Muslim Terror Attacks in India: American Targets There May Be a Prelude to Attacks Here During the Holidays


As you may recall, the process of transferring power and the vetting of cabinet appointments and potential White House Staffers began before the presidential election occurred and has been in high gear ever since.  The reason given was the idea that there would be a potential terror attack during the interregnum between the Bush and Obama administrations.  Recall also that Joe Biden made the famous statement that Obama would be sorely tested within the first six months and that people may not like what he’s called on to do in response to such a crisis. 

Now we have the holidays beginning in earnest with Thanksgiving tomorrow, and the major shopping day of the year, black Friday, the next day and we have threats made against the subways. 

Later in the day we have attacks in India against “western targets” in that the area attacked tends to have lots of foreigners around, especially westerners and Americans.  Here are some additional tidbits from Fox News about other attacks in India in recent days:

Raw Data: Recent Attacks on Americans or American Interests in India

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bombing — Aug. 16, 2006:

Five people were killed and 50 injured, including five Americans, in an explosion at an International Society for Krishna Consciousness temple in Imphal. The bombing was timed to the celebration of Janmasthami, which honors the appearance or birthday of Krishna, so a large crowd of devotees were gathered at the temple.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack. In the days after the attack, major militant groups in the region released statements denying their invovlement. Among these groups were the Kanglei Yawol Kanba Lup, the Kangleipak Communist Party, the People’s United Liberation Front and the Peoples Liberation

Bombing — May 13, 2002:

Three bombs were thrown at a Coca-Cola bottling plant in Bihar. Two exploded, and the third was defused. No injuries were reported. Pamphlets left at the site condemned foreign goods. Police say that the bombing may be related to an extortion scheme.

The attack was reportedly blamed on “miscreants,” but People’s War Group and the Maoist Communist Center are active in Bihar.

Armed attack — Jan. 22, 2002:

Five security officers were killed and 20 injured when four gunmen on two motorcycles opened fire on the American Center in Calcutta.

The American Center houses the U.S. Information Service, the Embassy’s Public Affairs and Press Offices and a Cultural Center. Two groups, Harakat-ul-Jehad Islami and Asif Raza Commandos, have each claimed responsibility.

On April 26, 2005, a court in Kolkata found seven people, including Aftab Ansari, the main accused, guilty of murder, conspiracy and waging war against the country.

Source: Lawson Terrorism Information Center

Remember also that the major hub of Islamic Terror activities are on the Pakistan Boarder, the lawless areas by Afghanistan where every known terror operation in recent days has had some ties in recruiting from the region, funding tied to the region or training conducted in the region.  Even President Elect Obama has expressed his ire about the terror bases in Pakistan and the US has been far more aggressive in attacking recently.  Missile strikes, air strikes, even a few shooting events between Pakistan and the US forces in Afghanistan have made the news recently.

It’s possible that this major attack in India is just an appetizer to demonstrate to us that we can’t control terrorists in other countries and we can’t control them here, if they attack our homeland and this India thing is an appetizer or a diversion.  Major attacks against the USA and its interests have been a long time coming and given the world financial crisis a major attack in New York would be a homerun for the terrorists.  This holiday season would be perfect given the transition, the financial crisis, state and city budgets being cut, it’s a very tempting target if the terrorists can actually stage something.

They did in India.

Is it our turn next?


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