Living on Empty: Baby Boom Politics Leave USA Bankrupt and Defenseless




Remember the Oil Shock of the summer? It was our introduction to hard times and as we learned, abruptly, to drive less and hang on to our money; the prices at the grocery store sky rocketed and we discovered just how vulnerable we are because we rely on foreign oil.  Anyone who can manipulate, threaten, or disrupt our supply of foreign oil can fundamentally destroy the United States within a matter of months because our economy begins to crater from the first threat to the oil.

Do you remember the T. Boone Pickens commercials about regaining energy independence?  Do you remember the Drill Here, Drill Now t shirts and bumper stickers? 

Crude Oil is under $40 a barrel right now, down from a High of $150 a barrel just last summer. The Oil Crisis seemed to ignite the subprime crisis and, in turn, ignited the banking crisis; resulting in the near loss of the world financial system, distracting us from our vulnerability to foreign oil.  Demand for Oil sharply dropped from the economic heart attack massive increases in transpiration costs produced. People and Businesses just stopped spending on anything that was not absolutely necessary.  Economic activity around the globe not only lost momentum but began to contract and that trend is with us to this day.    The economic disaster, the sharply reduced demand for oil,  has created a disaster in Russia, Venezuela, and Mexico.  There is the real possibility of political instability in both Russia and Mexico as the crashing of oil prices has destroyed their economy creating increasing political unrest and riots that now threaten the governments in those countries. 

The world economy has slowed to such a degree that there are fully loaded oil ships on the high seas that are just sitting there waiting for the prices to come up and the slack demand to pick up.  Gas prices are up around the country because one of our refineries is facing a potential labor strike even with crude oil at about $37.00 a barrel right now.  Do you remember the sickening feeling of things spinning out of control as the gas prices rose to threaten our household budgets and prices went crazy as the increase costs in shipping made their way through the economy?  What have we done to fix this mess? 


President Obama talks about green energy jobs.  We don’t drill.  We won’t increase our production even as China drills for Oil between Cuba and the USA because the Baby Boom Democrats have come to believe that they’re the friends and saviors of the earth. They seem to believe they must destroy America to save the Earth.   Any meaningful disruption in our oil supply will destroy our economy within months if not weeks.  We know this and we’re doing nothing to increase our domestic energy production: no drilling, no nuclear plants, no refineries, no clean coal, no synthetic oil research and production, no shale oil plants, nothing. Given the financial crisis we can’t fund the additional production and the stimulus bill only is going to wind and solar not nuclear plants, off shore drilling or clean coal technology.

 Ideology is making us vulnerable and stupid in confronting both the energy crisis and the Economic Crisis. Massive Spending to end the Economic Crisis has no possibility of working but if we’re going to sell generations of our children into economic slavery wouldn’t it make sense to take steps that could actually make us energy independent?

Do you remember last summer?

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi stalled and prevaricated on any energy legislation until after the election and now she can be assured that this loaded, cocked gun, remains pointed at our head.  I don’t know if she sees herself as a savior of the earth, or if she just cynically paid off a volatile liberal constituency, but her malfeasance and stupidity has cost us precious time. Wind and solar won’t save us next year if the world oil supply is disrupted.  We can make safe nuclear power, clean coal and even oil from shale in sufficient quantity to save us but we don’t because of the ideological purity of Pelosi, Reid and Barak Obama.  Former Vice President Al Gore has declared manmade global warming “settled science” and the ideological zombies in the Democrat party click their heels, salute, and lead us down a suicidal path, rather than acknowledge, as an increasing number of climate scientists do, that Global Warming is a fraud.  All of the energy and infrastructure money in the stimulus bill is for technology that we really don’t know how to , and that’s not ready for prime time, while the steps we can take to break our dependence on foreign oil are ignored because they aren’t politically correct.

Do you remember last summer?

Do you think we won’t face the same scenario again soon?  Do you understand that we have a gun to our head?  Can you imagine how easy it would be for an enemy to disrupt oil supplies by some well placed bombs in the Middle East oil fields or at some refineries anywhere in the world?  We’re like children who stubbornly won’t face the facts of our lives even when we know that our pretend world will kill us but still we cling to our illusions and our ideology.

The one question that no one asked in the oil crisis, or the subprime crisis, or the financial crisis is perhaps the most important one and the most fundamental one we could ask.  If we deliberately act so foolishly as to ignore all the causes of our problems and will only consider solutions that can’t succeed because of our political correctness, and our toxic ideology, do we deserve to survive?  How can we survive without producing our own energy?  The answer is that we can’t.  We know how to build more refineries, nuclear plants, drill offshore, develop shale oil and other technologies but we don’t do it.  If you jump off a skyscraper: you die.  If you douse yourself in gas, and light up a cigarette:  you die.  If you tie yourself to a 1000 lbs anchor and drop it in the sea: you die.  If you don’t increase oil production you can lose the country within months as our economy dies.  We can stop this. We can make this one go away by known and tested technology and drastically reduce our reliance on foreign oil.  What  we can’t get past is the weird environmental religion, of the Baby Boom Democrats, who seem hell-bent on making The United States of America a blazing sacrifice on their alter of self-image and political correctness.

Do you remember last summer?


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