An End to Government Predatory Spending: We Need a Tax Revolt at Every Level of Government



Margret Thatcher the great Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in the Reagan Era once declared that “Socialism never works because eventually you run out of other people’s money.” Our Government has long since exhausted our money and is busy consuming the wealth of other nations to spend its insane spending spree.  Japan is one of our leading buyers of our debt.  Not anymore.  The sad fact is that they’re in worse economic shape than we are by now and they won’t be able to buy or debt much longer. China has recently indicated that they’ll continue to buy for a bit longer but that they “hate us” for what we’re doing to ourselves and the world financial system but they’ve no other option at the moment.  Europe is overjoyed as we are now brought low by socialism and soon our drive and soul will be as empty and cancerous as there’s has been for many years.  Our government has tried spending the Social Security and Medicare trust funds, spending taxpayer money, printing money, borrowing from Arabs and the Japanese and still it has no money.  Still it demands money like an alcoholic whose stinking drunk, throwing a tantrum and destroying their life, ever demanding more and more of the booze that’s killing them.  That’s the United States Government, President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and the entire Democrat party; out of control and on a suicidal course that will destroy all wealth in this nation unless they’re stopped by the people.  The problem is that they’ve run out of other people’s money and the day of reckoning is fast approaching.

The first sign of hope was to come from the unanimous opposition to the Obama Spending Bill in the House of Representatives.  The second sign of hope was briefly from the United States Senate as the Republicans, but for three traitors, continued to oppose the profligate spending that won’t work and will magnify the already astronomical price we’ll pay as the economy goes into depression. One must wonder what would have happened if the three “Republicans in Name Only” had stuck to conservative principles and denied President Obama and the Democrats their fix.  For a time it was encouraging to see people in government find some principles and some courage and stand up to be counted.  Lately hope has been absent in Washington DC as the Obama Spending Bill was signed into law but there have been hopeful signs of resistance from some states.  Some Governors such as Jindal of Louisiana may refuse the money but there was a near revolt in the California State Legislature as Republicans refused for some time to sign off on more taxes. The State of California has been coming apart at the seams, unable to discharge its obligations, unwilling to raise revenue from its plentiful natural recourses and determined to keep spending on a plethora of programs it can’t afford.  There’s only one answer to a California budget crisis and that’s to raise taxes.  California is hemorrhaging jobs as employers flee to other states because you can’t make money in California with a Socialist Legislature picking your pocket every day.  The stand of the California Republicans will be forgotten within days but for a while they personified what needs to happen at every level of government in this nation.

Baby Boom Liberalism, Socialism, Progressivism, Democrat Politics, call it what you will, has one huge flaw to contend with: Big government doesn’t work because all the good intentions turn to corruption, waste, turf wars and dependence over time.  That’s what happened to Ancient Rome and that’s what’s happening to us now.  All those college professors that assured us that this big interventionist government was the way of an enlightened state were simply wrong.  Generations of Americans have come to believe that the New Deal and the Great Society were successes when in fact they failed miserably.  The New Deal prolonged the Great Depression for ten years as socialist interventions scared off capital in an economy where the government kept changing the rules.  But for World War II we might still be in the Great Depression!  Every mistake that FDR made, Obama is repeating now, from insane deficit spending to the encouragement of labor unions.  We can’t afford any more spending and labor unions have destroyed too many industries like government and Automobile manufacturing to be tolerated now. No private company can be competitive with labor unions dragging them down and only government can afford unions because everyone has always seemed to expect them to be insolvent from the beginning.  The President of the United States, Barak Obama is the very personification of progressive big government and every instinct he has, everything he thinks he knows from his impressive ivy league education, is going to steer him into mistake after mistake after mistake.  Those who put their trust in their job, their 401k, or their VISA Platinum or BMW will be weeping bitter tears by the time the Obama Epoch is over.  For all intents and purposes the United State of America has fallen to a silent coupe from leftists who even now vilify Joseph McCarthy while having succeeded in turning us socialist and destroying the market economy in the bargain.

Ronald Reagan assured us that Government is not the solution but the problem and so it is but were about to learn the truth of those words the hard way. 

We have but one way out and it’s simply to stop the spending, sharply reduce the size and scope of government. We need to politically retool the education system so education and progressive politics are forever separated and that political ideologies don’t come to dominate the media. Government is not a force for good in society it’s a bone of contention that represents power that corrupts anyone who spends too much time in its presence. 

The founding fathers were right to say that Government is evil; a necessary evil, but nevertheless evil.  The Baby Boom liberals were wrong to believe that they could make government a force for good and positive social change.  The fact of the matter is that all of America is about to be ruled by the same people and ideologies that made Detroit what it is today.  People are standing around in wonder as the equity in their homes dissolves before their eyes and their 401k are systematically looted by the continuing collapse of the financial markets.  Banks and Car Company’s keep coming back for more billions of tax dollars and their company’s continue to lose money and value while our politicians bankrupt generations of American children to avoid the simple conclusion: Big Government Socialism doesn’t work.

Consider the following clips from an article on Bloomberg about the mess in California: 


Feb. 19 (Bloomberg) — The California Senate passed tax increases and spending cuts needed to close a record budget deficit, ending a political deadlock in the Legislature that gripped the Capitol for more almost six days.

The measures moves to the Assembly, where if it is approved would be sent to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for his signature.

A $13 billion tax increase passed 27-12 after Republican Senator Abel Maldonado of Santa Maria broke ranks with his party to cast the deciding vote in exchange for support for unrelated changes to election law. His support allowed the budget package to attain the two-thirds majority needed for approval.

Standard & Poor’s on Feb. 2 cut the rating on $46 billion of California’s bonds to A from A+, giving it the lowest credit grade of any U.S. state. A California bond due in 2036 that pays 4.5 percent interest last traded at 82.8 cents on the dollar to yield 5.75 percent.

The revenue proposal would raise the state sales-tax rate to 8.25 percent from 7.25 percent and boost vehicle license fees to 1.15 percent from 0.65 percent of the value of an automobile.

California’s government had slowly began to shut down as politicians debated for four months on how to cut spending or raise revenue to replace lost tax collections.

This week, as no agreement was forthcoming, the state told some 20,000 workers that they may lose their jobs.

The tax increases drew fire from most Republicans, who said they would hurt residents who are already reeling from the worst recession since the 1930s.

“We need to stop treating the taxpayers of California as our personal ATM,” said Senator Tony Strickland, a Los Angeles- area Republican.


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