Race and the Presidential Campaign: 2008 Has All the Free Speech of a Typical College Classroom


               The truth is that I have a negative of opinion about the suitability of Barak Obama to be President of the United States that “offends” liberal sensibilities in this enlightened age.  Liberals are at pains to assure me that my reasons are not valid reasons but racism disguised as analysis, and producing a predictable racist result. In fact the idea that I have these false reasons for rejecting the candidacy of Barak Obama could be chalked up to ignorance on my part; until my liberal friends explain to me the error of my ways, and how racism is controlling me, at which point my failure to vote Obama itself becomes an act of racism. My logical reasons are just “resistance” to accepting a Blackman as a superior and the leader of the nation. It seems that each point I bring up has a racial component that “I’m in denial” about!

               This election is a lot like being the captive audience of college professors with their predictable diatribes about racism, sexism, homophobia and their determination to turn us all into agents of social change because America is just such a bad place.  I thought I had left behind the cultural indoctrination of “multiculturalism” in which I play the white guy with all the advantages who has manipulated and exploited people of color and women and children and handicapped people to always get my way.  In collage the professor sings a litany of “Straight White Male” Crimes to the class and waits for protests from the students that are relabeled “Resistance”. One learns to remain silent and look guilty and “just listen” rather than try to justify the sins of my sexual preference, gender, race, and spiritual tradition.  Anything I might say in defense of myself for having created all the worlds’ woes from capitalism, to racism, to pollution and overpopulation to the cancelation of Star Trek has already been taken down in evidence against me.

               The zany behavior of college professors aside I honestly believed that the silliness of their worlds would never darken my firmament once I had escaped the cloistered world of academia.  That was mostly true until this year especially when people like me aren’t supposed to speak in opposition to the Obama Campaign lest I be seen as a racist. Below are some of the problems I think an honest person would have with Electing Barak Obama in November and why I have no right to think such things! My privileged place in society makes me think that I can elevate truth and reason to such an extent that I can offend others with my disagreement and damage their self image and personhood. Mea Culpa! Mea Culpa! Mea Maxima Culpa!


·        It’s Racist to Bring up Jeremiah Wright because “Liberation Theology”, aka Black Liberation Theology, and its attendant Racism and Hate, is to demonstrate ones insensitivity to Black People. The fact that “Black Liberation Theology” is racist and unrecognizable as theology calls for me to judge the black culture that produced it which I clearly am willing to do. The fact that Obama Listened to the hate for 20 years, as if it were the word of God, and the fact that it condemns white people, makes it seem odd that he would want to lead a predominately white culture that he spent 20 years cataloging the crimes of every Sunday. Why would you aspire to lead a people that you find oppressive and don’t even like?

·        It’s Racist to point out that Obama’s wife, who for the first time is “proud of her country”, is indicative of people who are rabid multiculturalists and steeped in the hatred of the white oppressor who rules society and won’t give people of color a chance at the brass ring. (All evidence to the contrary) Clearly the Obama’s fall into the group that believes America is the cause of all evil in the word and is fundamentally an unjust nation.

·        It’s Racist to bring up the charges of criminal activity in many states regarding the group ACORN. When you attack that activities of ACORN you’re necessarily taking a position against the poor and minorities whom they “organize” which is consistent with being a racist.  The fact that it’s wrong to expand the voter rolls with made up names, dead people and folks who’ve already registered many times before is not significant.  What’s significant is that you’re against poor people and you’re against minorities and that clearly makes you a racist.  It’s just using crazy arguments against voter fraud to suppress the turnout of people of color and other poor people.

·        Its Racist to point out that Obama has no meaningful experience that would in any way qualify him for the Presidency.  To say he’s unqualified is to engage in code word racism and impose our cultural view unjustly on Obama because our “dominate culture” is obsessed with achievement and won’t recognize the achievement of a black guy getting this far.  

·        It’s Racist to bring up Obama’s relationship with William Ayers the terrorist who Obama worked with and in whose house he launched his political campaign because that’s just codeword for being against liberals, minorities, women, homosexuals, etc.

·        It’s racist to condemn Obama for being a Community Organizer because contending that a community organizer is simply a paid professional democrat who practices social engineering for a living is simply wrongheaded. Community Organizers use politics to do “good “like getting people mortgages they can’t afford and getting them into college in spite of their grades.

·        It’s racist to note that Obama has no accomplishments in the Illinois State House; or in the US Senate because accomplishment, like truth, is in the eye of the beholder and it’s “culturally created. No one culture is superior to another just as no one’s truth is superior to another’s.  To suggest otherwise is a very racist act. Different cultures—- Different Values—- All Values are the same, not better or worse.  To suggest otherwise would be racist.

·        It’s racist to note that Obama is the most liberal member in the Senate: which includes Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy and Harry Reid.  It’s not that he’s a socialist whose been indoctrinated into the redistribution of wealth mentality of the true socialist believer it’s that he just wants to help people by “spreading the wealth around.”

·        It’s racist to suggest that Obama is constantly playing the race card with his warnings that he doesn’t look like other presidents on the dollar bill, that he’s got a funny name.  It’s unbearably racist to suggest that John McCain hasn’t pulled a single racist stunt on Obama the whole race long and has gone out of his way to avoid race for fear of being labeled a racist like Bill Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro. This race has proven that if the first Black President, Bill Clinton is a racist, than John McCain must be a real bad racist! Right?

·        It’s racist to suggest that the mainstream media is unwilling to ask Obama hard questions because, either they love him and want him to win, or because they’re afraid to look like a racist if the criticize him. Its racist to observe that the mainstream media is so full of its own stereotypes and ideological ideas that to criticize Obama may be social if not career subside.

·        It’s racist to criticize Obama being endorsed by Louis Farrakhan who called him the “messiah” or by Islamic Terror Groups who’ve indicated that they favor his candidacy.  It’s just plain wrong to judge a man by his friends or the company he keeps!  If he wants to be a twenty year member of a church that gives awards to Farrakhan and that preaches racism and hatred or marry a woman who was never proud of her country until the racist country we are elects Barak President, well that’s just their truth.

·        It’s racist to condemn Obama for his being mentored by a communist poet in Hawaii because both Obama and the Poet are black. Need I say more?  The fact that it’s true is just a justification for racism.

The fact that I listed my reservations about Obama like this is probably racist too but I’m silly enough to believe that free speech is still an attribute of my country and that telling the truth is not either “relative to some other culture” or “insensitive and racist”.  The truth is if you jump off a skyscraper you’re going to die.  Another truth is that if you elect a man president who you’re not allowed, by some weird social convention, to criticize you’ve thrown away your freedom as surely as the Treasury Secretary and President Bush have thrown away Capitalism. 

We need to speak up clearly and freely about such stuff, without being intimidated, lest our fear of being called a racist by a collage teacher rob us of our vote and a possible President Obama of his LEGITIMACY. 

Race is an important issue and while we must guard against and condemn racist attacks on a candidate: the history of racism is not a justification for political correctness to rob us of our need to properly vet candidates for high office. These are questions that must be asked and answered, truthfully, in the open, and it’s not racist to do so. 

Think about it.

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