Change” or “Chains”: Our Enslavement to the Two Party Myth

The conventions are over and the race is down to a couple months and at last we will know the successor to President George W. Bush! The mere thought of the end of campaign season sends tingles down my leg and I thank my messiah, who is not Obama, that the campaign spending, mindless sound bites and the moronic comparisons of the candidates by a corrupt media will soon be over. I am a card carrying conservative, a believer in limited small government, deeply suspicious of the Federal Reserve, a traditional values guy who loved Ronald Reagan like he was a saint.  Yes I realize that any politician should not have the world saint in front of his or her name.  Ronald Regan was the embodiment of my political philosophy and I worked in a small volunteer role for his campaign and I loved all eight years. Now that the conventions are over I ask myself the big question: who am I going to vote for and why?

For the first time in my life I’m not sure and the uncertainty is driving me crazy.  Obama?  McCain?  Can I just vote for Sarah Palin and have the rest of them fade into the senate cloak room where they belong? I’ve never been confronted with a choice between a Socialist and a Liberal before. This election puts a new and perhaps unacceptable spin on voting for the lesser of two evils.  I did a comparison on my trusty legal pad and came up with a revealing if depressing comparison between Obama and McCain.  I’ve concluded that I would vote for a third Bush term more readily then for either ticket and I am no fan of the big spending George W. Bush. At any rate, here are some of the comparisons that I jotted on my yellow pad.

·        Obama has No Experience and is an Unknown running with a lifelong politician with no real national appeal.  McCain has been in Congress since 1982, for 26 years of experience, and has a reputation as a maverick by some and a RINO (Republican In Name Only) by others, running with a woman with minimal experience as a governor and more charisma than Ronald Regan.

·        McCain attended the Naval Academy at Annapolis, Class of 58,  National War College 1973, Viet Nam Vet, POW, awarded  Silver Star, Legion of Merit, Purple Heart, and Distinguished Flying Cross while Obama attended Columbia University and Harvard Law School, edited the Harvard Law Review and became a teacher of Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago in addition to being a “community organizer”.

·        Obama is a brilliant orator with captivating charisma running with a longwinded career politician with no national appeal.  McCain is a poor public speaker with little charisma running with a wonderful public speaker with captivating charisma.

·        McCain can be boring while Palin is charming just as Obama is charming as Biden is boring.

·        The Democrats are running an outright socialist with another socialist against McCain who is more or less a liberal republican to centrist democrat running with a conservative.

·        John McCain is a war hero.  Barak Obama is a Civil Rights Hero.

·        The Democrats are running an inexperienced senator with an experienced senator against an experienced senator and an inexperienced governor.

·        John McCain is in his 70’s.  Barak Obama is in his 40’s.  Biden is in his 60’s and Palin is in her 40’s

·        Barak Obama would appoint liberal justices like Ruth Ginsberg.  John McCain talks about appointing people like Scalia but will compromise and appoint people like David Sutter.

·        John McCain would bail out Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae but try later to shrink them and return them to the private sector.  Barak Obama would bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and make them work for all Americans because housing is a right?  I know he would bail them out but I don’t think he knows the endgame yet.

·        Both Obama and McCain are said to be members of the council on foreign relations.

·        Both McCain and Obama are very much globalists in their world view.

·        Barak Obama is THE media candidate of all time.  John McCain used to be the media candidate for the republican primary but is not the media candidate in the general election.

·        Democrats:  Young Candidate/ Old Candidate      Republicans: Old Candidate/ Young Candidate

·        John McCain won’t talk religion and has disdained evangelical groups in politics.  Barak Obama professes Christianity but went to a Black Liberation Church for 20 years where leftist politics and the deification of Black Suffering seem as important as the Bible.

·        John McCain would legalize and give amnesty to all the illegal immigrants at the drop of a hat and has authored legislation to that effect.  Barak Obama would give amnesty to all the illegal immigrants and free education and health care.

·        Obama wants universal Health Care run by the Government.  McCain wants affordable health care that’s portable yet run by insurance companies.

·        McCain uses class warfare rhetoric.  Obama uses class warfare rhetoric.

·        Obama the inexperienced Senator would make history as the first Black President.  Palin the inexperienced governor would make history as the First Woman Vice President.

·        John McCain exudes a sort of paternal security.  Barak Obama exudes a messianic promise of change

·        Obama has a message of change and a conformist record.  McCain has a message of reform and a record reform with as many failures as successes.

·        Barak Obama is the picture of health.  John McCain is the picture of age and suffering.

·        John McCain looked unexcited during his convention acceptance speech. He looked either tired or upset about something at the moment of achieving the nomination he’s sought for God knows how long.  Barak Obama looked energized and in control during his acceptance speech.  He looked humbled but confident as if the realization that he might actually be president was finally made real to him in his mind.

·        Barak Obama is a radical environmentalist and a global warming devotee who would enact a “cap and trade” policy for carbon emissions.  John McCain is a radical environmentalist and a global warming devotee who would enact a “cap and trade” policy for carbon emissions.  Both see tons of new green jobs emerging with their environmental reform of the environment and the economic consequences of same.


What does all this mean? I could vote for McCain and if the Lord should see fit to call him home and leave Palin as President I could live with that.  Very subjectively I suspect McCain is not in good health, I just have that feeling, and the possibility that he might not be able to serve or his term would end in death or health inspired resignation is a real possibility in my mind.  I don’t like McCain’s stand on many issues and I consider him a democrat if not a liberal.  Obama is a charismatic Socialist with no experience and no accomplishments and is for all intents and purposes a complete unknown.  I can’t help but like the guy while being diametrically opposed to all his policy positions. The media has shamelessly and unfairly backed him and Obama has come up with more money than anyone ever dreamed possible.  Who is helping this guy?  How did he get this far with his record?  Obama is an enigma. 

If I had to guess who would win in November I would go with Obama because I suspect an October surprise is brewing for McCain probably in the area of his health.  This is just a feeling.  Either way I must repeat that our choice is between a young charismatic socialist messiah and an ancient fatherly war hero maverick and stealth liberal.

I got fired up by Palin but then I heard McCain speak and remembered all his crazy views of immigration, radical environmentalism, interrogation tactics, compromises with democrats to get judges appointed and his votes against the tax cuts and his economic naiveté.  McCain should just shut up and point to Palin and I would be more inclined to vote for him!  For the first time in my life I may not cast a vote for president or I’ll hold my nose and vote McCain.

I think Obama is going to win this thing……  I don’t want to call everyone comrade….

It’s possible that McCain could win this thing….  I think he’s out of gas: a day late and a dollar short.

I also think it doesn’t matter who wins because we’re well on our way to socialism with the Freddie and Fannie and Bear Sterns fiasco and neither candidate seems to care.  At this point I ask if there is a meaningful difference between the two candidates in likely result.  How did it get to this point? The American Taxpayer has been sold into socialism and it’s not going to have a happy ending but no one seems to have even noticed.  What’s up with that?

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