Overplaying its Hand: The New USSR Chooses Pariah Status


With what Russian President Dmitry Medvedev says, and five bucks, you can get a happy meal at the Moscow McDonalds.  It would seem that the new President of Russia is a liar at best and a hapless pawn of the real power in Russia: Vladimir Putin, at worst.   I find it fascinating that Medvedev was made such a fool of, with not even the pretence of an effort made to obey his “order” for the Russian Armed Forces to cease offensive operations.  Once again Putin is sending a Soviet style message that while Medvedev has the title of “President” and a nice office: if you want to talk to the Russian government you talk to Putin.  Medvedev is a cutout with no power who allows Putin to circumvent the constitution and effectively turn Russia back into a dictatorship.  If Putin is true to his Soviet KGB roots then the hapless Medvedev has one use left: if Putin needs a scapegoat it’s clear that Medvedev will exchange his office for the gulag or perhaps the hangman’s noose.

Had the Russians honored the word of their “President” the Russians would have achieved a political and propaganda victory of historic proportions but, in typical Soviet style, they overplayed their hand. Putin will find that lying to the West about ceasefires will be as big a geopolitical defeat for him as Stalingrad was a military defeat for Adolf Hitler.  He had a chance to have gotten everything his KGB heart desires, but by continuing to attack, he resurrected, and assumed the mantle of, The Evil Empire.  The economic cost of this mistake is a profound error on Putin’s part because even as his stock market tanks, one can sense investment funds that otherwise would have gone to Russia, taking a giant step back.  Only a fool sits at a table with a dictator, there’s simply no profit in it. Dictators don’t have a stable market and dictators don’t play by the rules and that’s bad for the bottom line.  All Putin had to do was honor the word of his puppet “president” and he could have sent his message and avoided the economic consequences but in demonstrating the impotence of Medvedev ;he’s misjudged the West’s response.

Today we live in a world that’s dependant on a recourse ruled by the Evil Empire and the Islamic Fundamentalists: and that’s a rude awakening indeed! Putin has taken Russia from Communist to Fascist but he still has a bad habit of assuming that real power is military power, as per his communist training.  This is where he learns the lesson that real power is economic.  Only a fool would depend on Russian oil because it’s just a tool to blackmail your nation at the whim of the Russian Fuehrer, Vladimir Putin.  In Germany they’re waking up to the idea that the new Fuehrer has a stranglehold on the German future via their growing dependence on Russian supplied energy products.  All across Europe a feeling of unease grows that the Evil Empire is once again on their doorstep, snarling and snapping at passersby, and sooner or later Europe is going to have to stand up to Putin or accept his hegemony.  The Soviets of history were outrageous liars and it’s disheartening indeed to discover that the new Russian “President” is likewise a liar.  If only the world had gotten Vladimir Putin to order a cease fire!  If Putin had said to the military: Stop fighting, than I have no doubt he would have been obeyed. 

Today the USA is back in talks with the Polish Government over locating some anti missile systems in their country.  The Polish are demanding addition military aid to enhance their security because, like everyone else, the fear of Russia has become a palpable force in European life once again.  Today, as in the past, the Europeans look to NATO to keep the peace but the best days of NATO is clearly behind it.  Europe has some experience of what economic unity can do to vastly improve their lives and they need a similar united European Military that can replace the failing NATO alliance.  So as the Poles talk missile shields to the Americans; the French and the Germans are congratulating each other for having opposed Fast Track NATO Membership for Georgia and the Ukraine. The Germans and the French assume they would have been at war this week instead of assuming that NATO membership, and the certainty of war with the West, would have deterred Putin from his actions against Georgia. The Polish have faith in a Missile shield, Western Europe has faith in NATO, America has faith in Obama, and the Russians trust only in the power of oil and the barrel of a gun.

The Evil Empire is once again the Pariah State it used to be and there is a comforting familiarity with Russian enmity; but the West can only handle so many problems at a time.  The Western World now faces the resurgence of a Russian dictatorship using a variation of Fascism that has made it more powerful than ever.  This Neo-Fascist –Putin-State is working to control as much as it can of world petroleum resources while helping Iran join the nuclear club.  America is about to elect our first outright socialist and I suspect that none of the worlds dirt bags will be particularly afraid of Obama.  The Economy of the West and the Reserve Currency of the planet, the US Dollar, is on life support along with the rest of the financial industry. The Chinese have created a weird crazy marriage of capitalism and communism that funds the American debt and lavish spending, while working feverishly on a nice looking Olympics and a Military and ASAT and CYBER weaponry aimed right at the United States of America.  We face the Russians and the Chinese who are flush with cash; and in Russians case, Oil; while we are drowning in  debt, strangling on energy prices, begging our vacationing politburo to let us drill,  being overrun by aliens, mocked for our war on Islamic terror, and are more divided than at any time in our history.  It doesn’t take a genius to realize that the Russians and the Chinese are surging in power while the West is in the throes of suicide as our democracy flounders and our will fades. We know the Evil Empire is back: the question is; when will we be back?


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