can only be described as a childs tantrum.  “I want my doggie” she bellows and screams while she beats the floor and has her fit.  We are treated to multiple camera angles of her tantrum and the scene seems to go on forever.  Magically she gets her “doggie” back as if the Lord Our God would give into this crazed tantrum in a child, let alone a shopworn, embittered, “adult” who represents the worst in television programming today. 





               The beginning of this program features a TV MA screen that assures us that this program is for mature audiences and it does run, for now, late at night when, presumably, kids are asleep. Saving Grace is kind of sleazy soft core porn that only a pimply faced kid with lots of silly ideas about women, or an embittered feminist with too many chips on her shoulders, could have written.  It is both adolescent and very angry as it turns utterly abnormal behavior, and contempt for any concept of values, into a hip statement of how the world should be.  Saving Grace seems to be pushing a view of women and life that most sane humans would find reprehensible and its shock value, anger and depravity is all the show has to offer.  Saving Grace is cultural pollution that results from a self centered generation like the baby boomers mistaking the license to indulge any depravity as human Liberty.  We don’t need to pretend to be powerless before pornography on television in order to prove we live in a free society;  we need to celebrate our liberty to preserve our values and concern for a decent culture.  The fascinating to me that the writers of Saving Grace seem to have this perverse self image of heroism as they battle to turn women into degenerate dirt-bags.  Calling Saving Grace a drama is like calling Jerry Springer a journalist.

                 All laws, by their nature, are a statement of values.  We drive 35 because we value protecting kids in residential areas.  We value truth in financial statements so we have laws that protect us from fraud. I defy you to find me a law that is not a value statement!  Furthermore, these laws reflect the majority rule of our democracy, and while we try to protect minority views; we need not construe this as complete capitulation to social anarchy in the name of tolerance.  We are being ruled by rebellious baby boom extremists who have convinced us that discerning between right and wrong is “discrimination” and that speaking our truth is an imposition at best or a hate crime at worst.  Today’s societal masters value tolerance so we have parades for deviant sexual practices, movies glorifying single parenthood and entertainment the Ancient Romans would have found to be too violent. To be free of human values is to reject humanity; it’s not freedom its anarchy and it’s people who promote this destructive and divisive rejection of human standards and norms who are themselves imposing their views on society!  Take a look around at this so called freedom and speak honestly at least to yourselves; do you like what you see?  Would you call it freedom?  Or would you call it a shame?

               Its not just television but elements of popular music, video games and the internet in which we need to set boundaries lest the lack of boundaries prove to be our undoing. It’s everyone’s responsibility to protect kids by calling a bad show a bad show and in insisting it be taken off the air for the public good. The adults need to start acting like adults again and we need a far less tolerant attitude toward a plethora of social ills masquerading as “Freedom”.  Tolerance in recent years has come to be understood as an abdication of morality and a complete rejection of societal values for fear of being intolerant or a bigot.  The decent people of the country have been browbeaten with words like: “don’t impose your values on society” or simply, “get yourself and the government out of my bedroom.”  The people who peddle this world view have successfully imposed value-less-ness and depravity on our society and it’s making a mess of our kids and our country.  We have lost our ability to judge between right and wrong and to insist that society benefits from values and morality and that we, and our kids, need values and morality to live fully human lives.  It’s not imposing your values to let your Christian Faith dictate your values and inform your vote its called freedom of religion and free speech.  The loudest voices out there pushing homosexuality, hyper sexuality, drugs, violence, misogyny, selfishness and materialism at the top of their lungs are killing this country and our kids.  The time has come to stand up and be counted: enough of the crap on television!







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