The Prolog for World War III: Russia and Israel Setting the Stage


The Russian Front

The New Russian Empire was flushed with pride as it announced the successful test of The RS-12M Topol Stealth nuclear capable missile with a range of about 6125 miles and sporting a 550 kiloton warhead capable of laying waste to a radius of about 14 miles. It now appears that the arsenal of the late Soviet Union has fallen into the hands of a totalitarian dictator who must be counted among the new axis of evil.  True to form the Russians are proud of testing this horrific devise and evidently savoring the fear that such a test engenders among the civilized world. The sickening feeling of having entered a new cold war is now eclipsed by the sickening feeling that the Russian quest for empire will be a driving force in the world for an unknown period of time an may be humanities downfall.  If anyone harbored doubts that Putin’s actions were misunderstood or the result of a miscalculation let them reflect on the testing of a stealth nuclear missile designed to defeat defensive systems such as the one proposed for Poland.  Consider some quotes from an article in the British Paper, The Sun


RUSSIA last night provoked fresh fears of a Cold War by boasting it has tested a new long-range nuclear missile.

Moscow’s military chiefs revealed their Topol intercontinental stealth rocket had been fired successfully.

The chilling declaration was aimed at sparking international alarm about the conflict in the Caucasus, diplomats claimed.


The Bible predicts the rise of a Russian Strongman who it calls “Gog” in the last days and that Gog will form an alliance with Iran and most of the Islamic powers of the Middle East.  Gog is actually a title, not a racial or tribal reference, and it denotes a term of leadership like De Fuhrer or Ill Duce.  Gog literally means summate of the mountain and this leader will lead the Russian lead and presumably Russian equipped coalition against Israel in the last days. While speculation about who might be “Gog” or who might be the “Antichrist” is inherently dangerous, its impossible to avoid the conclusion that Vladimir Putin is behaving in a way quite consistent with “Gog” as predicted in the Bible.  Once again, every generation felt its living in the last days and any speculation that Putin might be Gog must be seen in that light but the pieces do seem to fit rather well.

1.     Vladimir Putin has clearly cast off democracy for a system including elements of dictatorship and fascism that some have described as corporatism.  Business and government in bed together with a strongman to set goals and focus the national will.

2.     Vladimir Putin who stepped down as President of Russia is still obviously calling the Shots and the new president is clearly a place holder of sorts

3.     Vladimir Putin has actively been involved in transferring nuclear technology to Iran and in protecting Iran while it pursues its own nuclear weapons.  Iran is ancient Persia, who is prominently mentioned, with Gog as a participant in the last day’s coalition army that will attack Israel in the last days.

4.     Vladimir Putin has been clearly warning everyone off an attack on Iran’s nuclear program and has done everything it can to buy Iran time to join the nuclear club.

5.     Vladimir Putin is likely to react rather badly when the Iranian Nuclear program is taken out in the coming days. While all the pieces for Armageddon are clearly NOT in place this attack will doubtless draw Iran, the Islamic Middle East and Russia more closely together.  Such an attack may well plant the seed of Armageddon and when it occurs its possible that the limited use of Weapons of Mass Destruction may be used.

6.     Vladimir Putin is not being kicked out of Georgia by the US or NATO and clearly Moscow has won this opening bid to reclaim the Soviet Empire.  One can’t imagine NATO or the USA raising a finger as the Russians quietly force the old alliance back together.  If Georgia is the template it’s clear that NATO will talk with much sound and fury that will signify nothing.

7.     Vladimir Putin will use, I think successfully, divisions in NATO to avoid most of the sanctions now being discussed as a response to Georgia.

8.     Vladimir Putin will use the Iran Crisis to increase its influence over the Middle East and the Petroleum Recourses it contains.  It’s clearly Russian policy to become the new Oil Czar of the world and thus achieve world domination.


The Middle Eastern Front

As if the specter of Vladimir Putin playing with Stealth Nuclear Missiles was not enough to ruin our day I found the lead story in the Jerusalem Post quite instructive.  It says that Israel has made a decision that no matter the consequences and with whatever it takes the Israeli’s policy that Iran can’t have nuclear weapons. They will act alone to stop it if they have to. Consider some excerpts from the story in the Jerusalem Post this morning.


Israel will not agree to allow Iran to achieve nuclear weapons and if the grains start running out in the proverbial egg timer, Jerusalem will not hesitate to take whatever means necessary to prevent Iran from achieving its nuclear goals, the government has recently decided in a special discussion.

Because of Israel’s lack of strategic depth, Jerusalem has consistently warned over the past years it will not settle for a ‘wait and see’ approach and retaliate in case of attack, but rather use preemption to prevent any risk of being hit in the first place.

In related news, Israel Radio reported that Iran has finished installing an additional 4,000 centrifuges in the Natanz uranium enrichment facility. The Islamic Republic also announced it will install an additional 3,000 centrifuges in coming months.

If you get right down to it, Israel is such a small country that if anyone lands the first nuclear bomb on them the war is over and so is the nation of Israel.  This is not a frivolous policy position because Israel simply can’t afford to be hit at all. Israel has no choice but to remove the threat of an Iranian Nuclear Weapon before it becomes an actual nuclear weapon. At the end of the day its just that simple.  The time for the West to stop this by diplomacy and sanctions has largely been squandered and now the Israeli’s are sending a clear message of their intentions.  Israel is in no position to bluff.  War is coming unless the West finds a way to neutralize Iran’s nuclear program fast.  The question is: How much time is left before Israel strikes?  Once again time will tell.


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