Ethics and the Obama Era: Taxes are for Chumps, Little People, and Republicans


The morally challenged Obama Administration continues a policy of placing conservatives and ordinary Americans under an ethics microscope and placing their fellow “progressives” (Neo-Socialists) above the law.  This trend of one-sided enforcement of laws and standards that began in earnest during the Scandal Ridden administration of Impeached President William Jefferson Clinton has culminated in a gang of criminals running our government while men like Scooter Libby languish in jail for a “process crime.”  While the institutions of our society from banking to entitlements like Social Security and Fannie Mae crumble from corruption and fraud, and the world sees increasing riots about the economic system,: this is the team Obama has tasked with restoring credibility and respect in our failing financial system.

President Barak Hussain Obama:  Sweet deal on his house from a shady character Tony Resco.  He said he was sorry and it was a bone headed thing to do.  He still has the house however. Indeed he has two houses and one of them is the White House. And he has the following list of “public servants” to help him rule over us all. He’s not so much a hero of the Neo-Socialists (Neo-Socks) a demigod.  He’s a quasi messianic figure with a very thin resume and a reputation as an ACORN lawyer/community organizer.  (ACORN is currently under indictment in many states for massive voter fraud) He’s most famous for being African American and being raised by a single mom.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton: Whitewater, File gate, Monica-gate, the list is endless.  She is the Partner of Impeached President William Jefferson Clinton and they made fantastic sums of money after leaving the White House.  She turned the nation’s pity for her husband’s infidelity into a Senate Seat and her wielding of the Clinton Political Machine brought her within a hair of unseating Barak Obama for the Democrat Nomination for President.

Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner:  Tax Evasion, Former Chairman of the New York Federal Reserve (A Group of Largely Foreign Owned Banks that Rule our Economy) He said he was sorry about the tax evasion but he paid no penalties or interest unlike a typical American in similar straits. His connection with the Federal Reserve is supposed to be regarded as “experience” rather than a conflict of interest.

Attorney General: Eric Holder:  The Mark Rich Pardon (the worst presidential pardon in history) was his baby and he’s said he’s sorry and wouldn’t do it again.  Mark Rich is a notorious tax evader and his pardon, on Eric Holders recommendation, was the crowning scandal of the Clinton administration.  He is the poster child for how the power to pardon can be misused and the Rich pardon remains the best reason to curb or remove this power from the president.

Secretary of Health and Human Services: Tom Daschle:  Tax Evasion for multiple years in addition to quasi lobbying activities and a close and intense relationship with lots of healthcare related companies.  He’s said he’s sorry for the multi year tax evasion but he paid no penalties or interest unlike a typical American in similar straits.

Secretary of Commerce Designated Bill Richardson:  Removed himself over pay for play allegations and you don’t hear much about this matter since he’s no longer in line, at this time, to be a player in the Obama Administration. Look for him to be resurrected after everyone becomes comfortable with the true caliber of Obama nominees to public service.

Obama’s “No Lobbyist in my Administration” remains a policy but it’s been so riddled with “wavers” that it’s fundamentally a meaningless policy.  If you’re a lobbyist, and you’re really good, with a “too big to fail” persona you can get a waver and serve with Obama. 

House Ways and Means Chairman Charlie Wrangle: Tax evasion & Numerous Scandals but he paid no penalties or interest unlike a typical American in similar straits.  His committee writes the tax code he evaded. This black congressman from New York is untouchable and a good friend of Hillary and Bill Clinton.  The Pelosi Congress is unwilling to investigate this man in any meaningful way.

Senator Chris Dodd Chairman of Senate Banking Committee: Sweetheart Deals on his Mortgage from Country Wide Financial but Senator Dodd says he didn’t know he was getting special treatment.  It took him six months to release his mortgage papers after he said he would.  He says he’s sorry if he did anything wrong.

Congressman Barney Frank Chairman of House Financial Services Committee:  Barney had a Homosexual Affair with Official from Fannie Mae, obstructed every attempt to mitigate the risks taken by Fannie for 16 years while encouraging taking even greater risks for minority loans that never should have been made.  He allowed a Homosexual Prostitution Ring to be run out of his house when he was a sitting member of congress. Barney himself paid for homosexual prostitution with this Stephen Gobbi person but he said he was sorry and he’s gay so it’s ok and it would be discriminatory if not a hate crime to throw him out of congress.  Once again the Pelosi congress won’t hold this man responsible for spitting on the sidewalk nor investigate him in any serious way.


These are the men and women who will help President Obama shape our future and are our legacy to generations of Americans to come who will live with the consequences of the decisions reached by these people.  We and our future generations deserve more respectable public servants in a time when big government corruption has become a threat to the peace and stability of the whole planet. These are the people who will make a bloated and corrupt government twice as big and intrusive as it is today.  These are the people who want to spend generations of our children into abject slavery and trade our American Heritage for Socialism and reduce the American People to dependant surfs. 

The Bible says you can know someone by their fruits and if you consider the legacy of corruption and the degree of allegiance to neo socialist ideology aka. “Progressivism” instead of equality under the law or for that matter the rule of law than we’re in big trouble.  We’ve elected a messianic president with a cabinet of morally questionable big government advocates who’ve milked the system all their lives.  To paraphrases President Ronald Reagan:  These people are not the solution; these people are the problem.


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