Postcards From the Edge: Malfeasance from Pelosi’s Politburo


               The Congress of Nancy Pelosi has proved itself to be a miserable failureby ignoring the pressing needs of the people who elected them. Democrat obstructionism on Energy Policy is harmfull to our country and our way of life.  When the going gets tough; Pelosi’s Politburo takes a nice long vacation apparently hoping that by the time they show up for work  maybe the problem of energy will have gone away. The Democrat party’s intransigence and refusal to compromise has destroyed any attempt at a rational energy policy for 30 years.   Now the country is broken and the Democrats are confronting the consequences of having prostituted itself with the hard core crazy environmentalist. What no foreign military could accomplish, the defeat of the USA, Democrat negligence of energy policy may well accomplish: the fall of America from superpower status.  Energy policy, in this case the lack of it, may well be the  bullet that destroys our place in the world,  our standard of living, and our children’s future for generations. The Democrats in Congress have the audacity to jeopardize our future by taking over a month of vacation while ordinary Americans cancel their vacations because they cant afford the gas.  Democrat Secular Humanists are determined to Save the Planet by refusing to allow a vote on drilling, for our own good of course. (And they say Obama has a grandiose self image.) 






               The same party that has assured us all these years that “Bush Lied and People Died” is lying to our face about their culpability in this energy debacle that could’ve been avoided if the Democrats had placed the country and our children’s future before their self aggrandizing ideology as saviors of Planet Earth. We’re in deep trouble now and Pelosi’s Politburo runs away when the people need them most, preferring to place their self esteemas Saviors of Earth, above our needs for housing and a job. The entire Democrat party owes it to the American People to do whatever is necessary to stimulate and encourage all forms of domestic energy production immediately. This includes DRILLING as well as conservation.  This craven and despicable abdication of The Nancy Pelosi Politburo, at a time when everyone in the country can see how appeasing the crazy environmentalists by never compromising has brought us all to the brink of disaster.  The fact of the matter is that this adjournment by congress in the face of a national emergency ,of their own creation,is negligence and incompetence on a scale unmatched in human history. For the Democrats not to take personal responsibility for this mess proves that ideology trumps not only what’s best for the country but the integrity of every sitting Democrat, especially the Speaker of the House: Comrade Pelosi.  It’s quite unsettling in these frightening times to conclude that our elected representatives in congress have added failure to do the nations business on energy policy to failure, and contempt for, the nation’s wishes on immigration policy. I think that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid should be in jail for the criminal incompetence necessary to go on vacation while our nation chokes to death on oil prices. What kind of people would do that?

               Many Republicans are still on the house floor begging for an up or down vote regarding domestic  drilling but this is not to the likening of Pelosi’s Politburo.  The vote to adjourn took place over the impassioned cries of the Republicans, who finally found some backbone, only to have the contemptible Pelosi turn off the microphones, the lights, and CSpan so that no one could hear them.  Pelosi’s Storm Troopers tried to clear the reporter’s gallery while more republicans came to the floor to demand sanity and basic competence from the shameful and cowardly DDemocrats.  Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Party have tried to suppress the free speech of elected representatives with whom they disagree in a move that would have made Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin proud. We’re one crisis away from a financial and national security meltdown that would make the great depression look like a folk dance.  Every single member of congress, regardless of party, owes it to the American People to join the Republicans in congress and demand that Congress reconvene.  Democrats are not the Saviors of the Earth they are the bane of the United States and its time to learn to compromise and act like adult Americans instead of running away.  May every politician who refuses to overcome their pride and mindless obedience to environmental extremists  be voted out in November.

               Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barak Obama, all these Democrat Leaders need to forswear arrogance and allow debate and a vote on domestic drilling and renounce high handed suppression tactics that have been directed at the Republicans.  I realize that the consequence of 30 years of being wrong on energy policy is a painful error to confront in one’s own party but I suggest Comrade Pelosi and her Fellow Travelers get over it and do their job while they still have one. Up until now, one may legitimately refused to fix the responsibility for the nations predicament, in the hopes of making it easier for the Democrats to compromise and help fix the mess they’ve made.  If the Democrats now arrogantly take over a month off while the nation hemorrhages dollars overseas it’s time to make the Democrats pay a horrific price at the polls in November.  I think the Democrats are so full of themselves, by now, that they simply aren’t capable of bipartisanship, not to mention rational and coherent thinking on anything!  Where is the leadership of Barak Obama?  Why is he hiding behind the pants suit of the Speaker while our country goes down the drain?  What’s going to happen to the nation if we don’t call our congressmen and demand that they get back to work and stay there until we’re doing everything we can to deal with this critical issue? Our country deserves better than Pelosi, Reid and Obama and if they continue to fail us we’ve got to get rid of them and find people who can do the job.  I fear that time has come.  Let Congress be warned that we the people are watching them and we don’t like what we’re seeing.  In the immortal words of Ronald Reagan:  GO AHEAD; MAKE MY DAY!


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