The Gathering Storm: Iran’s Satellite Launch Ensures an Attack

It’s not just Russian’s behaving badly, it’s our old friend Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who set off a big firecracker and sent a “satellite carrier” into space with a spiffy new missile that represents a dangerous escalation in Iran’s Missile capabilities.  Apparently Ahmadinejad could not contain himself from demonstrating this new capability for all the world to see.  Ahmadinejad has an almost childlike exuberance for developing technology that’s primary mission is to kill lots of human beings.  The Iranian President is chasing the illusion of power by joining the nuclear club and its almost comical how ignorant he seems to be of how his own posturing, and past genocidal statements, guarantee that his nuclear program will be stopped by force.  While Mahmoud was flushed with pride launching his fake satellite its comical how he badly undercut his principal ally, Vladimir Putin, by demonstrating the need for a missile defense system lest a rogue nation launch a nuke.  Putin and Ahmadinejad are certainly a political odd couple but who knew they could be as entertaining as Laurel and Hardy?


The head of Iran’s aerospace program qualified Tehran’s earlier announcement that its first home-made communications was launched Sunday, Aug. 17. Reza Taghizadeh said: “The Safir satellite carrier was launched today and for the first time we successfully launched a dummy satellite into orbit…..” DEBKAfile reports form one Iranian source that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad personally recited the countdown.


Both Saudi Arabia and Egypt tried to dissuade the irascible Ahmadinejad from launching this satellite and giving the Israelis and the Americans all the pretext they need to step in and reduce the Iranian Nuclear Program to smoldering ruins, but the warnings were to no avail.  Now most of the Gulf and Islamic nations in the region are grimly preparing for the attack on Iran that almost certainly must follow.  Even Kuwait placed its military on alert lest the Iranians take a shot at them when war breaks out.  Apparently the United States and Israel were caught off guard by the satellite launch because it was not believed that Iran was close to satellite launch capability.  Doubtless there were some red faces in Washington and Tel Aviv over this genuine surprise by the Iranians. 

I’m sure that the launch of the missile, in the mind of Ahmadinejad, was intended as a deterrent to Israel and America, intended to demonstrate Iranian capabilities that were previously unknown.  This was the same thinking the Americans used when we tried to denture further Japanese aggression before World War II when we moved our fleet from San Diego to Pearl Harbor Hawaii.  Far from being deterred the Japanese saw this move as a clear threat to their interests and began planning a sneak attack against Pearl Harbor at once.  In a similar vain the Iranians have ensured that a likely attack on their nuclear assets is now as much a certainty as such things can be.  This is a grave development and a clear and present danger to much of the world. 


The scare was fed by the impending arrival of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, the USS Ronald Reagan, and the USS Iwo Jima in the Persian Gulf to reinforce the US strike forces in the region, as first revealed by DEBKAfile on August 11.

They are to join the USS Abraham Lincoln, which is patrolling the Arabian Sea opposite Iran, and the USS Peleliu, on beat in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. This deployment would be the largest naval task force the US and its allies had massed in the region since the 1991 Gulf War.

A US Pentagon spokesman last week denied that these forces were gathering to impose a partial naval blockade on Iran, but declined to disclose their mission.

I suppose one could contend that the arrival of the Roosevelt, the Reagan, the Iwo Jima, and the Lincoln could be a coincident but I think not.  President Bush is said to be determined to do some of the “heavy lifting” for the new president before he leaves office and a reckoning with Iran may well be the last big priority on his “TO DO” list.  Iran with a nuclear bomb and advanced rocket technology is an anathema for all the Western Democracies and if Bush were to turn their nuclear program into a smoking crater in the sand: I think he could live with that.  I don’t think Bush would care how much abuse the democrats heaped on him.  Iran has been behind much of Israel’s security problems, it’s been behind much of our problems in Iraq, and Iran’s threats to the world’s main petroleum sea way threaten the economy of the world.  A humiliating defeat dealt to Iran’s Nuclear Program might even effect regime change and if more moderate forces came to power in Iran it would be a vast improvement for peace and security in the mid east.  There is nothing to lose by making an attack on Iran and a terrible, almost unspeakable, risk in not attacking them.  Maybe all those American Aircraft Carrier Groups are there to sell Girl Scout cookies to the Saudis?  The Saudi king is rumored to have something of a sweet tooth but if all those carriers come bearing gifts I suspect the recipient will be Iran. 

Check out the following Links at the Debka File:


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