Democrats Pass the Stimulus Bill: Republicans Pass on Signing a Suicide Pact



Yesterday the House “Republicans” rediscovered what it means to be a Republican and have actual conservative principals.  Yesterday the Republicans said no to an outrageous con job that would make Bernie Madoff green with envy, as pork infused orgy of liberal insanity, the so called stimulus bill, passed without a single Republican vote. The passage of the bill, which has no hope of reviving the economy, is bad enough and bodes ill for this nation as the financial crisis deepens but the awakening of republicans was a marvel to behold.  The act of defiance gave rise to the hopes that Republicans are sobering up from their long dark night of drunken spending and are willing to be the adults in the room once again.

The Republicans put forward a bill that would cost half of the Trillion-plus dollars the Democrats passed yesterday while having three times the effect, twice as fast: but that featured tax cuts and no pork. Naturally the bill was defeated in favor of the larger bill that has no chance of saving the economy and plenty of pork but the Republicans are starting to develop a backbone and represent the nation’s conservatives once again.  The first sign of the unity needed to save this nation from economic Armageddon was born yesterday on the floor of the House of Representatives as the Republicans said no to a suicidal stimulus bill. The Failure of the Republicans to stop this bill bothers me not at all because it was a pleasure to see conservatism and common sense demonstrated so courageously by a band of politicians that for years have been indistinguishable from democrats.  This is now the democrat’s bill having been passed without a single republican vote. 

It’s going to be seen as a disaster in retrospect as the Obama supplicants follow their leader off the cliff, whistling the socialist theme song, but at least the republicans might earn the right to clean up the mess after four years of nascent socialism. Why is the Democrat stimulus bill so bad?  What makes the Democrats so utterly wrongheaded in this morass of economic news?  Simply put it’s because massive spending programs do, to some degree and to some duration, stimulate the economy; but it works by growing government. Government jobs don’t build wealth and are not long term jobs if focused on infrastructure repairs.  The Republican tax cut bill stimulates business which creates permanent jobs for the long haul rather than short term infrastructure job.  Democrats grow government because they love to social engineer everything in sight.  This gives them control even as the people become weak and dependant on the nanny state.  They’re true believers that they can do a better job of running your life than you can and that they alone can face the big picture and make the decisions that you and I simply aren’t smart enough to understand.

It’s not terribly popular to tell a nation that’s half convinced by Democrats that “evil corporations” and “the rich” are shafting them that the way out is to cut the corporate tax in half and even consider a flat tax or the “fair tax” because it would restore us as an economic dynamo overnight and revive all sectors of the economy at warp speed.  We can’t have a corporate tax cut be the saving of the USA because it makes going back to vilifying these job creators so very much more difficult. We look around at the economy of today and we’re horrified.  We can’t really imagine how much worse it can get and therein lies the failure of imagination that will destroy our country.

The fact of the matter is that it can get a whole lot worse.  This time next year we’ll be into double digit unemployment rates as the orgy of spending fails to stop 2009 from being a year of uniformly bad economic news.  We’re going to see more rounds of bank rescues, state rescues, city rescues, Airline rescues, Education rescues, perhaps even newspaper rescues as the government nationalizes key sectors of the economy and runs them into the ground in the name of saving them.  The Federal Reserve has increased the money supply by a staggering sum which guarantees a round of hyperinflation at some point in the future.  Interest rates will go from nothing to double digits with alarming speed once again stalling out the economy.  The problem will be that the government is so far in debt that the rates they’ll have to pay for having unleashed the hyper inflation will probably wipe out the US Dollar within a few years. 

The Obama Stimulus package (that won’t work) cost more than all the wars we’ve ever fought and is a Ponzi scheme just like Burnie Madoffs!  We’re so morally jaded with the fear of our standard of living going down we just can’t see that there’s no difference between Madoff and the Democrats with this stimulus bill!   When it all comes crashing down the world will never forgive us nor will they trust us again.  Obama and his followers are doing this with their eyes wide open having believed, erroneously, that FDR got us out of the great depression with social spending rather than World War II putting everyone back to work.  This pervasive misconception of history is about to bring the last surviving superpower to an inglorious self inflicted end.

The Obamakins have rammed a trillion dollar spending orgy through the House and I’ve no doubt that the Senate will roll over as the Republicans there haven’t the courage of the House Republicans.  The Obama Spending Orgy will be the last straw in our national suicide and we’ll bleed out within a few years; it’s inevitable.  Future generations will wonder how we could have been so blind and so childlike but in the age of suffering we’re entering: everyone will be forced to either grow up or give up as tough times either restores or reshapes the American character. 

Still…… Yesterday the Republicans said NO!  It’s a small and almost inconsequential act when you consider the waves of suffering this bill will unleash but still: The Republicans found some guts.  It’s a small thing but it’s the first ray of real hope I’ve seen since last summer.  Let’s hope it’s a trend.


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