A Whimper not a Bang: Living the Last Chapter of the United States of America




It’s abundantly clear that either the US Economy faces an absolute meltdown or we go along with a supposed savior who, like FDR before him, erects one government program after the other in the hope of curing the present ills while sowing the seeds of future ills.  We’re either going to go out with a bang and the absolute crash of the dollar or were going to ambulate along in a state of perpetual crisis and massive government interventions and become irrelevant as a world power while we fixate ever more on keeping the broken system alive.  In other terms we go out with a whimper having traded away our birthright and our principals to the fear mongers of socialism, crackpot environmentalism, and multiculturalism. 

If we stop the massive government interventions now: we go out with a bang in a few months.  The event occurs and we have a couple of disastrous years and we’re back on the mend after rejecting government intervention and perhaps after the repeal of the Federal Reserve Act and we thus restore the integrity and profitability of the nation.

If we engage the government in running more and more of the economy we may buy time, because after all they can print their own money, but our market economy will be less and less productive as we slip into the trap of the centrally planned economies of socialism.  This is what Europe has gone through to say nothing of China and Russia.  This type of huge government control will never compete with a market driven economic machine of fate that we apparently no longer want to be.

To be fair there has been some improvement to the economic model of central planning that’s being championed by the Chinese at the moment.  It was arguably invented by El Duce, the famed dictator of Fascist Italy, Benito Mussolini and honed and refined by Adolf Hitler to get Germany out of an economic mess as big as the one we currently face.  It’s being called State -ism.  It’s being called Corporatism and it’ll likely be called the “NEW” New Deal of Barak Obama: no one will call it what it really is and that’s Fascism.

In this kind of fascism the government and big business are in bed making key economic decisions allowing for the kind of focus that you get with central planning while keeping alive some semblance of freedom to keep productivity high.  Government and Business run the show and they become our employers and they give us jobs and benefits like health care, dental, mortgages, education and even take away fattening beverages that aren’t good for us.  We sell out by pretending we haven’t lost all our power, our republic, our independence in an effort to avoid the fearful disasters that are looming over us as reported by the media and sourced by the government. Government no longer works for us; we now work for the government and are employees of our national engine, run by elites in business and government, rather than citizens who direct government action via free elections and the laws that make up a republic.

In our times the Government, Education and the Media and a host of NGO’s (Non Governmental Organizations like the Ford Foundation, the William Gates Foundation and the philanthropic trusts established by big money) assure us that global warming will soon kill us, we have to have a world economy to survive, and that overpopulation is destroying the planet and so on. 

Call it the politics of fear.  We fear pollution and climate change because Education, the Media, and the Government have told us its real and we need to fundamentally reorder our society, even in the midst of an economic crisis as bad as any we’ve faced.  We’re so afraid that we’re going to spend trillions in upcoming years to make a “green” economy that has no chance of stopping climate change.  Even a child who fairly studies both sides of “global warming” would conclude that we’ve been conned.  The question becomes; why have we been conned and to what end? 

We fear that a banking collapse will destroy the economy and our standard of living so we support any intervention by government and Big Business via the Federal Reserve to solve the problem.  So far the economy is still afloat and we don’t think about how we’ve discarded the market economy that’s worked so well for us or that we’ve traded our republic for a neo socialist corporatism, neo fascism, at the behest of the chairman of a foreign banking cartel that owns our banks and a treasury secretary with more power than the President and Congress combined.  Why do we do this?  Because we fear the consequences of a depression and how we got there more than we fear throwing away our freedom and republic because Bernanke and Paulson think it would be a good idea. We’re a pack of frightened children who don’t want to clean up the mess and will do anything to avoid facing our calamity.

The United States Government and economy is being remade in full view of us all in order to stave off the fearful consequences of taking full responsibility for the economic mess we’re in.  Our US dollar is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States, (your wages and mine) but our dollar is printed and used by evil men in the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve to make us so afraid that we give away the farm in gratitude to a new Government with a new, new deal who’s only value is to make us afraid and pretend to make the consequences of our neglect fade away.

