While the USA Experiences Economic Paralysis the Wolves Circle


The Continuing Adventures of Vladimir the Terrible

Vladimir Putin hasn’t been idle while the economic meltdown consumed most of our attention.  Putin has been very busy indeed, working day and night against the US interests far and wide.  A display of any kind of weakness, in any area of our national life, becomes a green like for a would-be dictator to exploit the situation.  Recently our national attention has been on the financial crisis and even though it’s become something of a global crisis, definitely impacting Russia, the dictator Putin is free to create mischief because he has no reelection worries. Here are a few of Putin’s antics while our backs have been turned:

·        Putin said just yesterday he would be only too willing to help Hugo Chavez the President of Venezuela get a nuclear program started.

·        A Pair of Russian Long Range Nuclear Capable Bear Bombers are parked in Venezuela while we speak.

·        Russian Warships are holding “exercises” with the Venezuelan Navy in the Caribbean.

·        At least Five Russian Warships are docked at an old Soviet Naval Base in Syria as Russia continues its policy of turning the Middle East into a theatre for Great Power Conflicts.

·        The State run Russian Company assisting Iran is preparing to ship and fuel a nuclear reactor.

·        Russia has delivered very sophisticated missile batteries to Iran to help guard their nuclear facilities from attack.

·        Russia in talks with Iran about opening a Russian Naval Base on Iranian soil.

North Korea Breaks the Seal

It seems like just yesterday that Madeline Albright was dancing with the Korean Dictator!  Of course Korea has promised to trash its nuclear program in the past but they inexplicably started up again and said as much to the hapless United Nations Nuclear inspectors. No one knows if Kim is alive or dead but what’s frightfully apparent is their willingness to take advantage of a US crisis to resume work on nuclear bomb making.  North Korea has shown a willingness in the past to sell just about anything to terrorists if the price is good enough and one can’t help but wonder if they plan to accidently loose a few bombs to terrorists planning to take down the USA.

China Puts Away its Abacus

A few days ago the Chinese Government ordered its banks to stop lending money to any American Banks.  China is our leading creditor and it would see that the USA has hit its credit limit with the communist Chinese.  The potential ramifications of this to the US Economy are staggering.

Israel Prepares to Attack

The latest rumor of war is that Israel has sought Washington’s buy in on an attack on Iran but the Bush Administration told them they would not support the attack at this time.  Rumors are rampant that the USA might have traded, through backchannel negotiation, a Red Light on the Israeli attack for Iran’s support in keeping down the price of oil recently.  If true the moral and geo political implications of such a deal are staggering. It would be as if the USA has been bribed by Iran to keep our economy afloat to it can finish its nuclear project and get on with the work of blowing our ally, Israel, off the map.  One can only hope that Bush would be incapable of such a deal.

Syria Masses Troops

Syria has amassed 10,000 troops along the border with Lebanon and is capable at any moment of launching another invasion of northern Lebanon which would change the strategic balance in the region against the USA and Israel.  One can’t help but speculate that those troops are awaiting the declaration of a depression in the USA or the declaration of an Israeli attack against Iran.  Naturally Syria’s friends the Russians have five warships parked at a naval base in Syria and Putin has said that the Russian presence in the Middle East will help to deter Israel and the US from attacking Iran.

Germany says we’re No Longer a Financial Superpower

Our German Friends have chastised us in NATO for pushing much to hard a line on standing up to Russia lest Putin become emboldened by his Georgia adventure.  Our German Friends have built the Russian pipeline that Reagan warned them never to build.  Our German Friends along with Russia and China have refused to go along with greater sanctions against Iran in the face of mounting intelligence that Iran has super charged its nuclear program.  And now our German Friends have said this in the Financial Times:  http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/1d6a4f3a-8aee-11dd-b634-0000779fd18c.html

“The US will lose its status as the superpower of the world financial system. This world will become multi­polar” with the emergence of stronger, better capitalised centres in Asia and Europe, Mr Steinbrück told the German parliament. “The world will never be the same again.”

Pakistan Takes Pot Shots at Us!

Our ally Pakistan has traded fire with the United States of America in the border region of Afghanistan during anti terror operations. The incident lasted five minutes and the Pakistan government isn’t making a big thing out of it yet.  They are however repeating at every chance they get that we will not be allowed to violate their sovereign territory.

Osama’s Revenge

I’ve seen no legitimate reporting on possible targets but it seems as though we might be in for a major terror attack between now and the election.  There is no hard evidence except, a strange urgency if the few stories discussing the possibility and the seeming M.O. of the al Qaida group as they see us distracted, and very vulnerable, to another outrage on our shores.  It would be their last chance to bloody the nose of the hated George W. Bush.  If there’s an unlooked for shoe to drop out there I would have to say a terror attack on us would be a good bet on what it might be.

Our status as a financial superpower, as our friends the Germans has said, is correct:  Financially the USA is a piece of toast.  While that financial condition remains there will be a very large geopolitical vacuum created while we nurse our wounds and try to put it back together.  That’s a time of danger for everyone in the world and even now the wolves are beginning to circle. Are armed forces are possible only though our financial strength and that is gone.  It’s going to take time to get it back assuming we have the determination and the time.


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