If the Terrorists Can’t Outwit the French: Perhaps We’re Safe At Last!

The Associated Press reported on an attempt to bomb a popular French department store that apparently failed.  The Afghan Revolutionary Front claimed responsibility and said the action was because the French have troops in Afghanistan that the terrorist cabal would like removed.  I confess that the idea of French troops seems an oxymoron to me and my mind conjures up images of French commandos, cross trained as pastry chefs, whipping up some croissants and coffee for the American Soldiers each morning.  Perhaps the image is unkind but the idea that the French who are very friendly to the Arabs and all things Islamic, to the point of giving away their own country in a few years, seems laughable.  There’s no need for the terrorists to terrorize the French who have already abdicated world leadership for a sullen socialism and pacifism in the face of Islamic lawlessness in their own country as well as abroad.

It’s not difficult for terrorists to move freely and stage operations at will in France and attacking their shows no great courage or ability and its effects might, at some point, prove counterproductive should the French regain their self respect and courage. The terrorists scored big in India recently with the Mumbai attack but were about a week away from Christmas and they’ve failed to hit the west in any meaningful way.  Not that I’m complaining because I’ve been convinced that somebody’s going to tee off on us soon but I see this foiled plot in France as potentially encouraging. 

What if the Bush war on Terror really is working and the Terrorists can’t pull off an operation in France with any expectation of success?  If they can’t pull off a raid in passive, appeasement loving France, than that’s very encouraging news for the rest of us!  Bush has kept us safe these seven years and it seems that the Islamic terrorists are unable or unwilling to mount a determined effort to take the fight to the American Homeland.  I suspect it’s the former and they have no ability to mount a major operation against the United States because our reaction, at least under Bush, is more problematic than the terrorists are prepared to risk.

It’s still possible that the Islamic Jihadists will manage to stage an operation here but I’m beginning to think that Joe Biden is correct and they dare not move until President Elect Obama is sworn in on January 20th.  After all; a nuanced foreign policy is the jihadist’s best friend as the French aptly illustrate.

Here’s a bit of the Associated Press story and the URL: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20081216/ap_on_re_eu/eu_france_explosives_defused

PARIS – Police acting on a warning Tuesday found a bundle of dynamite inside a Paris department store at the height of the Christmas season, and a group demanding that France withdraw from Afghanistan claimed responsibility.

Sticks of dynamite tied together but without a detonator were found in the Printemps department store, a favored shopping destination for tourists, and a Christmas season attraction because of its festive window displays.

Interior Minister Michele Alliot-Marie said the explosives appeared “relatively old.” Police said they were found in the third floor restroom of the menswear department. Five sticks were found together, officials said.

“There was no risk of explosion,” the minister said.

French news agency Agence France-Presse said it received a letter Tuesday morning from a group calling itself the Afghan Revolutionary Front saying that several bombs had been planted in the store. Police said they searched the store and found the dynamite because of the warning.

Alliot-Marie said the group was “totally unknown” to police but that the claim was being studied.

In the letter, the group demanded the withdrawal of French troops from Afghanistan before the end of February, and threatened attacks if France refuses.

“Otherwise we will go back into action in your big capitalist stores and this time without warning you,” the letter said, according to AFP.

President Nicolas Sarkozy, who has increased France’s troop levels in Afghanistan, quickly stressed that he would not bend to terrorism. France has 2,800 troops in Afghanistan


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