Denouncing the Barack Obama Personality Cult: Enough is Enough


I was taught, by my parents at a very young age, a certain cynicism of all politicians mixed with respect for the office they held and the importance of the good they were trying to do.  I was taught to critically examine every word that came out of a politicians mouth so that I could do a good job of choosing who I thought was best for the country, not necessarily my narrow interests. I’ve always looked at politicians with a certain skepticism knowing that beneath that smiling face was likely a monumental ego held in check by the need to gain our approval and our vote. To be President or be elected to congress was to be tempted by extraordinary power and not everyone could handle such power without being changed for the worse. 

Some politicians rise to that challenge and serve well while others begin to think the adulation is their due, just for showing up.  Some politicians never forget for whom they work and others begin to think the constituents work for them.  There’s a whole journey of character that a politicians undergoes from the time they begin in national office until they leave 20 or 30 or more years later.  The system favors the incumbents and a skilful politician can reside in office until their old and grey while a good congressman or senator or president can be old and grey before their time and get kicked out for doing the right thing.  No one said that life is fair.

I thought I’d seen everything in the political arena until I saw a video made by some black teenage males in a quasi military uniform doing a weird sort of pledge of allegiance to Barak Obama.  I’ve run the tape several times and it’s among the most disgusting misunderstandings of the American electoral process I’ve ever seen.   You have to see this video to believe it.   Only Barak Obama, alone, among 200 years of candidates with healthy egos, would allow this sort of thing. 

What kind of man allows kids to essentially worship him with such fervent, and dare I say, mindless adoration? 

Barack Obama is a politician. I’ve known politicians who were pretty good and some who were revered as great men but I’ve never seen a politician encourage such mindless devotion to themselves in my life.  How can American kids buy into a politician to this degree?  How will these kids deal with the inevitable discovery that Lord Obama is not the second coming after all; but a man and a politician at that?

So the tape shows young black men in a quasi military get up doing some weird hip hop goosestep chanting: Alpha!  Omega!  Alpha!  Omega! 

When the chants die down the first man in line steps forward and addresses a point about two feet above the camera, speaking in a military cadence and says something like this:  “Because of Barak Obama I’m inspired to be the next Doctor!”

The Next young man steps forward:  “Because of Barak Obama I’m inspired to be the next Lawyer!”

Each young man down the line had his turn, followed by each of them repeating the Obama Mantra of: “YES WE CAN!”

Each speaker shoves his fists together across his chest until the fists touch each other in a weird hip hop version of a salute.

Each speaker steps out of line again repeating a memorized sound bite of Obama’s health care plan and it’s imagined positive effects. 

Each speaker seems to spout some memorized principle of the “civil rights movement” or the Progressive Movement or the Liberal Movement or the Democrat Movement or whatever we’re supposed to call it today. 

It has all the warmth and tender meaning of a Kwanza gathering but it has the intensity and seductiveness of a Jeremiah Wright sermon.

               I’ve never seen anything quite like it in the United States of America and I have to say it caused one overriding question to come to mind.


               How does Barak Obama go to sleep at night knowing that this sort of thing is going on in his name?  Who does this guy Obama think he is?  Why are we letting some black Junior Senator from Illinois get away with Hitler-like indoctrination of youth? This tape is reminiscent of the Hitler Youth and the only thing more disgusting than Obama for not denouncing it is the democrat party not denouncing it.  Its unseemly and it encourages a loyalty to party and identity politics that should be reserved for God and to a lesser degree ones country.

Since when has there been a politician ,of any party, that should be pledged allegiance too instead of the nation?  With this contemptible video Obama’s use of race, through his silence, tells me that his twenty years of indoctrination in Jeremiah Writes Church, his friendship with radical leftists and terrorists like William Aryes is no accident.  Obama is pledged to his view of the civil rights movement, just as the kids are pledged to him.  The idea of pledging allegiance to America would be an anathema to people steeped in racial politics to this degree.  It’s warped their view of the world and reinforced a self imposed exile from America that is insurmountable by anyone but themselves. 

Identity politics has carved up America into separate victim groups and the idea of one America is something of a joke.  In the world view of too many progressives, and I fear in Obama’s mind, there’s no such thing as one America.  You have a Black America a Gay America, a Woman’s America and Elderly America, a Young America and so on but the idea of one America is a myth. 

Barak Obama has a lead in the polls with less than 30 days to go until the election and he’s about to be President. 

Is he going to be President of Black America, Gay America, Female America, Elderly America and Young America or can he actually conceive of being the President of the United States of America? 

Take a good hard look at this video and tell me that Barak Obama is fit to be President of the United States instead of the next civil rights leader of the nation. We need a president in times like this because we’re in hard times and we need someone to bring us together because we are all in this together, like it or not.  We need a President for all of us and not an affirmative action leader of the perpetually angry social coalitions that make up the democrat party.



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