New World Order Socialism: The Legacy of George W. Bush



Popular wisdom holds that the Presidency of George W. Bush will be remembered for the destruction of the World Trade Center and the ensuing War on Terror. It’s a lead pipe cinch that Bush will not be remembered for his eloquent oratory or his adherence to conservative principals.  Popular wisdom holds that George W Bush invaded Iraq for his father and was an attempt to set straight the mistake his Daddy made in leaving Saddam Husain in power.  It’s a lead pipe cinch that he didn’t invade Iraq to win the War on Terror or the 3rd ID would have gone on to Tehran and the 4th ID to Damascus.  Popular wisdom holds that George W. Bush governed from the center and perhaps a bit to the right but his ebullient embrace of deficit spending and expansion of entitlement spending has shown him to be a Trojan Horse Liberal. It’s a lead pipe cinch that a real conservative would never have expanded Medicare with prescription drug benefits or nationalized huge sectors of the economy overnight with barely a consult from Congress.  Popular wisdom holds that George Herbert Walker Bush is one of the Chief Architects of the New World Order and that his son was a buffoonish moron instead of the Chief Implementer of the New World Order. It’s a lead pipe cinch that the college professors across this land will claim that Saddam Husain haunted the Presidencies of both Bush’s but its Barak Husain Obama who’s going to be in perfect position to deconstruct the America we knew.

Obama will either get the credit or the blame for the USA that is to come.  He’s being positioned as the next FDR and JFK but, like Mr. Obama’s resume, that’s a hollow argument because the real reason we’re about to become another depressed and sullen European state is because the Bush Family had more of the “vision thing” than anyone ever gave them credit for.  Events have clearly shown that H. W. Bush was far more serious about his vision of the New World Order than he was about his 1992 Presidential Campaign.  Obama would never have been able to take the USA that far to the left had ALL the groundwork not been laid, from the “vision” to the president, by the dynastic Bush Family. George H. W was a master of the international consensus and multilateral action while his son spent us into bankruptcy and laid the groundwork for the de-facto takeover of the free market by the socialist forces Obama will now have 4 years to expand and entrench. I suspect that the next 4 years will be ones of constant crisis and change as the USA abdicates its status as a super power and tries to resuscitate an economy that was never designed to run in a socialist political surround.  The people will either see Obama as a Hero like FDR as he battles economic chaos on our behalf or as Jimmy Carter as economic forces crush his presidency into the dust bin of history.  So if Obama gets the credit for being a new FDR and for giving us a “new new deal” as Senator Kerry has called for then it’s likely that the epoch of Barak will last eight years.  If Obama fails to find the panache, erudition and élan of an FDR, or a Woodrow Wilson, then I’ll make you a bet right now that he’ll be followed in office by former superstar Florida Governor Jeb Bush.  Jeb was a great governor and a likeable guy but why am I not reassured by this prospect?

Perhaps the real face of “elitism” in American Politics isn’t the snarling face of Nancy Pelosi, the lisping rhetoric of Barney Frank, or the Politically Correct Cool of Barak Obama.  Wouldn’t it be a shock if the face of “elitism” and the new, weird, “corporatism” we have now was the fatherly, benign, face of George Herbert Walker Bush? Is it really an accident that his son gave flesh to the “New World Order” that Daddy talked about any more than W’s obsession with Iraq brought closure to his father’s mistake?

If America is to slip away into the soulless morass of socialism should we hold Obama accountable or the people who made it possible for the unlikely, far left, Obama to win?  There are many people who believe that the policies and governance of George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton differed only in the pregnancy rate among White House Interns. Others have said that the Bush’s and the Clintons have been in the White House for an inordinately long time and the only real difference was that Bush has an “R” after his name on the ballot and Clinton has a “D”.  Lets see now….

2008 Hillary Clinton was supposed to be Democrat Nominee until Barak Obama exploded on the scene. Hillary wasn’t quite believable as the good cop but Obama is quite believable as the good cop. Obama has an impressive Ivy League education and was a Harvard Law Professor.  Hillary attended Wellesley

2008 Obama overwhelmingly favored to win General Election and Presidency defeating McCain.  Likely to nationalize health care, automotive industry, airlines, civilian national police, and security force, likely to make government the employer of last resort, Cap and Trade policy to vastly increase the cost of all energy, likely to pass the Fairness Doctrine and complete liberal monopoly of media by destroying conservative talk radio.

2000-2008 George W. Bush, Ivy League education. record spending, deficits, Iraq war, doubled entitlements, Crash of 08, nationalization of banks & other key corporations, established Department of Homeland Security, huge increase in foreign aid, Invaded Afghanistan, Dithered while Iran developed nuclear weapons. Played the Bad Cop internationally and domestically.CFR member, Scull and Bones,

1992-2000  William Jefferson and Hillary Clinton, dot com bubbles, easy money policy, Ivy League Education & Rhodes Scholar, Co-Presidency, failed attempt at nationalized health care, benign neglect of Islamic terror, friendship with china and most favored nation status while Chinese robbed us blind of key technology, redefining what “sex” and “is” is, Sec Albright Danced with Kim Jung Ill while he developed North Korean Nuclear Bomb, Played the Good Cop (if oversexed cop) domestically and internationally.

1988-1992  George H. W. Bush, son of Senator Prescott Bush Becomes President, Gulf War I, Invasion of Panama, Spearheaded NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), collapse of Soviet Union, Broke No new taxes Pledge, Ivy League Education, CFR member,

1980-1988 George W Bush was Vice President of the United States under Ronald Reagan.  He was acting President when Reagan was shot in his first year and again when Reagan had colon surgery.  Before serving as Vice President He was Ford’s Special Ambassador to China, CIA Director under Nixon, Worked with and has extensive connections to big oil. CFR Member, member Skull and Bones,

So it would seem that a Bush or Clinton has been on the ballot and in power for 28 years: and if Hillary had won the nomination from Obama, it might have gone to 32 or 36 years.  Interesting No?  Perhaps Jeb will run soon and restore the family franchise or maybe Chelsea Clinton (Who accompanied her Mother on the Campaign) or Hillary again, if Obama messes up. 

I’m sure it’s just a big coincidence that Bush and Clintons have held power for 28 years in our free society and it’s not as if NAFA, The Gulf Wars, and the Massive Nationalization of Key Banks and Industries, to say nothing of the massive expansion of entitlements, had dramatically changed our government or anything. It’s interesting that Hillary didn’t get the nomination given that the News Media has been saying she was a lead pipe cinch for years.

But now, today, we have the prospect of Barak Obama being President Elect before the sun comes up again on Wednesday.  I guess that gives the lie to our having been ruled by elitist Repuli/crats all these years.

Be sure and vote everyone!  Even if you have to hold your nose when you do it.


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