The Armageddon Summary of September 15, 2008



When it rains it pours and right now it’s pouring over the entire United States of America. Consider the following facts as we confront them today:

·        The Stock Market lost over 500 points as the nation’s financial institutions pay for the subprime crisis and no end is in sight.  Our Economic Supremacy is the bases of our world leadership and even our military prowess.  The current financial crisis has the potential to remove us from superpower status overnight. It also has the potential to introduce a global currency or regulatory authority.

·        The Bible makes no clear mention of the USA in prophesy.  Biblical scholars have concluded that either we don’t exist or we’re part of the European New Roman Empire with Europe in the leading role and us in support prostitution.

·        The Russians have de facto control over the oil pipeline in Georgia that supplies Europe, friendly relations with Iran and a new military presence in the oil rich middle east and a potential naval base in the Persian Gulf, and is running naval exercises and parking a couple of nuclear capable Bear Bombers in Oil Rich Venezuela, in addition to claiming oil rich regions of the north pole.  

·        The United States is utterly dependant on Foreign Oil and our enemies can destroy our economy at will with any significant disruption of our oil supplies.  This has been clearly demonstrated by the recent oil crisis. The USA is still not drilling for new recourses and no action will be possible until after the election and maybe not then if Obama wins.

·        Russia is moving to reestablish the old soviet empire and intimidating former client states into re-assimilation while becoming increasingly hostile to the west in general and the USA in particular. The Bible suggest that Russia will get its empire back to fulfill its role in last days prophesy.

·        NATO was formed to keep the Russians in check and its badly splintered today by the diplomatic approach favored by Europe and the more hard line confrontational approach championed by the USA.

·        Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons is forcing an attack by Israel or the USA or both that could come at any day now because a nuclear Iran is an existential threat to Israel.

·        Israel has informed both Europe and America that they will attack unilaterally regardless of the outcome of elections and which party forms the new government. Most Israeli parties have signed off on the letter sent to the west.

·        The US dollar becomes more and more volatile and unstable.  Vast amounts of US Dollars are held by our enemies and they could potentially destroy our currency by selling them. Our central bank is persisting in rates much too low and that are bad for the value of the dollar.

·        Europe has the new Euro that gains in popularity and no one has a strangle hold on it.  Their central banks are defending against inflation. Europe is taking their medicine and we’re not.

·        The Chinese have embarked on a massive military buildup for years now and their gains in naval, space, and cyber warfare are very impressive.  They’ve developed an impressive ASAT capability and they have lots of troops and dollars and a booming economy.

·        The USA is badly over extended with a shrinking economy and the possibility that an enemy could flood the market with dollars and sink us without firing a shot.

Any way you slice it the USA is in a very fragile and precarious situation with multiple crises during the lame duck months of the outgoing Bush Administration and the ascendance of a likely Obama Administration.  John McCain has done well with his pick of Sarah Palin but this heightened financial crisis could give Obama the keys to the White House with less than two months to the election.  The plane truth is that we’re up to our eyebrows in alligators with no end in sight. 


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