Eastern Europe Request for Help Ignored By the West: Russia will Inherit its Empire From Western Neglect



Economic pressures in Europe have begun to affect the stability of the European Union, especially the status of the old Soviet Client states who’ve yet to be grafted into the Euro Zone.  Angela Merkel, the German president, is unwilling to risk Germany’s strong financial position to help less prudent countries in the EU to say nothing of Eastern European nations that are now in economic free fall.  Across the continent the politicians across Europe strive to cover their butts and get re-elected by their nation states by flirting with protectionism that threatens the transnational European Union.  This lack of coherent policy for Europe as a whole has countries acting in their own national interests at the expense of Europe as a whole.  The strains are becoming apparent and threaten to rip the economic union apart unless some form of aid can be arraigned for weaker countries from stronger countries. 

Clearly if the European Union and the Euro is to be continued it will have to have to strengthen the EU at the expense of the nation states that comprise its members.  Concerted European action is needed to avoid protectionism and the myriad of familiar mistakes that can prolong economic distress if nations are allowed to defend only their own interests at the expense of collective interests. If these are indeed the end times this coming strengthening of the EU may well lay the ground work for the new Roman Empire predicted by the Bible in the last days.  In addition it seems to be a foregone conclusion that nations like Georgia and Ukraine and other ex soviet client states will be essentially ceded to the new Russian Empire that Putin seems intent of creating.

The Global Economic Storms are changing the face of Geo Politics on the globe into a more biblically correct alignment even as the United States adopts a suicidal socialism in place of the market capitalism that made her great.  The super weak EU model is going to have to be strengthened somehow and I dare say that this “crisis” will be the means for sweeping social change in Europe just as its being used by Democrats in Washington to usher in permanent Socialism in the USA.

Consider some clips from the International Herald

Economic crisis threatens the idea of one Europe


Sunday, March 1, 2009

The leaders of the European Union gathered Sunday in Brussels for an emergency summit meeting designed to tamp down the centrifugal forces unleashed by the global economic crisis that threaten to spin the bloc – and its single currency – apart.

In a statement afterward, the leaders tried to reassure their publics, promising to hold to the single market, promote growth and reject protectionism.

A call from Hungary for a large bailout for newer, eastern members of the union was rejected by Germany, the richest EU nation, and received little support from other countries.

Europe may now be “whole and free” after the collapse of communism. But the European Union is not a country, and the deep global contraction is stimulating nationalism, not consensus.

With uncertain leadership and few powerful collective institutions, the union is struggling with the strains this economic crisis has inevitably produced among 27 different countries with different economic histories. The traditional concept of “solidarity,” of one for all, is being undermined by protectionist pressures from political leaders with national constituencies and agendas.

Klau of the European Council on Foreign Relations sees a worrying loss of faith in a certain brand of capitalism. “It’s politically dangerous there since they’ve just emerged from an ultra-regulated and stifling system, were confronted with shock therapy that created great hardship, and are just beginning to recover and stabilize,” Klau said. “Now they’re thrown back into an economic and political cauldron.”

And they are finding that their European partners are putting their own national interests ahead of “collective and necessary solidarity,” Klau said.

Charles Grant, director of the Center for European Reform, is more sanguine. “My expectation is that the euro zone countries, out of pure self interest, will bail each other out,” he said. “For Central and Eastern Europe, it is too early to say there won’t be solidarity. But non-EU countries in the east, particularly Ukraine, seem to be the No. 1 worry.”

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