Maybe They Didn’t Get the Memo: Writing up the Government is the Least We the People Can Do!


To:                    The United States Government

From:                “We The People” (WTP)

Subject:          You’ve Been Place on the Employee Performance Improvement Plan (EPIP)

Date:              Oct. 2, 2008

1.     Your immediate supervisors, we the people, (WTP) have noticed a serious erosion in your job performance over the past year resulting in your being placed in the Employee Performance Improvement Plan (EPIP) in hopes of assisting you to gain satisfactory performance of your job duties and avoid termination , with prejudice, from your present post. Some specific infractions are noted over the past years include the spending of exorbitant amount of the taxpayer’s funds on programs that we don’t need, programs that won’t work, or programs that cynically buy favor with your constituents to the detriment of the United States of America.


2.     You have failed to keep account of your expenditures and revenues in a transparent and clear fashion allowing for reasonable citizen review of your activities.  You have failed to list all liabilities and have failed to follow the rules of ordinary accounting to such a degree as to be an entity empowered to print its own money and yet is insolvent.   



3.     You have lied to “We the People” (WTP) on repeated occasions about the financial viability and condition of the entities known as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.


4.     The danger presented to the economy of this nation has been known for years but the government, The Congress, The Courts, and the President, has failed to take action to fulfill your oaths of office and your duty to the people you serve.



5.     Your failure to exercise proper oversight of mortgages, banks, and the money supply machinations of the Federal Reserve System, has resulted in massive losses, excessive unemployment, and enormous damage to the prestige  of the United States and the people who trusted you with the nations business.


6.     You have acted with wonton disregard for the Constitution of the United States of America by illegally buying half the mortgages in the nation, the largest insurance company in the nation, and have colluded with transnational corporations to sell them private banks and financial institutions; all with naked disregard for our Constitution.



7.     You have failed to investigate the nature of this crisis or to bring a single person to justice for causing this perhaps irreconcilable damage to our nation.  You have failed to hold a hearing or identify a single suspect of who we should hold accountable for this massive systemic failure.


8.     You have failed to identify a course of action that would bring stability and good order back to our financial systems by placing ideological concerns about capital gains tax cuts and needed changes to accounting rules and in setting up a minimal regulatory presence reflecting a 21st century approach to 21’st century economies in place. 



9.     You have failed to take responsibility for creating in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac a market for loans so stupid that no one would ever have written them if you hadn’t created a market for them.


10.  You have promoted a hostile work environment with your partisanship and ill-advised “political correctness” that has made meaningful progress on solving these pressing issues all but impossible. 



11.  You have failed to value truth and common sense over your chosen ideology to such an extent that you would rather spend $700 Billion Dollars on a “solution” you know won’t work to buy time to fix issues you won’t address.


12.  Rather than agree to rules changes, enact corporate tax cuts, impose greater regulation of the securities industries, in addition to the fazing out dangerous financial instruments like “derivatives” you would throw away a trillion taxpayer dollars rather than admit your failings to rise above partisanship.

You are furnished with this list in the hope that you will take to heart the issues raised herein and immediately improve your present job performance such that no further action need be taken by “We the People” (WTP).

 In the event that this pattern of conduct continues: you face possible termination beginning in the first week of November 2008.

It is not the goal of “We the People” (WTP) to make your tasks any more difficult than necessary but given the above pattern of work performance and the lack of trust this has engendered with you employers, (WTP).  You must realize that all your actions from this point further will receive greater scrutiny, than anyone would like, to ensure that the people of the United States are served. 

A meeting with “We the People” has been scheduled for the first week in November to assess your job performance and  what additional steps are necessary, including termination, will take place at that time.


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