The Rape of America: The Obama Nation Cheers the Remaking of the United States


               Like a drug pusher on the corner of some urban hellhole, the charismatic President of the United State has sold the American People their own demise as socialism drains our initiative, wealth, drive and faith, with a winning smile and false assurances.  Like a perverse vampire from a budget movie, the new President is determined to destroy America and remake it in the image of his politically correct, Saul Alinski worshiping professors; who made him the agent of social change he is today. The man hasn’t been in office for a month yet and he’s already sown the seeds of our national destruction many times over while a numbed out American public watches in disbelief and denial.  There is no Post Partisan politics nor is there a hit of a post racial era as Obama uses every filthy tactic of Chicago politics to ram his angry version of America down our national throat.  Baby Boom politics has reached its fruition in Barak Husain Obama as we’ve now elected, as our President, a man who clearly can’t stand Americans. What do we do when our President is fundamentally Anti American and his policies in less than a month in office are destine to be orders of magnitude more destructive than 4 years of Jimmy Carter?  The Democrat party is out of control and the mistakes they’re making will economically destroy this nation and usher in a season of violence as identity politics devolves into ideological cleansing as profound and perhaps as bloody as the Chinese Cultural Revolution.  Consider the following democrat policy initiatives:

·        Fear is being used to short circuit democracy and debate in congress as Free Market Capitalism has been replaced in the dead of night with outright Socialism based on an “emergency” that the Federal Reserve engineered.  Fear is driving our Policy and deliberation in congress has been replaced by rule by an elite, “progressive” oligarchy.  Fear is being used to fundamentally short circuit the Constitution by removing participation of the congress the courts and the people in a host of legislation that fundamentally changes our country.


·        Trickery and deception are being practiced by the President and the Democrat Congress as they place all the key elements of “Universal Health Care” in the “emergency” stimulus bill that we must pass now if we’re to survive.  There is no debate, no deliberation, and astonishing contempt for the democratic process as this new elite oligarchy cheats to pass universal health care for our own good. The Government is perverting a free democratic possess to force the elite socialist-progressive democrats whims into law without having to have their policies questioned or even known until after its signed into law.  This practice is Anti American in the extreme.


·        The President and the Congress are borrowing and printing money at a suicidal pace that’s guaranteed to launch a tsunami of  hyper inflation as all those dollars come back at us and cause the worst depression in world history and/or the destruction of the US Dollar.  Berine Madoff has nothing on the President and the Congress for all this borrowing and monetizing of debt and like the hapless Mr. Madoff this Ponzi scheme will collapse it’s a question of when.  The whole world will be badly damaged by what the Democrats are doing right now because we’re ripping them off to solve a problem that more borrowing and printing can only make worse.  It’s not just that the president and the congress are destroying our economic system it’s going to be seen as a crime against humanity by the rest of the world when the thing finally collapses in the near future. Generations of Americans will be economically enslaved by what our government is doing right now but there’s no time for decent nor debate or questions. 


·        Laws are no longer being applied fairly to everyone because democrats who break the law have been given special treatment ever since the Clinton impeachment.  We refused to hold Clinton accountable for lying about sex in a sexual harassment suit nor for whitewater, file gate or a host of other scandals.  We have a pattern of democrats not paying taxes like half the Obama cabinet and even Charlie Wrangle who can’t be charged for his fraud because he’s a democrat.  We don’t hold Chris Dodd nor Barney Frank accountable for their scandals we just ignore them because  of their ideology.  Charlie Wrangle still chairs the committee that writes the tax laws that he was caught evading and was not held to account.  Democrats don’t have to pay penalties or interest when they’re caught and they never lose their jobs.  There is a new trend to forgive crimes or overlook them based on a person’s political ideology.  Socialist-Progressives are immune from prosecution while Conservatives are excoriated for the smallest infraction and fake “process crime” or “hate crimes”.  There is no equality under the law any more.  Our legal system is failing us. Judges are more apt to make up the law in redress of an imaginary social grievance as to apply the law fairly to everyone.  Judicial Activism is a socialist- progressive- democrat innovation that’s become acancerous tumor enveloping the heart of our judicial system.


