Disappearing Somalis, Disappearing Common Sense, And the Disappearance of the West

I was born and raised in the Twin Cities of Minnesota and I know the people quite well.  Generally of Scandinavian stock and generally well educated the gentle people of Minnesota have a definite desire to do the right thing by everyone.  There is a certain snobbery attendant with Minnesotans who look down their nose at any statement that’s not “politically correct “but this is motivated, in equal measure,  from a desire to be fair, and a naiveté that’s costly in the world of today.  Minnesotans believe that if they’re nice to someone they’ll respond positively and certainly not with suicide vests, aerosol contraptions filled with Ebola, or even a nuclear bomb.  Having spent 4 years in San Diego and now some years in Philadelphia I can see a dangerous complacency in the United States in general and the State of Minnesota in particular.

Education has failed us.  Minnesotans pride themselves on being educated and informed on the events of our times and it’s the Multicultural curriculum that’s disenfranchised Minnesotans from the ability to apply their education and produce common sense, valid plans of action and intelligent responses to social issues. Education in Minnesota has bent over backward, and then some, to provide the aid needed to all our immigrant communities be they the Hmong of Viet Nam or the Somalis of Africa. I know that the Minneapolis Community College has built prayer rooms for Muslim (Somali) students and the airport taxis have granted Moslems the right to refuse rides to blind folks with seeing eye dogs, (dogs are unclean) and anyone with alcohol. (Alcohol being forbidden by Islam)  I have no doubt that well meaning, educated, socially conscious social organizations have gone to bat for the Somali community crying that “not every Muslim is a terrorist” and “we were all immigrants once” and how dare we cast suspicion on the Somali community of the Twin Cities. That’s hate mongering.  That’s just spreading hate and using “national security” to advance the backward far right addenda of the male, Christian dominant community!

Minnesota schools don’t educate in the sense of creating critical thinkers proficient in their field of study but ideological socialists known as “progressives” or “agents of social change” who are proficient in their field of study so long as it does not conflict with the ideological principals with which they’ve been inculcated. One never questions the Multicultural Ideology that saturates education and thus one is entirely vulnerable to terrorist components from Islamic countries.  As I say: Education has failed us.

Minnesota was where some of the 911 hijackers went for flight training.  Political correctness and “Minnesota Nice” would protect them while they learned how to take off, compute and steer a course, and not land!  Minnesota was where a gallant FBI agent drafted a gutsy memo calling for sanity at the risk of her career.  It’s that competing value of wanting to do the right thing and the Midwestern drive to do it no matter how hard it may be.  Such are the contradictions inherent in the conflict between education’s values and the faith that still exists in the Midwest inviting us to follow Christ and the truth above any ideology and to do the right, moral, just thing.

The Midwest is far from stupid but they’ve been sold a bill of good proclaiming that multiculturalism is the road to peace.  Multiculturalism is the road toward balkanization and disenfranchisement and corruption where ideology becomes more important than the truth.  They’ve been sold a bill of goods that their faith is incompatible with logic and reason and thus best described as a sort of backward superstition that truly educated people have evolved beyond. 

The truth is that secular humanist values don’t work and have created a narcissistic band of navel gazing hedonists who can’t govern themselves, to say nothing of a country, and that Jewish/Christian values are far superior to any value system yet developed by man.  It has something to do with telling the truth above all and having faith that somehow everything can be used for good by God in the lives of those who follow him.  It sure beats the doctrine that you’ve been enslaved and oppressed and victimized by the dominate culture and you need government to give you hand outs and to level the playing field for you. The educated people of today seem to regard Government as God: and given the true record of government I find it far more logical and reasonable to believe in Jesus.  I don’t think abortion, corruption, economic catastrophes and politics are hallmarks of the kingdom of God: but they are certainly the handiwork of every government on earth.

The faith of the secular humanist of today is science.  If Science says that “man made global warming” will destroy the earth; then all good progressives, who have evolved beyond faith to education, believe it and roundly castigate anyone who offers evidence or valid arguments to the contrary.  If Science says that we need to harvest the stem cells from our legalized system of infanticide to cure illness and save lives; then all the educated people are supposed to support it.  Most do.  After all, if science says its true than it can’t be false. 

