Europe Calls for a New World Order: America Calls for More Money


In Paris the leaders of France and Germany with the former Prime Minister of the UK, Tony Blair called on the USA to join them in global efforts to clean up capitalism and make the world safe for a twenty-first century global economy.  The New World Order economic agenda continues to be fleshed out in Europe and French President Nicolas Sarkozy said: “the crisis has shown that no country can go it alone on economic policy.”  In the twenty first century, Sarkozy went on to explain, it’s clear that “no one country can be allowed to go it alone” on economic policy.  The days of the nation state are passed and a transitory regionalism enroute to a truly global economic system is seen as desirable and inevitable. Once again the idea is that we all become employees of the new world order and lose our citizenship incrementally and move ever into the sphere of dependence on government for cradle to grave services. The unspoken accusation that hangs in the air is that America has failed to keep order and stability in the global economic system and must now surrender her control and influence  to an international system to be crafted in Europe.  We’ve had our chance and now we must join as a participant to worldwide economic reform and stop trying to dictate terms simply because we have/had the most dynamic economy on earth. 


Loss of sovereignty is inevitable because we now need an international body to police the financial markets if globalism is to survive.  This means that the USA will lose the ability to regulate and police our financial systems because the world regulatory agency will be superseding American law in its power to regulate banking and investments.  Given the fact that the entire world is affected by our economic meltdown we may have our hand forced by international consensus by the same folks who gave us the Kyoto treaty and the UN.  I daresay President Obama will be only too happy to yield to international consensus and accept the supremacy of some international agency in the regulation of our financial markets. 


Angela Merkel of Germany has expressed her horror at the astounding debt the western world is running up in a lame attempt to manage this situation but has admitted that for the moment there appears to be no other choice. The entire free world is considering more “stimulus packages” as the world economy continues to spiral out of control in fits and starts.  The Americans are expecting a massive $1.2 TRILLION budget deficit for the 2009 budget AND THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE OBAMA’S STIMULOUS PACKAGE THAT COULD END UP ANOTHER TRILLION DOLLARS OR MORE. 


Still the world goes on, as unemployment hits 7.2% in the United States.  That’s the highest rate in 16 years. It’s not just that employers are cutting jobs they’re slashing hours and trying to get along with part time positions instead of full time.  Like the banks hording money the employers are cutting everything they can and that’s exacerbating the people who are of course following suit and not spending a dime they don’t have to.  Everyone is hording and spending as little as possible which will make the whole thing worse resulting in more hording and the freezing of economic activity. This is all terrible news for the economy and it puts us in a downward cycle of unemployment leading to a lack of spending by consumers leading to a lack of production by sellers, and on and on again. It’s a sickening cycle of fear, or anti-faith, if you like.  While an abundance of faith can indeed Move Mountains an abundance of fear can enable the worst sort of changes imaginable in the economic and political worlds because people will do anything to stop this fearful cycle.  That’s how Germany got Adolf Hitler. 


The Europeans are talking about global rules on how, when and why a government can offer aid to companies and corporations. (eg. Give our tax dollars to corporations to promote economic stability) Gone is any assumption that governments should offer no aid to corporations because that’s not a proper arena for government to operate.     Sarkozy calls a market economy based on speculation “immoral” and concludes that “in the 21st century there is room for the state” One wonders how President Sarkozy would assess the morality of a system of governance in which the corporations put up the huge moneys necessary to elect a government, that once elected, insists on subsidies and bailouts for the corporations that elected them.  It would seem there is indeed room in such a system for the state but there’s no room for the people.  The State and the Corporations have all the power and the people become simply a workforce or employee’s of this immoral system.


This is going to give all those whacky anarchists are real headache when you have governments embracing corporatism to this degree.  Imagine a world where the edicts of your human relations office take on the trappings and civil force of the law.  When our national and individual interests can be reduced to the success of our economy and the key corporations that form its nucleus than we as a people have lost our vary soul to say nothing of our country.  You don’t trade freedom for riches because without freedom riches mean nothing.    It’s as if many of the world’s leaders are saying that there’s no real difference between government and corporations and if they but worked together and pooled their resources we would have a workers’ paradise.  It’s as if our leaders see the economic success of our corporations as the be all and end all of our national interests. 


Is it the case that’s what’s best for Archer Daniels Midland and Halliburton is best for the world?  What happens to freedom when we’re all employees of the USA and we have free health care, education, housing, and there’s nothing left to strive for because the government takes care of us and gives us two weeks’ vacation each year.   We trade our chance at wealth and our dreams and individual gifts for the security and malaise of a socialist system that makes us increasingly weak, dependant and unhappy.  We can no longer fail individually or collectively but neither can we succeed.  The days of the guy starting a business in his garage and becoming a tycoon are over forever and what remains are the workers and the totem of government and the gods of corporatism.



Ask not what your Corporation

Can do for you

Ask what you can do for

Your corporation.

Because your corporation is your country

And your work is your patriotism.

And Patriotism is sacrifice

And Sacrifice is love

And love is blind.


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