Terrorist Outrage in India: Crazed Muslim Jihadists Create Chaos in India


Here’s a good succinct update from the Debka File that sums up the mess in India. 







Mumbai Terror Attack Updates Day 2

November 27, 2008, 2:04 PM (GMT+02:00)

– Indian forces poised to storm two hotels and Chabad center where terrorists are holding hostages, including Israelis.

– Israel-India flights continue on schedule. One carried a group of Israeli doctors for Mumbai.

– The Islamist terrorists attacking Mumbai for the second day came from outside the country.

– Indian security sources report many Israeli hostages in the Oberoi Hotel, which the terrorists still control amid sustained gunfire in the lobby.

– Heavy battles resume in the Taj Palace Hotel.

– Indian naval troops board the MV Alpha freighter suspected of having sailed the terrorists to Mumbai’s shore from Karachi, Pakistan.

– Anti-tanks missiles handed out to Indian commando force battling terrorists at Taj Palace hotel.

– Indian general: Four or five terrorists inside Chabad Center.

– Islamist shooting attacks and blasts spread to southern Mumbai away from the hotel district —

– Terrorists hurl grenades at Indian forces surrounding Chabad Center and the Oberoi hotel.

– Fighting flares up anew in the Taj Palace Hotel said to have been cleared Thursday. Some hostages escaped and many bodies were found in guests’ rooms.

– Terrorists are still holed up at the Oberoi Hotel and Chabad Center with hostages, including Israelis, under police-commando siege.

– A loud explosion at the Oberoi Hotel as some of the hundreds of hostages escape.

– A woman and child held at Chabad center came out of the building.

– The Mumbai stock exchange stays shut.

– Police sappers defuse bombs containing RDX strewn across the town.

– International airlines cancel flights to the beleaguered Indian town.

-The terrorists wear elite military unit uniforms. Each has an automatic rifle, grenades and military-style kit


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