A Feckless NATO and a Cringing EU: Trying to Chastise Russia Using Only Empty Rhetoric and Dr. Spock


There is a certain grim humor inherent in watching Baby Boomers, in various government organizations, on both sides of the Atlantic, trying to persuade the Russian Strongman Vladimir Putin to stop raping Georgia.  The generation raised under the permissive ministering of Dr. Benjamin Spock, toe to toe with real “absolute power” in the form of Vladimir Putin, trying to reason in friendly fashion with a childlike beast. After the war and bloodshed of the Twentieth Century; the Europeans have finally conquered their thirst for conquest and empire;  only to find their nations overrun by Islamic Immigrants, and the reemergence of Russia bent on the reconstitution of the Soviet empire.



Europeans have surrendered their fate to socialist elites whose social programs have reared a continent of frightened children who would rather whistle in the dark than deal with what monsters may come in the glare of noonday sun.  Hiding from problems is not an effective strategy for solving problems.  You can’t simply appease the Neo Fascist Russian monster now feeding on the blood of Georgians because the monsters appetite is never satisfied.  In closing the curtains while Georgia is being brutally attacked you haven’t solved the problem; you’ve hidden from it.  The only courage in Europe is in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet States whose gestures of defiance are destine to blow up in their face while Western European Boomers try to “influence” an increasingly out of control Russia.


Allied and Georgian officials say Russian troops remain in control of about a third of Georgia, including the Black Sea port of Poti and the central city of Gori, in defiance of a cease-fire agreement signed Aug. 16.

Masha Lipman, a political analyst at the Moscow Carnegie Center, said that while there has been “no shortage of rhetoric” from U.S. officials “there doesn’t seem to be any effective leverage that the West can use” to force a Russian withdrawal. “This conflict has clearly shown the limits of American influence and power,” she said.


The European elites have tried vacant multiculturalism to deal with the immigration waves that are steadily eroding their culture, and now the elites seem to be trying Outcome Based Education on Russian Expansionism.  They seem to be saying that they can understand some of what Vladimir doesn’t like about Georgia and freedom but can we think of an answer that might be even more correct then assimilating, by force, states with whom we disagree?



Is it possible to tell Russia to get out of Georgia immediately while affirming Russia’s  unique personhood, enhancing Russian self esteem, and refusing to be insensitive to Russian cultural affinity for dictators?  Will Russia come to respect and understand the higher purpose of the European Elites as it works through Fascism and Militarism and seeks to become spineless and vapid, but with a more evolved sensibility, like Europe?  Europe and NATO have had almost a friendly response to Russian Militarism very much in the vein of the psychobabble first promulgated by Dr. Spock.  What is the rape of Georgia but an opportunity to patiently explain and describe a better way of national conduct and the path toward a true utopia where no one is punished and everyone is affirmed?  Isn’t that what we all want?


Far from pulling out, the Russian military is sharpening its threat to Georgia. It has moved more than a dozen SS-21 missile launchers into the pro-Russia breakaway region of South Ossetia, according to a senior U.S. defense official who spoke on condition of anonymity. This may put the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, in range of the missiles, which can fly as far as 75 miles (120 kilometers), according to the Federation of American Scientists’ Web site.


The tenor of diplomacy today seem bent on displaying the displeasure of the West in ways that enhance and affirm Russian self esteem.  The strategy of not inflaming the situation by making a big thing of Russia trying to assimilate her neighbors won’t be made better by threats that might only escalate the situation.  It’s not that Georgia and Poland and Ukraine have the right to expect Western support simply because they are in the right and Russia is in the wrong; it’s that we don’t want to make Russia mad until it figures out that peace is better than war.  We don’t want to extend NATO membership to people like Georgia and Ukraine, who really need it, because that might damage the Russians Self Esteem causing them to “act out” by concurring even more former Soviet States.  We don’t want to deny Russia membership in the WTO (World Trade Organization) because not talking to nations with whom we disagree is counterproductive because it fails to draw them into a global identity. 



It’s just like the kid who draws all over the walls with his permanent magic marker; you don’t have to damage his self esteem by “punishment” all you have to do is express your disappointment and the problem will resolve itself.  This is how we do things in the new world order!  Punishment is out and dialog is in!  Russia will rejoin the civilized world when it sees that it has nothing to fear from the West and, to that end, the empty rhetoric of NATO and America has made great strides.  Vladimir Putin is full of self esteem, so is Russia, and it’s never been more clear how little fear they have of the West. 


The U.S. declined to push for putting NATO membership for Georgia or Ukraine, another former Soviet republic, on a fast track, and French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said the European Union wouldn’t reconsider its support for Russia’s bid to join the World Trade Organization. NATO earlier this year offered the two countries the possibility of eventual membership.


Check out this story at Bloomberg.com:  http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601087&sid=awoVPr85pSJ0&refer=home


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