The Gospel According to Pelosi: Only a Racist, Sexist, Homophobe Would Claim to Know the Truth!



My heart goes out to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as she forgot which congregation she was preaching too when she exposed her fundamentalist progressivism at the expense of her “ardent Christianity.” Modern “Progressivism”, Liberalism, Socialism; whatever you want to call it, is similar to organized religion in so many ways it’s not difficult to understand how the Speaker of the House could confuse a Progressive Sacrament for basic Christianity. Both churches have strong opinions on the issue of abortion. Perhaps her breathless anticipation of the renewal of the democrat parties covenant with women to be able to kill their kids up to and now including birth, clouded her judgment.  Perhaps the prospect of consummating the Democrat Party’s anointing of Barak Obama, in the Temple of Obama as Invesco Field in Denver is now being called, caused her to misspeak. Either way I’m sorry, as an American, that the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives looked as stupid as she did when she declared that her extensive knowledge of the “doctors of the church” caused her to conclude that the church was confused on when life begins.

The church didn’t seem to be amused as they corrected the errant Speaker on one of the basic tenants of her church, assuming she really is Christian, and not a Progressive Humanist Obmananon. The Catholic Church bravely corrected the Speaker, publicly, while she seemed shocked that they would dare correct her: and then she challenged the authority of the church as she stood by her conclusions that the church is confused about when life begins. It seems to me that the doctrine of papal infallibility has been co-opted by the Progressive Humanist Church of the Obamanon as they hand down theological dictums that cannot be questioned.  Abortion is good because we can’t tell when a baby is really alive.  Clearly this may have been written by the finger of Obama himself as the beginning of a new 10 commandments for the 21st century. The Speaker certainly seems to think that this dictum constitutes words to live by.  (Unless you’re a product of conception of course.aka. POC) Perhaps Obama himself will explain when life begins at his replica of an ancient Greek temple where he intends to accept the accolades and the nomination of the Democrat party.  After all if a political party is going to hand down a Godlike opinion on when life begins, they might as well do it at a pagan temple right?  I wish someone would ask Speaker Pelosi if the fake Temple of Delphi, where Obama will deliver his valedictory, looks like a typical Christian church to her?  I dare not guess at her answer.

Clearly the Speaker of the House is indeed an ardent Christian and an active, practicing member of her church.  Who among us can call her a liar for saying the Catholic Church is confused on when life begins?  Let she who is without sin throw the first stone; because when we discern between  good and evil or truth and falsehood we’re nessisarily making a judgement.  We can’t judge.  That’s in the bible.  “Judge not lest yea be judged” is certainly in the Bible.   So we can’t call her an outright liar for being an ardent Catholic who believes the church can’t determine when life begins because that would violate a fundamental tenant of Christianity; like “thou shalt not kill,” for example. Nancy Pelosi would further teach the Body of Christ that we’re to be powerless in the face of moral questions because to resolve an issue of morality fundamentally requires us to make a Judgment about right and wrong or truth and a lie.  I guess the moral of this Pelosi display of theological acumen is best summed up by another dictum that may have been written by the finger of Obama: Moral Paralysis is good because judging between good and evil should only be done by the Party which is Multicultural, the ultimate source of truth. After all, has not Obama taught us that; all truth is socially created?  To insist on absolute truth is racist because all societies conceive truth in their own image and these crazy attempts to impose our morality on others should be aborted at once.

I guess the only question left for Speaker Pelosi to resolve is if the child gets aborted before the truth, or the truth gets aborted before the baby. I would ask the officials of the Catholic Church but in the Gospel of the Church of Progressivism, they’re too confused by the issue to offer an appropriate rebuttal to the speaker of the House: St. Pelosi the Obamanon!

I guess I should go to confession for writing this….  Of course my confessor may then have to go to confession because of this……. And so on.   And so on.

One response to “The Gospel According to Pelosi: Only a Racist, Sexist, Homophobe Would Claim to Know the Truth!

  1. Great blog. In the near-immortal words of a recent president (whom I shall not name, for in so doing it might seem I miss him): I feel your pain.

    After 33 years in evangelical Protestant churches, I was received into the Catholic Church a few years ago. Yes, and oh how I miss the great and challenging messages of my former pastors. However, because of my theological training, I lead an adult Bible study for members of our parish. We do something kind of old fashioned. We study the Bible. We reference the Cathechism. We reference the Saints’ writings. But we study the Bible, verse by verse, sometimes word by word. It is like a breath of fresh air for me.
    Thanks for writing your blog.


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