Science if far more infallible than the Roman Catholic Pope and questioning its conclusions or assertions is tantamount to unforgivable sin in the world view of the Educated Secular Humanist. The truth is that the “global warming” theory may well be wrong and it’s certainly not settled science. There’s lots of junk science out there that’s motivated by preordained political considerations rather than the quest for knowledge and truth.  Science says there’s a “gay gene” that means homosexuals cant help themselves and that means they’re entitled to civil rights protection.   The truth is that there’s no “gay gene.” Homosexuality is not a legitimate civil rights issue.  Science says: No one knows when a “fetus” is a person and therefore we can kill the fetus ethically at the whim of the mother. The truth is that women don’t have the right to kill their babies, not fetus’s, and yes; we really do know that life begins at conception.  Science once said that a nuclear test would ignite the atmosphere and destroy the earth.  Science once said that bleeding a person gets rid of the toxins making them sick.  Science once said that valium was not addictive and that certain drugs were safe until they were forced from the market for being unsafe. Science is a method to know truth not a guarantee of truth.  Like any other method it can be corrupted and misused.

Would you rather have faith that we should all be vegetarians because cow flatulence, that produce more greenhouse gases than human activity, are destroying the planet or would you rather have faith as a Christian that you will know the truth and it will set you free?  I refuse to hate a cow for passing gas on occasion no matter how much it may annoy Al Gore and fly in the face of “environmental science”.

Perhaps the educated view is to organize the cow community and get some cow advocacy to stop the stereotyping of cows and to teach us all respect for cow culture.  In the end; both statements come down to faith.  Planet killing cows forcing us to give up cheese and T bones; or a relentless pursuit of truth because Jesus said we must worship him in truth and spirit?  Perhaps I’m a bad man for today’s world but I must say that I have far more scientifically valid arguments for the virgin birth of Jesus than I do for manmade global warming destroying the earth.  Indeed, I think the evidence supports the idea that we’re going into a new ice age given the cooling of the oceans and the sunspot activity.

Such is the doubletalk I learned in my Minnesota college days and then I read an article on Fox News about Somali men of terrorist age “disappearing” from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.  Consider some clips from the article below:

Dozens of young Somali men in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area have disappeared in recent months, causing community members and U.S. intelligence officials to fear that they are joining jihadist groups in Somalia.

Officials are especially concerned that some of the men may be destined to return to the U.S. after they have received terrorist training.

The missing young men have been the focus of some attention since late October, when Shirwa Ahmed, a naturalized U.S. citizen, died in a suicide bombing in northern Somalia. Ahmed was a 1999 graduate of Minneapolis’s Roosevelt High School.

A senior American intelligence source confirms that Somalis have vanished in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia, adding that some people from the Caribbean also appear to have left for Somalia. And not all of the people bound for training or jihad in Somalia have a Somali background, the source said.

A man who appears to be Caucasian and is aligned with the Somalia-based terrorist group Shabaab can be seen in a recent jihadist video, and another gave an interview with al-Jazeera (though he wore a facemask when doing so). The source said that at least three African-Americans from the Minneapolis area also are suspected of traveling to Somalia to join jihadist groups.

My father graduated from a Minneapolis North High School just before World War II. Dad and his generation, and all the ones before him, would have known what to do with this news story. The baby boom generation of today insists that all us racist, sexist, homophobic, absolute truth loving, Christians shut up and don’t we dare stereotype these poor Somalis who’re just trying for the American Dream.  

I have faith in the above story.  By that I mean that we all now know that Somalis are “disappearing” into terror training camps and will be coming back to the West once the training is completed to terrorize us.  I don’t mean to impugn the world view of the secular humanist progressives who think that they have a “right” to travel anywhere at any time, and it’s none of our business what they’re up too. It’s not immoral to refuse to allow a potential enemy population to immigrate to our country.  I believe that the truth of our modern world is that it’s too easy for a handful of people to kill whole cities with a weapon borrowed from Pakistan or Iran or North Korea or Russia.  Now this article, that I believe to be true, is definitely at odds with the Progressive Secular Humanist faith that we “never have a right to stereotype others” or to “refuse them entry into our country”.  I understand what they’re saying.  I just don’t believe it anymore.

I guess you could say I’ve lost faith in the new, progressive, baby boom America when it comes to dealing with disappearing Somalis in Minnesota.  But then what are they going to do to me?  Reeducate me?  Tear up my diplomas?

I just think the truth of the matter has come down to not treating Muslims with kid gloves and that we should severely restrict if not eliminate Muslim immigration, access to American schools, hospitals, business and tourism: for safety sake. Keeping us safe is a valid endeavor for government. Enforcing political correctness that imperils our nation is a matter best decided by the people, not the government, because they’re supposed to work for us and not the other way around. We’ve empowered the government to keep us safe not to preach to us or be our Daddy.  I have faith that such a policy would make it much harder to stage an attack in the USA and that the situation warrants this kind of action. If I could I’d kick every last Somali out of my beloved Minnesota and indeed out of the country, I would do it now.

Our Political Ideology is killing us and if we don’t learn to place truth above ideology than we are done as a county.  That may not be a politically correct statement but it sure is true.


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