Vladimir Putin Has a 70% Approval Rating: Putin Is the New Mussolini of the 21st Century!

Russian Strongman Vladimir Putin is determined to restore Russia to superpower status and the means of his restoration is also the means of our downfall: Oil. In today’s world Oil is power and Putin figured it out some years ago as he took over for the drunken, clownish, Boris Yeltsin. The People of Russia prefer the predictability and prestige of the new Putin era and they’ve given astonishing approval to Putin’s Leadership and strategy for the direction of Russia.

Two years ago, Russia overtook Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest oil producer. With petroleum prices rising fivefold between 1998 and now, and the Putin administration effectively renationalizing the oil and gas industry, the Kremlin’s treasury is overflowing with cash.

By now, Russia has paid off its foreign loans. Its foreign exchange reserves are nearing $300bn. In the words of the Russian deputy prime minister, Sergei Ivanov, Russia’s resurgence as a great power is underscored by “sovereign democracy, a strong economy and military might”.

Russia is flushed with cash and clearly aiming to be the master of a new OPEC and I’m sure our friends the Russians would never take advantage of the West and its dependency on oil to achieve supreme power on Earth. The situation is not unlike the relationship between a junkie and his or her pusher.  The United States is addicted to foreign oil and our drug pusher is none other than Vladimir Putin and the Saudis. The United States is spending itself into receivership and becoming ever more socialist while the Russians have overtaken the Saudi’s in oil production and paid off all their debts.  Putin, like Hitler or Mussolini can make priorities and make progress while the US Congress bankrupts the nation while forbidding any rational energy policy to emerge. Russia has rediscovered fascism and like Mussolini before him the initial progress has been undeniably impressive and has gained the broad approval of the Russian people.

When choosing their priorities, 68% ticked “security”, 64% “housing”; and only 18% “free expression” with a measly 4% “free association”. As for national identity, 75% think of Russia “as a Eurasian state with its own path of development” whereas only 10% consider Russia as “part of the west with a vocation to move closer to Europe and America”.

While 58% of the respondents regard America as an unfriendly country, 45% think of the European Union “as a menace to Russia’s political independence”, and a threat to its financial and economic independence, and intent on imposing “its foreign culture on Russia

The Russian people seem to revel in the ability of Putin to act decisively on the world stage and to blend the comforting certainties of centralized government control of resources with the economic firepower of a market economy. (Sort of a rediscovered National Socialists Workers Party)  In comparison with a benign, at least for now, Putin; the governments of the west look weak, foolish, incompetent and lacking in national spirit and a sense of purpose.  Russia is going to get back all the Soviet States like Georgia and the Ukraine and neither the United States nor the European Union will do anything to stop them beyond a strongly worded diplomatic note.  This is a heady intoxicating brew for Russians who well remember the fall of the USSR and the ensuing chaos of the Yeltsin era. About 60% of the Russian people see the USA as an enemy and half of them think the European Union is a hindrance to their destiny.  The Russian people have seen the Western Democracies and they’ve made a choice to embrace the new fascism of Vladimir Putin rather than the mess and bother of democracy.

Most Russians associate the Yeltsin presidency with the debilitating loss of a welfare state, high unemployment and inflation, mass pauperization and gross inequality.

They find that Putin’s rule has restored a social order of rules and regulation, and provided them with security and predictability. The post-Soviet constitution, with its provisions for regular elections for the president and parliament, remains intact.

How do we find ourselves in a world where the Russians are rich and we’re broke. We’re dependant on recourses the Russians are the Arabs control while any attempt at producing our own oil and breaking the dependence is derailed by our own congress and its prostitution to the radical environmental lobby. In others words we’re the ones paralyzed by our own moronic ideology while the Russians are free to act quickly and decisively to enhance and expand the self imposed slavery of the West.  A few weeks ago congress had a 9% approval rating and President Bush has been in the twenties for years while the Russian People give Putin a 70% approval rating. Russia is securing its place in the world to come by becoming the leader of the Oil Producing Countries and is actively courting the oil rich countries of the Middle East even as crazed Islamic terrorists take any opportunity to do us harm.  For all intents and purposes the Russian Government works and ours is bankrupt, mired in corruption so deep that political gridlock has become the new normal. What happened?

So Russia is rapidly regaining its superpower status while we have any number of economic threats that could easily cost us our superpower status.  The Russians have exploited their own resources and surpassed the Saudis’ in oil production and generated tremendous wealth that has been harnessed to erase their debt and make them an economic force. Our congress, Pelosi’s Politburo, is on vacation for over a month without allowing anyone to do anything to alleviate our dependence of foreign oil. Russia is independent while we are beholding to Arabs and the Chinese for our way of life and we tremble at the thought that the Arabs oil might be disrupted or that the Chinese might stop buying our insane debt. The Russians have a strong, virile leader with a 70% approval rating while we have a socialist messiah named Obama who thinks he can change the world with a well delivered speech. The Russians know where they’re going and we seem to be going nowhere fast. 

We in the west need to wake up and smell the petrol. We live in a dangerous world and if we don’t act to check the ambitions of Putin as we once did with the Soviets we’re going to find ourselves extinct in the not too distant future.  Russia is very different today and we ignore that fact at our peril. The quotes in this article were drawn from an article in the Guardian and the URL follows.




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