Barak Obama will make it all go away and we’ll settle into an economic malaise that will gradually lower our standard of living down to where most of the developed and developing world will settle and we’ll justify it by saying it’s a new economic justice in the global economy.  The truth is that we got robbed and mugged by the Owners of the Federal Reserve and our own corrupt politicians and were the last defense of a free people. We’ve traded Economic Opportunity and freedom for an economic system run by a banking and currency oligarchy, the heirs of the superrich robber barons of old who have completed a planetary conquest without anyone realizing that’s what they were doing.  Obama will put a genial grin on our situation while his administration deconstructs racist, capitalist America and forces us all into a reliance on government services for all the necessities of life.  We’ll never speak of who calls the shots and who really runs the show.  He won’t talk about the Federal Reserve or the gray economic and moral dungeon of socialism he’ll talk about economic justice and empowerment and green technologies and  He’ll call it change we can believe in. Doubtless the people will cheer him on. 

What was it Benjamin Franklin said?  He who would trade freedom for security deserves neither one?

So what’s the bottom line? 

2009 will either see our economy crash or the government will take levels of power unprecedented in American history in a gradual takeover of all our civil liberties and freedom in a bloodless revolution of elite bankers and the superrich aided and abetted by elitist politicians who will act on our best interests with increasing paternalism.  They’ll say that the world is so complicated that we need people who understand globalism to make our decisions. The world has become too complicated for representative democracy to guide us and the bread and circus mentality of democracy must be overcome by a new global politics based on justice and compassion for all. I’d like to say that the day Obama is sworn in marks the day that America fell but that day belongs to G.W. Bush and the day he let Bernanke and Paulson change the economy and our form of government.  Obama is going to take us to the next several levels in a graduated way that will make for the end of the American era.

Barak Obama and his friends will take care of us like he was our daddy and he’ll facilitate the transfer of the peoples power to government and economic elites as the old selfish capitalist system breaks down.  He’ll say that if the market economy was sustainable, it wouldn’t have broken and we need a sustainable system more in tune with the rest of the world.  He’ll give us fatherly advice and help us joyfully lower our expectations of government even as our power is usurped by government. Obama will place a fatherly hand on our shoulder while he encourages us to trade government control for our freedom because it’s the only way we can avert disaster. It’ll become clear that democracy can’t solve the tough problems like global warming because of all the competing selfish interests and that we really do need compassionate elite to run the world.  

Nevertheless I think that Obama will have a good time and a nice ride in office as his interventions stave off the melt down we fear as our national power and influence fade from the global stage. Maybe he’ll recoup some money by recalling our troops from all over the world and giving up our bases and role as the world policeman.  That alone could keep us economically alive during his first term.  We could throw out NASA and our research programs and that might fund him through a second term.  But then what? 

A world dominated by the tough kid on the block?  Are we to become an Ex-Superpower too fearful and corrupt and riddled with neurosis to project power and maintain peace?  A has-been America who gave up on research and technology because we would rather build new community centers in every town?  (Solar Powered and way too expensive of course) Will we be one nation or will we now begin to balkanize in earnest as racial and cultural ties and traditions become our life line rather than the American culture we’ve all been taught to hate and have largely abandoned? One America?  One Culture?  We haven’t been that since the sixties.

The idea that America will fall from the world stage with some cataclysmic event or the rapture is becoming increasingly unlikely………

America will fall, and indeed has fallen from within, and as the corruption and greed of the MASSIVE government we’re about to create sinks in we’re going to lose our economic, moral, and educational advantages and we’ll go down slowly without even a whimper.  Out battles will be to advance the causes of our given groups and our access to the government’s money and goodwill will determine our fate.  Those with access and a claim of cultural victimhood will do better than groups without such access or those strange individualists who somehow survive. Barak Obama is going to get everything he wants and what he wants is a more humble America.  Humble pie will be our national dish within a few years.

Welcome to the age of Obama where the Pork Barrel has been renamed the Economic Stimulus injection and Fascists’ have outlasted Communism and the American Republic.

The American Experiment ended in 2008 when the fear of an economic depression was used to cement the power of the global money cartel over the United States who threw away its heritage, culture and freedom one dark night without even a whimper of protest.


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