“A Republic, If You Can Keep It”: Will the Night of Feb 5th 2009 Mark the Night our Republic Died?


Harry Reid said that the Senate would remain at work throughout the night and by the morning of the 6th of February he hoped to have the votes to get the “stimulus” through the United States Senate.  The mammoth legislation is a Christmas tree laden Spending Bill encompassing every crazy project the Democrats have championed for 30 years.  Our President has indicated that if we don’t pass this bill it may destroy the economy to such a degree that we’ll never be able to fix it.  The Republicans and some Democrats are nauseated by the sheer size of the spending bill that few believe will actually stimulate the economy and save the day.  A special group of moderates in the senate are trying feverishly to craft a compromise that if passed, might give threadbare cover to the inevitable Democrat claim that it had bipartisan support if it fails and no bipartisan support if they win the lottery and it succeeds.  It’s believed that Reid will let the compromise group fizzle, and when it does, step in to say the Republicans will obstruct any bill and never intended to offer a legitimate bipartisan effort: and then he’ll pass the bloated trillion dollar nightmare on a party line vote just like Pelosi in the House. 

If the Trillion Dollar Spending Bill fails to stave off a depression, or worse , in the USA, as I and other sane Americans believe will be the case, we will touch off a wave of hyperinflation caused by unprecedented and irresponsible government debt and ignited by the governments attempt to borrow two trillion dollars whose interest alone, in a hyperinflationary environment, will destroy the dollar and our economy.  When we go down the drain that’s the last anyone will here of Capitalism as the world settles into a global government and financial system; trading freedom for a social safety net and global economy that will be largely an illusion.  This action that our inexperienced, but charismatic and ideological President, and the corrupt Senate is so determined to pass will add just enough dynamite to ensure that when it explodes it takes the United States that we’ve known to its death. 

The crisis mentality will remain with us and just as Wilson and Roosevelt used the crisis atmosphere in their times to pass terrible and counterproductive legislation; so will President Obama who is committed to this course.  Neither Wilson nor Roosevelt led the greatest debtor nation on earth at the time and that will be what in retrospect makes the Obama Stimulus such an obvious failure.  We’ll look back and say how they could have tried to add more debt for a stimulus that wouldn’t stimulate the economy, borrow the money on the world market and think they could get away with it.  That’s what we’ll say in retrospect.


            In our fear and haste to avoid the consequences of our debt and failed attempts to use government as an agent of remediation to “disadvantaged social groups” within our society, we’ll have thrown away our heritage and freedom.  In past months we’ve nationalized banks, handed out tax dollars to a variety of businesses, we’ve borrowed our children’s future away, flooded the world with worthless dollars, and we’ve done it all,cringing in fear, in the dark of night, because someone told us it would be disaster if we didn’t.  We’ve done everything wrong so far and this very night the depths of our societal stupidity will reach its zenith as the United States Senate pounds the last nail into the coffin of our economy and our freedom. 

We’ve allowed class warfare so vial and toxic to our politics to remove the only solution that would have saved us had we been able to rise above our arrogant baby boom liberalism.  We could save the day by dropping our corporate tax to about 5% and by refusing to borrow and by adding even more tax cuts that would supercharge our economy overnight.  Identity politics has removed that possibility from discussion because we’ve had thirty years of calling it corporate welfare and tax cuts for the rich.  IT’S THE ONLY SANE WAY TO STIMULATE AN ECONOMY AS FAR IN DEBT AS WE ARE AND “THE RICH” AND “CORPERATE WELFARE” HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.  There’s no way Obama or Pelosi’s House of Representatives could bring themselves to do that so everyone in congress pretends that the spending bill will save our bankrupt nation.  It won’t.

            When the Constitution of the United States of America was being debated, as Ben Franklin was walking home one night, a woman is said to have asked him: “Mr. Franklin, what sort of government are you making for us?”

            Franklin paused and looked her in the eye. 

“A Republic, Madam, if you can keep it.”

Those words haunt me as our deliberative body, the Senate, is stampeded headlong by the specter of a depression into making a disaster ten times worse by the cowardice that clutches their faithless hearts.  This loony Senate Bill is going to blow us right out of the water and it won’t just be our way of life and government that will never be the same it’ll be the cause of freedom and the capitalist system worldwide that will die with us.  While the Senate wallows in corruption, passing a bill they know won’t work, and the President refuses to look at a tax cut focus, even when he senses it’s the only way out, our children’s future is forfeit to corruption and identity politics this very night.  May God and the world forgive us our arrogance and narcissism as we wait in the vain hope that the Senate can rise above corruption and avarice to do the right thing.



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