In Massachusetts Gender Questions are Multiple Choice: Picking your own Gender for Fun and Profit!


Government has developed the nasty habit, in the baby boom era, of preaching to the people the values and standards it should adopt to live an ethical and moral life.  Government is seen by too many as a wise old father who molds the little people into a just society with a little help from elitist government officials for the common good.  You know; kinda like god.  (Not that we would confuse government for god in the age of Obama)  Government has adopted multiculturalism, hate crimes legislation, discrimination laws, Bussing, quota laws, women’s laws for gender equality and now the crowning achievement in Government enforced morality: Pick Your Own Gender Legislation!    


Pick Your Own Gender is a triumph of the progressive spirit that helped elect Barny Frank to congress and to pioneer homosexual marriage in America!  This latest effort to set people free allows those of us who don’t like our genitals to legally become the other gender without messy surgery!  What gender do you feel like?  Don’t worry about what gender you are; its about giving the gender you FEEL like the force of law by allowing you to pick your own gender in obtaining drivers licenses and other official identification. 


We live in times where we have to bow to a law that allows a man who feels like a woman and who can get a friendly doctor to sign off on it the ability to become a legal woman and use the ladies room and even take a shower with your daughter in high school!  What a country!  When I went toHigh School there was a linebacker on the school football  team that was so enamored of getting a glimpse of the girls locker-room I believe he might have had a spontaneous change of what gender he felt like if he could shower with the cheerleaders after the game.


Heaven only knows what President Obama thinks of such legislation or if he’ll wrap this judicial road apple in the hallowed robes of civil rights law.  I dare say the kinds of judges he’ll appoint to the court are the type that would look with favor on the Massachusetts ruling and lauding it as expanding civil rights for everyone.  I would have thought that the pants down presidency of Bill Clinton would have been more favorably disposed toward this sort of thing but now we’ll see if Barak Obama can tell male from female.


Below are some clips from an article on World Net Daily and click below to read the whole story.


The state of Massachusetts, which has been at the forefront of normalizing homosexual relationships in law, has taken a bold new step to allow applicants for drivers licenses to select their gender on officials documents.

The decision by Rachel Kaprielian became public when an organization promoting family values obtained a copy of a letter she dispatched to a homosexual lobbying organization.

The letter to Marc Solomon of MassEquality said the state Registry of Motor Vehicles “has amended its policy to enable transgendered individuals to more easily change the gender designation on their licenses and identity cards.”

(Story continues below)




Kaprielian said the new provisions no longer will require applicants to submit medical proof of sex reassignment surgery.

“Under the new policy, the letter said, “an individual who wishes to change the gender marker will submit an updated application together with a Gender Designation Change Form, signed by him or her and a medical provider attesting to the gender that the individual considers himself or herself to be.”


“Essentially, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has decided that for legal purposes of identification, a person’s actual sex is meaningless. The gender ‘you consider yourself to be’ is now officially used. This is madness. But it’s now the state policy,” the organization said.

“A man using a women’s restroom or women’s locker room would now show police a legal, official Massachusetts identification that he ‘is a woman.’ He could get this on the basis of ‘the gender he considers himself to be’ with the agreement of a ‘medical provider,'” the organization said on its website.

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