Presidential Election Year Terror Attacks: Fanatical Turks Emerge as Potential Threat

Al-Qaida has been largely shut down from pulling their terrorist stunts in the United States since the war on terror began.  If they’re going to pull off another outrage against the United States while George W. Bush is President it’s clear that this is the year that they go all out to stage an attack against US soil. George W. Bush made the Jihadists pay a terrible price for the Twin Towers; including new ownership in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as a very large American Military presence on their doorstep.  It must drive the terror masters crazy as the hated Bush touts his record of keeping us safe from terror year after year. The allure of pulling off another terror operation on George W. Bush’s watch must be an incredible temptation and may, as in the Spanish railway attack, change the outcome of the election favorably for Senator Obama. I doubt that the terror leaders want to deal with John McCain because they can take a good guess already at how he would react; but the Obama policy of talking and engaging with constructive diplomacy must captivate them.  They have something to gain.

World Net Daily reports that al-Qaida has been busy in Pakistan training young Turks as well as homegrown American terrorists for a little surprise during our general election season, beginning perhaps as early as tomorrow.  The Department of Homeland Security has gone on Special Alert and is taking steps to keep young Turks who’ve been to Pakistan from getting on airplanes.  They’ve ramped up their surveillance of homegrown jihadists and it appears that this year is real trouble because no matter what the terrorist pull they know the hated Bush is out of office in January. It’s also interesting, in a morbid way, of how this Congressional report was released the other day finding that we’re “much more vulnerable than we’ve ever been to terrorism”.  The Democrat controlled congress has fought anti terror measures tooth and nail, for political reasons, ever since about January of 2002!  The time remaining must constitute an irresistible temptation for the crazy Islamic Loons to pull off another high profile terror attack against the US Homeland.  Consider some quotes from World Net Daily:

As the seventh anniversary of the 9/11 attacks nears, Homeland Security agents are on heightened alert for young Turkish Muslims who may be trying to enter the U.S. as part of an al-Qaida terrorist operation, WND has learned from counterterrorism officials and internal agency documents.

Meanwhile, agents are monitoring more than 20,000 suspected homegrown terrorists on the FBI’s watch list to prevent them from boarding commercial aircraft.

Al-Qaida leaders in Pakistan have been creating cells with the mission of attacking Western targets, including the U.S., officials say. Osama bin Laden’s deputy appeared in a video this week with a rifle propped up behind him. Officials are analyzing the tape for possible coded messages.

At the same time, counterterrorism officials in New York are running down leads produced by last month’s arrest and interrogation of al-Qaida operative Aafia Siddiqui, an MIT-educated microbiologist who fled to Pakistan after 9/11.

Siddiqui was found with a list of New York targets including the Empire State Building, Wall Street, the Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty and the subway system. Notes in her possession also included information about a mass attack and referred to construction of dirty bombs.

When you think about it; this last few months of the Bush Administration, the general election, the seventh anniversary of the 911 attacks, and the possibility of embarrassing the Republicans and helping Obama combines to make this a very scary time. If al-Qaida want revenge on America in general, and Bush in particular, then their window of opportunity is closing fast.  The big unlooked for event of this election year may well turn out to be a series of terror attacks on American soil that takes the “I’ll keep you safe” perception of the Republicans off the table.  A terror attack in the near future would constitute a home run for al-Qaida.  Spain wasn’t expecting it either; and these last 7 years of stopping the attacks on us may have lulled us to sleep. 

Islamic Fundamentalism lost the war in Iraq and is about to get handed its head in Afghanistan as the USA quietly ramps up our troop levels and goes after the resurgent Taliban in earnest. In this time of great tensions between Russia and the United States, the instability of the financial markets, the recent shocks resulting from the rising oil prices, and the sickening interpretations of Islamic End Times Prophesy that the “Mahdi” will come during times of great upheaval: all these things are well known to our enemies.   Consider the upcoming attack on Iran and its nuclear program by either Israel, the United States or both and the fact that Middle East waters are at present crawling with American Aircraft Carriers and Cruise Missile launching support vessels.  I would imagine the jihadists are feeling a bit desperate right now but at the same time recognizing that the right sort of terror activity at this time could change the equation back in their favor.  The Russian navy is in the region too and the possibility of triggering an incident between Russia and the USA is higher now than at any time since the cold war. Clearly there is a potential of a perfect storm over America and all it needs is the right sort of fuse to be lit and who knows what may happen.

I say all that to say this:  The sickening sent of Terrorism is in the air and our prayers should be with all the people who defend us against terrorism at this time because if ever there was a time for terrorism to be highly effective against the USA its now.  So let’s all be observant, safe and err on the side of caution if we see something out of place out there.  The odds are that this last bit of the Bush administration will pass uneventfully, as lame duck status settles in, while the nation waits for our next President to be decided.  Still……   Be careful out there.

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One response to “Presidential Election Year Terror Attacks: Fanatical Turks Emerge as Potential Threat

  1. Anyone who knows anything about Turks or Turkey knows that the percentage of the population that would fanatical enough to conspire with maniacs like Al-Qaida is not even 1%…Just as the handful of fanatical cults like those of David Koresh are not representative of American Christians, so the handful of “fanatical Turks” described in this article DO NOT represent the Turkish population. While I appreciate all reporting, I just hope that such labeling and mentioning of specific ethnic groups will not lead to backlash and undue predjudice against the large Turkish-American population whose only care is getting a decent education, raising a good family, and contributing to the American melting pot. I should also remind readers that Turks themselves have been the victims of PKK and Hizbullah terrorism for the past 30 years and know quite well the perils of terrorists. Just a few years prior to 9/11, terrorists plotted to crash a twin-seat aircraft into Ataturk’s Mauseleum; fortunately, the terrorists were caught ahead of time thanks to Turkish intelligence. Terrorism is the enemy of every civilized nation, but working together Justice will prevail.

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