Russia and Friends Behaving Badly: Chavez, Ahmadinejad, and Putin in a Snit!



The Russian state run company building Iran’s nuclear plant announced that preparations for the reactors “launch” are in the end stages.  It’s felt that they refer to the loading of nuclear fuel into the reactor which would make quite a mess if it should suddenly explode or be bombed out of existence one fine day. Iranians and the Russians still have talks about this issue but it appears they’ve come to terms on the price for Russian assistance and they expect the Bushehr plant to be operational this fall.  The Russians are feeling misunderstood about their takeover attempt with Georgia and when they get in a foul mood like this it’s not unusual to help a nation like Iran bring a nuclear reactor online.  But that’s not the only move they’re making….


The Russians have dispatched the nuclear powered battle cruiser “Peter the Great” to the Caribbean for the purpose of holding search and rescue drills with the Venezuelan Navy!  The Russians will be sending some powerful ships our way as a reminded that everyone should be afraid of them.  Hugo Chaves, the President of Venezuela is delighted to have naval exercises with his best arms supplier and he’s indicated that they can have airstrips in his country and if they have a spare missile defense system then Hugo Chavez would be happy to host that system too.  Chaves welcomes the Russian presence in South America and Caribbean Waters as a counter weight to the US Empire and the fear that the USA may invade Venezuela and confiscate all that oil.  As if Russian Battle Cruisers and ancient Venezuelan Submarines were not enough to spoil the view of Caribbean vacationers’ and sailing enthusiasts, the Russians had still another idea to show Bush whose boss!


Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation have offered a grave insult to our American Culture and reinforced the view that we are decadent and disgusting people!  The Russians are trying to legally ban the animated show “South Park” from the Russian airwaves because the program is clearly an “extremist” program and cultural pollution that no Russian could tolerate.  I personally thought the show was juvenile and in poor taste and I actually applaud the Russian move to ban it.  If the Russians are successful I would like them to explain how they got a judge to label the program as “extremist” because I would like to try getting it banned here.  After all, how much bathroom humor can our teenagers endure without becoming even more obnoxious than they already are? Apparently this stern action intended to keep the Caribbean safe from the Columbian Navy and the Navel forces of those wild and crazy Haitians to say nothing of the “extremist” humor of American teenagers are not the only wrongs to be righted by Russia.


Brave Mother Russia is in talks with Iran about planting a permanent Russian Naval Base on an Iranian island!  A permanent Russian naval base in the Persian Gulf should scare the world silly and further drive up oil prices.  They could challenge control of the area from the United States Navy and further their strangle hold on the worlds petroleum recourses.  The Russians claim this is not a result of the rape of Georgia its just that Russia wants to fight teenage humor, the Pirates of the Caribbean, and destabilize the security of the world’s most important waterway just for the heck of it! Who says Putin has no sense of Humor? The Russians and her erstwhile allies are acting like a teenage gang and forming a death grip on key oil recourses that the west needs to survive.  Now that’s bad enough but if they end up getting South Park canceled it’s really going to tick off our teenage children.  Russia beware!


One response to “Russia and Friends Behaving Badly: Chavez, Ahmadinejad, and Putin in a Snit!

  1. Can you smell the potential of another Cold War?

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