Barak Obama’s Legacy of Failure: He’s got a Socialist Agenda—Not an Economic Recovery Plan



The United States Economy is getting much worse and everything the Obama administration is doing is accelerating our decline and exponentially magnifying the crash at the end of this rocket ride. This nation is on the verge of coming apart at the seams and our government would rather save the spotted owl than the millions of people who are citizens of the United States.  Obama is pushing a “cap and trade” carbon emissions policy that, all by itself, will result in massive increases in energy costs that, as they work through the economy, will kill any business that hasn’t already been destroyed by Washington incompetence and greed.  We’re in the worst economic mess in our history and our president is pushing tired old socialist policies, and payoffs to client groups on a scale never seen in human history, and apparently doesn’t care if we crash: as long as we can never undo the socialist agenda he’s cramming down our throat.

Obama is at best disingenuous or at worst an outright liar when he says  that he’s against earmarks and chides everyone for not acknowledging  that there were no earmarks in the stimulus bill. But then signs a $410 billion spending bill that contains over 8,000 earmarks!  Obama is claiming that 95% of the nation is getting a tax cut when half the country pays no taxes!  He’s redistributing wealth not cutting taxes!  He says taxes will only go up for the rich but cap and trade will raise electricity costs by some 65% and add about a buck and a half TO EACH GALLON OF GAS YOU BUY!  Everyone is going to pay that and everyone will pay for the increased cost of everything else’s like grocery’s just as we did in the gas crisis last summer! As Obama pretends to work on the economy, while quickly socializing everything in sight, the very stability of the world is at issue as the world economy threatens to topple governments across the globe.  Obama spends unprecedented billions to stimulate the economy even as he vastly strengthens unions, jacks up taxes and energy costs, and enacts massive tax increases on “the rich” who are the source of our jobs.  It’s not just that Obama’s actions are incoherent and inconsistent they’re quite frankly unintelligent.  It’s hard to imagine how someone who’s attuned all the elite schools Mr. Obama has can be both so unselfconsciously stupid and astoundingly arrogant.

It’s a cruel situation when the economy is crumbling, with no end in sight, and the Administration is giving away tax dollars to all its palls and every stupid project Democrats have ever wanted and the congress has the gall to condemn Wall Street—– for conditions THEY CREATED!  Some democrats want to investigate and prosecute Wall Street executives but they never speak of investigating FANNIE Mae, Freddie Mac, The Federal Reserve, or the entire Democrat party featuring Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Pelosi, Charlie Wrangle, Harry Reid, et al. 

The only answer in Washington these days is to spend money we don’t have, borrowed from china, to fund government and programs we can’t afford, hand the bill to future generations and hope all the spending stimulates the economy.  One of the weekend shows had a guy that said that Obama has declared “War on Prosperity”: and so he has.  The man has barley been in office a month and already he should be impeached as he regards the wealth of other people as his very own and seeks to redistribute the wealth as he sees fit.  In Obama’s mind, what’s ours is his, and private property is a thing of the past.  Barak Obama is like a petty thief from Chicago who has seized the power of the government to enrich his cronies, punish the successful, and remake America in his own perverse image.  We have no way of getting him out of office for four long years: if we have that long before we come apart at the seams.

The solutions to our problems will come from ending government interventions in the economy.  The solution to the economy consists of tax cuts for the wealthy and for corporations resulting in more investment and jobs; in turn resulting in   economic growth, not more deficit spending.  We need to cut much of the entitlement programs from the tax rolls because they simply don’t work. They’ve been looted by politicians and the money is gone.  Sorry but we’ve known the about Social Security and Medicare for decades and have refused to face the fact that the money is gone.  We have only ourselves to blame.  Practically every solution we desperately need to enact right now is the polar opposite of the ideology of the Neo-Socialist Democrats and President Obama. 

Obama is letting the economy implode so he can justify even more government intervention to fix problems that government intervention caused. Barak Obama is acting like a slick Chicago Grifter who’s playing the entire population of the United States of America like a mark; and he and he’s going to level the playing field by making us all share a universal poverty. He’s not fixing the economy!  He’s building a Socialist Empire!  Even as he struts around like a Messiah to his adoring thongs of true believers he’s clearly a man who hates America and who views the white population of the country as “oppressors”.  Barak Obama is going to wreck a terrible vengeance on America and he’s clearly trying to jam a knife into the very heart of capitalism.  Obama doesn’t care if the economy implodes because he’s going to use that crisis to perpetuate and strengthen socialism to such a degree that we’ll never be free of it. 

Our first black president is the most anti American president any of us could have imagined and his legacy in economics is nothing short of economic slavery for us all but his racial and social legacy may end up the most damaging.  Lots of people will, as time goes by, go to great lengths to make sure that no black democrat ever gets elected to anything ever again because you can’t separate the black political class from the hard core socialist entitlement political culture.  Hurricane Obama is a storm whose economic damage will be irreparable but he may just set racial and class relations in this country back a hundred years as his war on prosperity and redistributionist policies force whites to face the facts about what black politics has really become. 

We had all the clues we needed with Obama sitting the in the church of Jeremiah Wright for 20 years and now black racism is about to ignite a new civil war as rebellion to Obama style class warfare gains steam and spreads across the country reversing race relations for decades. The sad fact is that if Obama doesn’t figure it out fast; the first black president is destined to be the last.  Listening to rhetoric like the link below for twenty years is going to have some effects and on Obama’s world view so click on this link, think about Obama’s actions in the White House, and tell yourself it doesn’t matter.  What if we really have elected a guy as president who hates America? How are we going to survive Obama?


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