·        Democrats are going to do away with the secret ballot in union representation as they tilt the law in favor of massive expansion of labor unions. Card Check Legislation will allow the Union Goons to know how everyone voted and the coercive effect of removing the secret ballot is obvious.  Unions donate heavily to democrats and are a major part of the get out the vote effort for democrats in every campaign.  Government is now clearly biased on the side of unions to unionize the American Workforce and promote the socialist agenda and to redistribute wealth according to ideological standards. 


·        Massive Nationalization of industries are occurring as the government takeover of banks, the auto industry and elements of the insurance industry kicks off the first wave of the Obama Nations Workers Utopia.  Government is taking over key sectors of the economy with taxpayer dollars and is distorting the financial markets to the point of being unrecognizable. Banks will soon be adopting politically correct lending practices like the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac quasi government organizations that resulted in Government owning over half the mortgages in the nation.  Wont that be fun?  Obama want the car makers to make green cars that are made according to Al Gores specifications and that probably will be hated by everyone and that won’t work very well or be affordable.  Wont that be fun?  Take a hard look at the list of industries looking for a government bailout and imagine what Obama and Pelosi will demand of them in the name of political correctness!  Amtrak, the post office, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and still we see the government trying to take over the economy! Congressional Democrats are sputtering with joy at the prospect of making CEO’s in any number of industries follow their politically correct ideology rather than sane business practices.


·        Free Speech is being targeted as the Socialist-Progressive-Democrats attack talk radio because it’s the only media outlet available to Republicans. Democrats have long since colonized the media except for talk radio and they’ve made it a priority to wipe it out.  Hate crimes legislation is a way of enforcing the socialist-progressive-democrats beloved politically correct speech with the force of law.  Dissent against this crazy ideological nonsense that democrats spout will thus be criminalized even as the last outlet for conservative ideas, talk radio, is shut down by the government. Free Speech will be further diluted by tax payer bailouts of media that’s friendly to the Socialist-progressive-democrat ideology. 


·         Churches across America will close their doors at a record pace as Government takes the place of God in America.  Europe is full of beautiful cathedrals and churches that are empty as the socialist state has become the only real and personal god in the lives of the people.  Faith and morality will be seen as superstition and an unjust imposition of superstitious values on others, like homosexuals, who are damaged by Christian Intolerance.  Inclusiveness, as practiced by the state church of environmental-socialism, will become the only allowable religion as attractive messianic politicians like Obama demand inclusiveness and ideological congruence from spirituality. Ancient Rome persecuted Christianity for the same reason that today’s socialist-progressive- democrats do: it’s just not “inclusive” enough.  Government hostility to any symbol of Christianity is well documented and can be expected to accelerate under Obama as the soul sapping welfare state is advertised as the fulfillment of Christ’s admonitions to serve the poor. Government will use and pervert Christianity to sell its welfare state but will increasingly harass and criminalize real Christianity. When the State becomes the dominate religion then freedom of religion becomes a threat to the state.


·        The Democrats have perfected the world we’re all about to inhabit in the inner cities these last 30 years.  The grand plan for Democrat-Progressive-Socialist unity is to turn all of the United States into the same environment as downtown Detroit, Philadelphia or Los Angeles.  Then and only then when we’re all dispirited dependant sheep will we all have unity in economic slavery. At that point the Government becomes our masters as the new progressive elite oligarchy becomes our absolute masters.  With no church to question their morality, with no media to broadcast dissent, with laws to criminalize the opposition and with a union for every Job: the Obama Nation will come to fruition.


There are any number of extremely worrying trends in governmental abuses and usurpation of powers that are at work right now; that will destroy the very soul of this nation if allowed to continue.  We still have the ability to act and to speak against deceit and fear that seems now to drive our policy mistakes. The practice of using an emergency to take over the country and banish capitalism and freedom must be ended and even punished.  If we don’t make our voices heard then you won’t recognize this country in five years.

Someone once said that “eternal vigilance was the price of liberty” and I never expected to see the truth of those words in my country, in my lifetime.  Well I see it now and I hope you do too.  Too many things are being decided in secret by too few and it’s got to stop if this nation is to survive.  We didn’t think it could happen here but our heritage and most cherished traditions are being raped before our eyes and if we don’t find a way to stop it the United State is going to be unrecognizable in five years.


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