What Than Shall We Do: What Can Christians Do While America Falls?




Well it’s Friday the 20th of February 2009 and as I survey the news there are at least a dozen stories I could write that have clear implications about our national predicament.  Some of the possible stories are as follows:

1.      Vladimir Putin warns the USA not to turn socialist and trust in the false “omnipotence” of the state.

2.      Iran, according to the UN has enough nuclear material to make a nuclear bomb

3.      President Perez of Israel has turned to Former Prime Minister Netanyahu to form a government.

4.      Stocks Plunged past a key support level yesterday and today promises to be bad on Wall Street.

5.      Obama is soon to attack the Illegal Immigrant issue and will doubtless give amnesty to everyone.

6.      Mexico is on the verge of failing as Drug Cartels, Gangs and Lawlessness make the country fundamentally ungovernable.

7.      Transportation Secretary wants to put GPS chips in our cars and tax us by how much we drive.

8.      The Tax Cheat Administration of Obama sues Swiss Bank for Names of Americans with Accounts they may not have declared to the IRS

9.      The Ethics Scandals of the Obama Administration is so bad that the Associated Press is doing an article warning democrats about a culture of corruption!

10.   Most US States are over their heads in debt and are crying for federal help

11.   California avoids the massive spending cuts they need in favor of higher taxes due to one traitor republican.

12.   ACORN the community organizing group accused of voter fraud in many states is not only going to get billions from the spending bill but now they’re encouraging people who are being foreclosed to stay in their homes in defiance of the law.

13.   Newsweek has proudly proclaimed on their cover that we’re all socialists now!

I could write about any of these stories and the purpose would be to document the fact that America is falling from power and leadership in the world just as the bible seems to predict due to our complete absence in scripture.  The Bible predicts that the leader of the west will be Europe not the USA and that it would be a new Roman Empire.  It’s important to understand how and why we’re changing, but mere recognition of what’s going on around us is insufficient at this point. I regard as a fact that America is falling, I don’t think Obama’s plan is going to fix the economy; I’m in the camp that everything the administration is doing now is only going to do more damage.  We can’t borrow our way out of this “debt created” economic disaster.  We can’t have unethical people in government no matter their skill set.  We can’t keep people in houses they never could afford, and we can’t keep printing money without looting all of our savings, home equity and future generations.  It turns out that Obama is the worst one we could have elected because he has more faith in the legend of FDR and the New Deal than he does the god of Liberation Theology he listened to for 20 years at the feet of Jeremiah Wright.

We’re living in a time where our country is going to be destroyed by economic and civil strife that will necessarily earn us the enmity of all the other nations on earth because of the unethical way we’re managing the world’s reserve currency.  That’s the premise I’ve adopted right now and I believe it to be true.  I believe we’re entering the first “hot zone” of end times prophesy and conditions are going to sharply degrade.  Persecution of Christians is coming down the pike as people look to government leaders who are increasingly scornful of Christianity as “oppressive mythology” rather than the spiritual cornerstone on which the USA was founded.  Just like Europe the advent of socialism and secular humanism will further decimate and depopulate our churches as people accept the government as their god and find only ridicule for people of faith.  This could happen very quickly as the ground for hip anti Christian beliefs has already been introduced and found fertile soil in the Socialist Progressives of the Democrat party and their comrades in higher education and the media. 

We’re living in a time of deception in which right and wrong are seen to be illusions and culturally created constructs and that’s how we can justify having a tax cheat in charge of the treasury of this nation and the massive spending bills that he will distribute. Tim Geithner is going to distribute more money than we’ve ever imagined at one time and it’s ok that he doesn’t pay his taxes because he’s the best man for the job.  The deception is that values and morality don’t matter only technical competence in ones vocation should be considered and the problem is that it’s a lie.  Values, morality, telling the truth, playing by the rules, gratitude, compassion and love: these things matter more now, for those who hope and believe in the name of Jesus, because as Christians we’re called to a higher standard than the technically competent masters of the Neo-Socialist universe. 

I’ve been beside myself looking for a way to fight back against the abomination that my country is turning into, as we make one mistake after the other, and as truth becomes scarcer than an honest politician in Washington.  I cheered yesterday as the CNBC reporter and the traders on the floor in Chicago, as they called for a “Chicago tea party” in protest of the government’s madness is pursuing this demented socialism.  Fear is being wielded to fundamentally change our economy and government and this is just the first month of the new administration.  The urge to fight back has been with me for several years the truth to be told but it at a fever pitch right now.  We’re at the tipping point right now and we need a way to fight back: but how?

Our protests and actions against what’s happening must be characterized by several principles the Lord gave us as we take up our cross and follow him. Prayer and Church are the cornerstones we need to contemplate the activism necessary to resist what’s going on today.

1.      Truth:  Whatever we say or do needs to be truthful so that people know that whatever they think of Christians that they can depend on what we say.  Everyone makes errors but when found they must be corrected  no matter the personal cost.  Without truth there can be no trust and without trust there is no love.  Love is how people who become increasingly socialist and humanist will be able to tell who is a follower of Jesus Christ.

2.      Love:  Whatever we say or do we don’t get to do violence to people or property.  Love means that all our opponents are made in the image of God and that Jesus died to save them as much as he died for us.  We can fight their policy directions and humanism within the confines of the law and the teaching of scripture but we need always treat the person with respect and love. We share with others in need and we encourage ourselves and others with the bible and refuse to be ruled by the fear mongers in the world.  Jesus was not a survivalist and like him we walk by faith not sight.

3.      Courage: It’s now so bad that I believe we’re required to confront, with increasing courage and boldness, the fundamental wrongs of investing government with such crazy god like power.  People are scared to death and our national faith is not what it used to be. We need to teach people to cling to God and each other not the Government.   Socialism is a narcotic to make the truth of an unjust society fade away. Socialism is the false hope a drug addict has in heroin.  It’s now the time to organize, in our churches, to fight what the government is doing and the (non) values the government is advancing at the expense of our children’s future and our heritage from the founding fathers.  We need God and each other; not an omnipotent government.  We need to encourage our churches to take a role in social protest and risk our safety and even the beloved nonprofit status of our churches, to confront the politics of our day. Christian values will win over socialism every time, but, unfortunately, Christianity is backed into a corner and government’s power is increasing exponentially every day.  It takes courage to confront our lawmakers and insist that they readopt our traditional Judaic Christian moral code and shrink the size and scope of our out of control government.


We need a new Christian Activism!  We need 10,000 Ralph Reeds to lead us into the public arena, the marketplace of ideas and we need to fight for the ideas and values that made this country great.  Those ideas and values were and are Christian ideas.  The founding fathers never excluded Christianity if forming and running this nation, they never apologized for basing us on the bible and we shouldn’t either; no matter what the college professors, the media and the Neo Socialists say.   We have to learn to fight back against what’s going on today in government and our culture and have faith that no matter how hard it gets we’ve got to spread the world that Government is not God: Jesus is. Its faith in God that saves us just as its faith in Socialism that will destroy us. We’re supposed to be salt and light in a fallen world, if ever there was a time to get salty and lighten up its now because the light is going out in our nation and we can’t just sit there.


One response to “What Than Shall We Do: What Can Christians Do While America Falls?

  1. Joan Barkauskas

    I want to know what I can do.

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