Swindled: The AIG Takeover by Bernanke Disguised as Paulson Disguised as You, disguised as China, Disguised as Economic Slavery, Disguised as Greed.

I found a line in the movie Philadelphia that’s always stayed with me and served me well when the world gets complicated; as it does from time to time.  The line is : “Explain this to me like I’m five years old.”  I’ve used the line on most of my major transaction over the years and it has a wonderful way of getting everyone down to brass tacks.  I decided to apply this line to the AIG takeover and this is what I got:

Did the US government take over AIG? 


Did AIG declare bankruptcy? 


Well, did AIG get bailed out like Bear Sterns?


What did happen to AIG? 

The American Central Bank, The Federal Reserve, stepped in and launched an 85 billion dollar takeover of AIG.  They did it under the “extraordinary” emergency powers granted them by Congress to be the lender of last resort in an emergency.  AIG was so big and so global, transnational, if you will, that its failure would have caused an estimated 185 billion dollars worldwide and threatened the Global Financial System. The Federal Reserve is changing a punitive double digit interest rate for this “takeover” of loan packages that also got the whole AIG management team fired.

Isn’t the Federal Reserve the US Government? 

No.  The Federal Reserve is a Global Money Cartel and is collection of the world’s super rich who own the key banks, who in turn own the member banks of the Federal Reserve.  The names are familiar throughout history:  Rockefellers, Morgan, Rothschild, Warburg and so on. These are the families who own the “central banks” of the west like our central bank, The Federal Reserve.

Well, what does the Fed do for us?

The Global Money Cartel, presently known as the Federal Reserve, regulates our interest rates, controls our money supply and loans us our own currency at interest, of course. It functions as our central bank.

At Mid Morning, as this article was being written, the news came in that the US Treasury was issuing billions of dollars in bonds to assist the Fed to expand their (the Global Money Cartels) balance sheet so they could take over AIG and save the world $185 billion in losses.

What does that mean in plain English please?

It means that the Fed (Global Money Trust) is running out of funds so it got the US Treasury Department to beg China for the money to give to the Fed (Global Money Trust) so that they can takeover AIG, so that the world can be saved a 185 billion dollar loss, so that this world loss would not further depress the US market because AIG is “too big to fail”.

So what does this all mean again?

It means that the Feds (Global Money Cartels) easy money policies of the last many years created insanity in the mortgage loan industry.  The Mortgage lending crisis spread to the Banking and Financial industry as a cancerous loss of confidence.  Now the loss of confidence is spreading to the Federal Reserve who needs its balance sheet expanded in order to takeover AIG.  The US Treasury had to expand the balance sheet of the Fed (Global Banking Cartel) because a loss of confidence there, could spread to a loss of confidence in the US Government in general and the US Dollar in particular.

What happens if this loss of confidence does spread to the USA?

The Second Great Depression. If everyone believes that the USA isn’t good for our debt than the USA can’t raise any more money and it starts to default on its commitments which destroys the dollar and we all start over again with half the world holding our worthless dollars and investments demanding payment. The USA would be officially bankrupt and our leadership of the world would be over.  The world would want our assets as payment for their losses in the dollar.  Nothing would ever be the same again and our time would be over.

What happens to the world in a post American world?

I imagine some form of standard global trading currency, or valuation standards, or perhaps a true world central bank, probably run from Europe.  If the USA implodes from all our debt and stupidity the whole world will be reacting because it’s very much a global economy.  The cry will naturally go up for global solutions lest the dominance of a greedy country like the USA continue to pose a threat to the world’s economy.  They will claim that in our world the nation state is obsolete and a global economy demand global solutions. 

I think this is the mechanism by which American Debt will explode our entire system and from which we will not recover in the foreseeable future.  The big, open secret, is that the USA has been broke for years and when that reality finally sets in with a crisis, something like this one, that will be the end of the American Era and the burden of leadership will transfer to Europe. The rest of our lives is likely to be much tougher than our years to date and it’s likely to have started with the Fed Easy Money Policies that led to the Real Estate mess.

Dose the Fed work for the US?  Or does it work for itself?  Or does it work for the Global Elite?

I have a sickening feeling that we’re getting the answer now and in the days ahead.


One response to “Swindled: The AIG Takeover by Bernanke Disguised as Paulson Disguised as You, disguised as China, Disguised as Economic Slavery, Disguised as Greed.

  1. I saw the corruption back during the Regan years. I have been waiting for this to happen. This is part of the New World Order scheme. Make us broke, change the dollar, make us (the world) dependant. Bad days ahead. The next bailout will be hospitals. The medical community is on the brink as well. Bad health care will increase disease and plagues.

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