Neo-Socialist Democrats Mount Attack on Parental Rights: Democrats want to ratify a Contemptible UN Treaty on Children.



Neo Socialist Democrats have long since colonized the education system, (Education is a mess in this country) the media, (We have the most corrupt journalists in history) but the holy grail of state control remains indoctrination of the kids.  Give Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barney Frank the kids; and they can wipe out all resistance to socialism and state supremacy in a generation.  To this end they’ve made great strides in setting educators with a leftist, socialist political agenda at loggerheads with the conservative parents of this nation for many years.  They believe in “age appropriate” sex education for kids as early as kindergarten and have them practicing putting condoms on cucumbers by third grade.  There are homosexual High Schools in New York City but in the early grades they just read things like Sally has Two Moms. 


It’s an embarrassment to the Neo Socialist Democrats that private religious education, as practiced by Catholics for example, and especially those who “Home School” have kids that consistently outperform public schools.  Take a typical public school in Washington DC and compare the test results and educational outcomes to a Catholic School, in the same community, drawing from the same population, and you get the picture. 


The reason the Democrats want the schools isn’t to increase test scores or provide a terrific education its because of the uniformity in social conditioning they can impose on kids keeps them in political power. The gloves are coming off in the “culture wars” and the Democrats are about to win due to the shear “audacity” of their current leaders. We’ve already seen the damage done by crazed liberal baby boomers in many areas including legalized infanticide, mainstreaming homosexuality, politically correct control of higher education and the media, and dangerous disregard of the nations security requirements. Now the state, for the public good, will take control of your Childs mind and supplant Christianity with Political Correctness. 

Imagine a population inculcated to believe, from kindergarten through PhD, the craziest and zaniest of democrat political correctness and ask yourself if such kids would have any hope of survival against the Mexican Narco-State, Islamic Terrorism, Vladimir Putin and so on.


Take a good close look at this story from Fox News and don’t forget to read the whole story at the following URL:




Sen. Barbara Boxer is urging the U.S. to ratify a United Nations measure meant to expand the rights of children, a move critics are calling a gross assault on parental rights that could rob the U.S. of sovereignty.

The California Democrat is pushing the Obama administration to review the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child, a nearly 20-year-old international agreement that has been foundering on American shores since it was signed by the Clinton administration in 1995 but never ratified.

Critics say the treaty, which creates “the right of the child to freedom of thought, conscience and religion” and outlaws the “arbitrary or unlawful interference with his or her privacy,” intrudes on the family and strips parents of the power to raise their children without government interference.

“Children deserve basic human rights … and the convention protects children’s rights by setting some standards here so that the most vulnerable people of society will be protected,” Boxer said.

Because of the Supremacy Clause in Article VI of the Constitution, all treaties are rendered “the supreme law of the land,” superseding preexisting state and federal statutes. Any rights or laws established by the U.N. convention could then be argued to hold sway in the United States.

“Whether you ground your kids for smoking marijuana, whether you take them to church, whether you let them go to junior prom, all of those things . . . will be the government’s decision,” said Michael Farris, president of “It will affect every parent who’s told their children to do the dishes.”

During the Oct. 22, 2008, presidential youth debate, Obama promised to “review this and other treaties to ensure the United States resumes its global leadership in human rights.”

During U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice’s January confirmation hearing, Rice called the convention “a very important treaty and a noble cause,” and said it was “a shame” for the U.S. to be in company with Somalia, which has no real government.

Rice told Boxer that “there can be no doubt that [President Obama] and Secretary Clinton and I share a commitment to the objectives of this treaty and will take it up as an early question,” promising to review the treaty “to ensure that the United States is playing and resumes its global leadership role in human rights.”


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