21st Century Interregnum: Georgia is Americas “Suez Crisis”

            Nature abhors a vacuum and it’s clear that the Americans are unable to project enough power to dissuade Russia from reacquiring the former Soviet States.  The American response has been to send a few planeloads of tents and supplies to the Georgian Capital and Secretary of State Condi Rice will be stopping by later. We’ve made it perfectly clear to the Russians not to interfere with our deliveries of tents, chemical toilets, and MRE’s. Certainly they would never dare flatten Tbilisi while Condi has a confab with the Georgian President!  This is the extent of the American Response and the NATO response has been everything one would expect of the United Nations: Nothing.  The EU response has been to send the indefatigable and glamorous French President Nicolas Sarkozy to broker a peace deal that was violated as it was being agreed to. The EU, like Russia, seems to have always assumed the 15 former Soviet States as remaining in the Russian Sphere of influence and the fiasco in Georgia will serve to both underling and finalize that concession for all to see. Simply stated: Europe and NATO don’t care to intervene and have made that clear to everyone; while the USA is not able to intervene, without help from NATO.  We should take our tents back while we can because if we don’t they’ll just be redistributed to the Russian army. Russia has invaded Georgia in 2008 and no one in the world is willing or able to do more than a few weak protests.  The last great superpower, The Untied States of America, has fallen from world leadership and a sense of wonder and pride now pervades the Kremlin of Vladimir Putin.

Consider this article I found on Wicapedia as I refreshed my memory on the Suez Crisis of 1956:

The Suez Crisis

Britain’s limitations were very publicly exposed to the world by the Suez Crisis of 1956, in which the United States and the Soviet Union opposed the British, French and Israeli intervention in Egypt. The British Prime Minister, Anthony Eden, had infuriated his US counterpart, President Dwight D. Eisenhower, by his lack of consultation, and Eisenhower refused to back the invasion. Another of Eisenhower’s concerns was the possibility of a wider war with the Soviet Union after Nikita Khrushchev threatened to intervene on the Egyptian side……….

               Not to put too fine a point on it but the Georgian President responded to Russian provocations without prior consultation with the West resulting is a passivism from Europe and impotence from an unprepared and over committed America. Our primary focus is the War on Terror, the Energy Crisis, The Financial Crisis, The Iraq War, The Presidential Elections, and the upcoming attack by Israel on Iran.  The United States is tapped out.  I think President Bush recognizes the situation and the danger of letting Russia get away with this Georgia invasion but what can he do?

Eisenhower applied financial leverage by threatening to sell US reserves of the British pound and thereby precipitate a collapse of the British currency. Though the invasion force was militarily successful in its objective of recapturing the Suez Canal, UN intervention and US pressure forced Britain into a very humiliating withdrawal of its forces.

                     Putin has lots of oil and he has friends who can be persuaded to sell off dollars and freeze up oil production.  He has the means and the willingness to destroy the American Economy and the Dollar within a month or two if he so choses.  With the size of our national debt and the clear vulnerability of the United States to disruptions in the oil market, Vladimir Putin is in position to win any exchange between the US and Russia.  Clearly Stated:  PUTIN HAS GEORGIA AND THERE’S NOTHING THE UNITED STATES CAN DO ABOUT IT ANYMORE!  Even now I’m sure the Kremlin is dropping hints as to the consequences of trying to freeze Russia out of anything and by now our elected representatives in Washington are seeing just how powerless and weak we’ve become over our national dept and oil dependence.  Getting off foreign oil and halting the spending spree in Washington has now become as clear a threat to national security as terrorism or nuclear proliferation.  To quote James Carville, the campaign strategist of the impeached former president Clinton: “It’s the economy, Stupid!”

The Suez Crisis confirmed Britain’s decline on the world stage, and demonstrated that henceforth it could no longer act without at least the acquiescence, if not the full support, of the United States.[54][55] The events at Suez wounded British national pride, leading one MP to describe it as “Britain’s Waterloo[56] and another to suggest that the country had become an “American satellite“.[57] Margaret Thatcher later described the mindset she believed had befallen the British political establishment as “Suez syndrome”,[58] from which Britain did not recover until the successful recapture of the Falkland Islands from Argentina in 1982.

                   NATO has become a joke, like the UN, and without the full support of NATO we cant effectively intervene in Georgia.  We are over extended and the lame duck Bush cant rally world leaders sufficiently to give Russia a moment of pause.  Even if we could the Russians have the power to destroy the western economies at its whim and that’s a power we dare not misjudge because the cost will be our freedom and way of life.  I’ve read that the Europeans and the American are telling the Russian that it’s not 1958 and they can’t stay in Georgia.  I don’t know how the Russians are managing to keep a straight face but in the interests of common decency they should inform the Europeans and Americans that its 1956 and Pax Americana has officially ended.  Didn’t the West get the memo?


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