Change you can believe in: USA avoids docking aid ships in Occupied Poti



It would seem the Bush Administration had second thoughts about sending our aid laden warships into  occupied Poti and instead opted to have them dock at Batumi. The mission to sail our ships to Potti apparently went through several changes of destination before the confrontational move was reconsidered.  One can only wish to have been a fly on the wall as the military leaders and the politicians debated the pros and cons of such a move and the reason why they decided to stand down before the forces of the enraged Strongman Vladimir Putin.  Just what sort of signals did the resurgent Russian Empire send to Washington to prompt them to reverse itself so many times about the destination of this humanitarian aid?  Here are some quotes from and a story on Associated Press this morning and to me it paints quite a picture of the brave new world Putin is building.

BATUMI, Georgia (AP) — A U.S. military ship carrying humanitarian aid docked at the Georgian Black Sea port of Batumi on Wednesday, avoiding the port of Poti, which is still controlled by Russian forces.

The U.S. embassy changed its version of events several times in the last 24 hours. At first, it announced Tuesday that its aid ship would dock Wednesday at Poti. Then early Wednesday, the embassy said that plans had changed, and the ship would dock at Batumi.

Later in the day, the U.S. Embassy retracted its earlier statement that an aid ship would dock in Poti. The spokesperson would not allow their name to be used.

“The decision of where to send aid was made at the highest level of the Pentagon and the only decision was to send it to Batumi,” a U.S. Embassy spokesman said on condition of not being further identified.

If our sailors were being sent into this tense environment without proper support, if the Russians decided to start firing on US warships, than I applaud the move to divert these vessels away from certain defeat.  Assuming Russia indicated its willingness to block our arrival at this port and to destroy the ships if we didn’t respect their blockade, I would very much like to know why we didn’t have sufficient forces to back up our words and what genius planned this ill advised mission. This mission should never have been announced if we didn’t have the muscle to carry it out.   Who came up with this idiotic stunt and when can we expect their resignation?  If you say something to a war crazed Russian Strongman: you better deliver, lest the Strongman be encouraged by our stupidity, and feel emboldened to push even further.  In the words of the Cuban Missile Crisis of long ago:  “We were eyeball to eyeball, and the other fellow just blinked.”  The only problem is that we’re doing all the blinking and the Russians are coming off as an invincible machine of fate with ever increasing powers to intimidate their neighbors with the slightest gesture.  This sort of thing can’t continue if anyone on Earth is serious about trying to stop the reacquisition of the Soviet Empire by the new, much stronger, Russian Fascist Empire.

The Russians have all the subtlety of a belch in church with the targeting of the oil pipeline and their willingness to use oil as leverage against the Western Democracies.  This is the Achilles heal and the true legacy of the worst generation, the baby boomers, who derailed any attempt at a rational energy policy for thirty years because the legislation never achieved its uncompromising standards of environmental perfection.  Our posturing as “hip environmentalists” has endangered our national security and our way of life and the Russians may be using our folly to crush the fledgling democracies that became independent with the fall of the Soviet Union. Becoming dependant on Islamic nations and totalitarian leaning nations like Russia was a huge mistake.  Opening up our mouth about delivering aid to the port of Poti and then chickening out is a huge mistake.  Thinking that the Russians will not be using oil as a club to beat us into submission is a big mistake.  Thinking that the Arab oil rich nations are not in admiration of what Russia is doing to us is a big mistake.  The Arabs will be only too willing to join Russia in beating up the West in general, and America in particular, with great glee. The Russians are showing the Arabs how to slap around the “Great Satin “and the Arabs are loving every minute of it. Consider these quotes from World Net Daily this morning:

Putin, while denying claims that he targeted pipelines, is having a hard time selling that to the international community. The Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline carries oil that is headed for the West to the Mediterranean Sea, much of that oil finds its way to America.

The fact that strategic oil pipelines were targeted is a clear indication that Putin is willing to use the strained oil markets as political leverage in defeating the Georgians. Russians fight wars to win.

Russia is one of the strong voices telling the world to leave Iran alone in its pursuit of nuclear capacity. Russia provides nuclear technology and material to Iran’s nuclear program. Iran is a good customer.

The Western Democracies are in an unfavorable position and are shockingly unprepared for both petroleum warfare and the burgeoning alliance between Russia and the Middle East, under Russian leadership, in which oil becomes the talisman to break American power.  Europe is in denial about Russia’s ultimate intentions and America is being blackmailed with petroleum while Pelosi’s Politburo, remains gridlocked.  Russia has found the secret to controlling the United States and incidents like the aborted showdown in the Georgian occupied port of Poti only serve to underline our impotence and helplessness.  The United States has been very successful over the years and we have many enemies who envy our success; we can’t afford to advertise our weakness like this.  We need a well thought out energy policy and an equally well thought out Russian policy and we need it now.  And when they’re done with that; an economic policy that removes the insidious powers of the Federal Reserve would be nice too. 

We’re in disillusioning times and the fragility of our freedom is being unmasked daily, in a downright Biblical way, as Putin does a good job of impersonating “Gog” and the Islamic powers are inexorably drawn into the Russian “sphere of influence”.  Our support of Israel is a thorn in the side of the entire world, if the UN is to be accepted as an indicator of such things.  American culture had degenerated to incivility and an arbitrary rejection of logic and reason as the basis for good argument and the foundation of rational opinions.  Ideology and the cult of self image seems to inform the political behaviors of half the nation while threats to our way of life multiply. We have all the unity of today’s democrat party as multiculturalism has made any assimilation into American Culture a legally actionable civil rights issue. 

If disillusionment can have an advantage it must be a return to valuing the truth over our ideology and self discipline instead of our self destructive national policies.  There is great hope in seeing the truth of how our dependence on foreign oil has led to the difficulties we face and as we begin again to insist on greater truth about ourselves and the world.  When we’re determined to discover and act on the truth we return to the values that made the nation great.  Once we face ourselves, and how far we’ve strayed from the path our founders laid out for us, we have the capacity to regain our strength and correct our mistakes.  I can only hope that the fiasco in Georgia will help us begin that process because the time is short and the stakes are high.

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One response to “Change you can believe in: USA avoids docking aid ships in Occupied Poti

  1. The next provocation of Russia might be the one we all regret – this is the Cuban missile crisis all over again only this time it is the US banging its shoe on the table and threatening to bury the Russians with missiles in Poland. I don’t think it very smart to back the Russians into a corner.

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