Persecution of Christians in America: Freedom of Speech and Assembly but Not for Christians



No one in this nation can disagree with a liberal without getting called the obligatory racist, sexist homophobe.  You always know when you win an argument with a “Progressive” (aka Neo Socialist) because the labels come out and that has a wonderful way of suppressing a debate they were losing.  It’s more a matter of political manipulation and the suppression of liberal enemies rather than any legitimate form of Adult debate and political activism.  It’s long been a national joke that the liberals among us, who scream for tolerance, are the most intolerant of political opponents.  Having a discussion with a real believing “progressive, liberal, democrat, socialist, call it what you will, has been nearly impossible for many year now and it seems to be getting worse.

Liberals have railed against Christianity for as long as they’ve feasted on Bush rage.  The Presidents faith seems to drive them into a rhetorical frenzy and any hint of Christian morality is deemed intolerant and inappropriate for civilized discussion.  “Bush is imposing his religion on America!” they scream.  “Separation of Church and State they wail when anyone claiming to be a Christian dares express an opinion on the political issues of the day. Christianity is one of the things liberals and democrats have hated most about Bush, let’s be honest, and this Bush Bashing has metastasized into Christian Bashing.

Now your garden variety liberal, progressive, socialist democrat may be tame enough, and not as likely to try and suppress your speech, but the “believing” members of their client groups have clearly gone off the deep end.  Homosexual Advocates are crazy intolerant people who think they have a right to suppress the speech of anyone they don’t like.  They have this bizarre idea that rules of civilized society are for everyone else but they alone have a “right” not be offended.  

 Not to single out the homosexuals; but I have a tape I found of brave homosexual activists confronting an elderly Christian woman.  It made me sick but everyone should see it.  This is what too many leftist liberal groups have become; self obsessed victim cults, so narcissistic and crazy as to deny others  rights while inappropriately demanding that others stop disagreeing with them, and thereby offending them. 

Environmental Activists have a paramilitary wing of terrorist crazies like ELF (Environmental Liberation Front) and Hispanic activists have La Rasa or “The Race” and these groups have gone off the deep end of late. 

Here are some brave homosexuals intimidating an elderly Christian women for the greater glory of a free society?  God forbid we should say that the homosexuals in this tape were acting like a gang of Nazi thugs getting their sick kicks off terrorizing an old woman.   


Some of these crazy left wing advocacy groups are out of control.  Take a look at this link and see for yourself:


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