Flimflam! The Federal Reserve Decrees a Socialist America!


The Federal Reserve, the polite name for the planets big money guys like the Rockefellers, Warburg’s, JP Morgan and the Rothschild’s, has apparently decided that the United States will be recast in the mold of socialist Europe. I think the powers that be have come to some accord and decided that the transnational corporations, media groups and above all the world banking elite that the USA has run its course and that the west will be run like a corporation. I can’t say we’re at the beginning of USA Incorporated but we are definitely in the stage of transition away from small independent government and democracy to a false interdependent socialism and the soul sapping “security” it provides. This nation is not so much “governed” anymore but “managed” and the decision to anesthetize the people via socialism has been made.  Socialism will not elevate the people in any way but it is an effective means of control while a favored Super Rich exercise the real power behind the sham of the Western Democracy throne. They say that good con men strive to bamboozle the “mark” so completely that the “mark” never discovers the fact that they have been coned. That’s a good description of the USA today.

          Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the largest sources of money for U.S. home loans, are a “major accident waiting to happen,” Greenspan said. “The solution” is the “nationalization” of the companies, he said.

          The above is from an article I found on Bloomberg.com and the URL for this story follows this article. Let me translate this for you and lets ask some questions about this astounding statement.  The solution for the insolvency of Fannie and Freddie, who fund half the mortgages in America, is for the US government, (Itself an insolvent entity) to take them over or nationalize them.  This would result in the bankers who created the subprime melt down to profit while transferring all the losses to the US tax payer.  This suggestion is coming to us from the former head of the Fed representing the Super-Rich of the West who loan us our own money at interest and who created inflation in the first place. It’s almost as if the Super Rich are saying to the government, eat these losses and back this debt or we will pull the rug on your own currency and you can take your chances in the anarchy to come.

          When the Super Rich through their representative, The Federal Reserve, save the day by loans to all our banks and financial companies who were insolvent because of the subprime mess, the Super Rich are going to want something in return for this bailout.  What do they want?  They want the governments of the West utterly dependant on them and they seem to want the government to adopt a socialist form thereby making the people dependant on the government who are in turn dependant on them.  In a word: they want control of the West.

               Through the Federal Reserve the Super Rich are taking us from citizens in our own country to employees in their transnational corporation.  They fund the western governments here and in Europe and in return these governments do a terrible job of giving us health care, pensions, housing, education, and so on. Our own politicians who are in bed with big money, big media, big business have essentially sold us to the real owners of the West’s Central Banks in a takeover so quiet yet so profound that most people haven’t got a clue.  Bankers created this crisis and condition by crazy loan practices over the last decade and Bigger Bankers are stepping in like Santa Claus to save us from the little bankers! It’s the fault of Little Bankers that the USA has been sold lock, stock and nuclear arsenal to the Big Bankers?  What do little bankers and big bankers have in common?  Banking!  We’ve been had.

          “It important that we focus on stabilizing the financial system,” Greenspan said. Policy makers also need to reconcile slowing economic growth with rising prices, he said. The U.S. faces “a very substantial change in the balance between growth and inflation,” Greenspan said.

          Translation: It’s important that we stabilize the mess made of the financial system by the Little Bankers, said the Big Banker for the Super Rich, and we need to understand that economic growth is being curtailed and much greater inflation is being induced in the world but especially in the USA. Why would the JP Morgan’s, the Rockefellers, the Rothschild’s, want to slow down the growth of the West and induce an obscene amount of inflation? I suspect it’s because they want the power to move to Europe whose governments and people have already been conditioned to accept the benevolent dictatorship of the Global Super Rich. 

In order to merge the USA into such a system the American people must conditioned to believe that their rights come from government not God.  The American People need to be conditioned by dependency on government to induce the apathy and docility necessary to turn the west into employees of the Super Rich rather than one nation under God. We’re heading into a manufactured crisis, designed and implemented by a cabal of Super Rich Families who control the money, for the purpose of a socialist messiah to save us by guaranteeing us security while facilitating the takeover of the Western Democracies by the Global Elite.  Its not just too many houses with a foreclosed sign on their front yard it’s the entire country and even democracy itself.  Just as the government failed to stop the immigration flood in the USA by refusing to enforce its own laws, government will not oppose the wave of nationalization and socialization that we’re just now seeing implemented.

          Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said falling U.S. home prices are “nowhere near the bottom” and the resulting market turmoil isn’t showing signs of abating.


          Translation:  The value of your homes is going to keep falling because we have a long way to go until the will of the American People is broken to the extent that they will celebrate and demand socialism and its attendant corporatism. The economic environment will continue to be plagued by turmoil and we the super rich, through the Fed, won’t be stopping until you adopt our agenda.  The west is to be a socialist entity, here and in Europe, and is to be ruled by the Super Rich because Darwin was right all along.  The Super Rich are the survivors and they have the right to make the decisions for the rest of us, by virtue of natural selection,  for our own good. That’s the only way the Earths problems can be addressed because democracy is too messy, too slow, and as you can see, to easy to subvert. The real power has spoken today through the mouth of Alan Greenspan and the message is that the financial crisis is not stopping anytime soon and wont until we hit a predetermined bottom set for us by the Super Rich Financial Families of the West.  I certainly take Greenspan at his word and I’ve no doubt that the next phase will be a new, New Deal that formalizes our becoming another self loathing, docile European state.


The Cycle of Government

The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history has been about 200 years.  During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

From bondage to spiritual faith;

From spiritual faith to great courage;

From courage to liberty;

From liberty to abundance;

From abundance to complacency;

From complacency to apathy;

From apathy to dependence;

From Dependence back into bondage

By Alexander Fraser Tytler (I think)



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